Thursday, September 29, 2016

Corrections added: Geez. Not Right Down The Street

So, here we go again.  Black guy shot by cop.  I'd say African-American, but I almost never do because it is a pandering separatist term.   You are American or not.  Maybe tall or short or fat or dark , of color, or colorless.

This guy gets shot in El Cajon for whipping out a vape pen holding it like a weapon ready to be discharge in cop's face.  Cop pulls trigger.  Agitators descend.

Liars come forward to say the guy was doing absolutely nothing.  Turns out to be illegal---no no no, a refugee-- from Uganda, home of the happy go lucky.  He has a big rap sheet for assault and the,like.  Some outfits tried to deport him but Uganda doesn't want him either.  Didn't.  He's dead now.

So, all of a sudden it is racial and people want to stop traffic and beat up anyone with a Trump[ hat or shirt.  Because Trump people are so violent and hateful.  Hey, that's pretty much their line as they kick and hit and bully, in a mob of course.

This is not a very racist area, other than most Mexicans seem to be falling for the bait and have become idiotically convinced that only they get in trouble for violating laws, and that only they get harassed by cops.   They sucker for the chance to be victims, which then negates all responsibility for bad actions.  Open season on alleged oppressors, evil white men.

I listen to them. We are talking Americans of Mexican heritage a generation or two back, who have hardly ever, if ever, even been to Mexico.  People with far more stable affluent lives than mine.  Yet they believe this nonsense and try to read discrimination into anything that may be inconvenient.  I have no excuse.

My experience in El Cajon is being harassed by a cop of Mexican descent and an apparently white guy.  Probably because of my skin color.  Burnt orange.

You'd think people would see this obvious attack going on.  All the lies, etc.

Hands up don't shoot never happened, as they claim, but maybe it did to the white father and six year old shot in Louisiana.  By two Black cops.  Clearly a case of racism, right?

Damn it!  You cannot have it both ways.  If every black person shot by a cop is due to racism, then it is racism when black cops shoot whites.  BS, right?

There is territory between being all gung ho law enforcement, and the laws they have to enforce---right or wrong---and just being the idiotic variety vigilante; like the ignorant lynch mobs in TV westerns of days gone by.  Last century.

The self proclaimed civil rights lawyer who got in on this real quick is making up stuff and refusing to back it up.   He smells a high profile gig.  One in which all the people who are "of color" are supposed to be holding the community hostage with violent and forceful protests.  He called the police all kinds of things.   "Assassins", I think.

But of course he is going to fan the flames as he tosses some more wild fuel into the mix.  He is just making things up.  No way he wants this gig to dry up.   He gets a payday.  They will throw money to make the threat of being labeled racist go away.   Some call it extortion.

In any case it is highly unlikely that anyone who really looks at it would think these charlatans are a long term benefit to the cause of true equality.  True equality under the law precludes any racial considerations.  All the same under the law, God, and nature.  I confess, I don't know a great deal about any of those 3 items.

People are being so misled.  And there is no changing minds.  Facts be damned.  Common sense and reality be damned too.  I do not feel comfortable around cops.  Or around rude belligerent "demonstrators".   But I still won't ignore logic and truth whenever it is convenient for furthering my preconceived, and preferred world view.

Even cops are human.  I doubt many enjoy shooting anyone.  Even in self defense.  They know if they shoot, they may be the target of a barely informed, often uninformed, brigade of agitators and their disciples.   If their perceived threat is Black they are screwed.  Like having a gun to your head.  Or maybe more like being threatened with snarly hell dogs.  (like those two ferocious ones down in MS. G and B).

But people lied; claimed it was a "hands up, don't shoot" scenario.   Only photo released, last time I checked, is one above, snatched from yet to be released video.

Need to look at laws and police culture.  When does it really not make a difference to anyone if their "commands" are followed.  Do people hear themselves?  Go read some dystopian literature like 1984, Anthem, Brave New world, news of the last 100+ years.   If it all still sounds fine to you ok.

Most people I know are not racist.  White people.  Some are.    Don't know so many Blacks any more.   Hispanics I know are filtering everything through their ethnicity, like the trend in Memphis for Blacks to be thinking race 24/7.

My friends weren't fanatics but many of their friends and relatives were.  I could see the discomfort having a white guy around caused.  I avoided those scenes after awhile.

I didn't bother keeping in touch with much of anyone, certainly not race fanatics.   Catch the word "most" in reference to minority bigots.  Usually people ignore qualifiers because such words water down any reasonable outrage and make them look stupid if they make a scene.

People are just not that evolved yet.  Or not enough are.  Pretending and lying and swarming for purposes of destruction and petty theft is rampant, and evidence that the human race is chronically insane
I am human.  No idea how to make all that work.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Not Even Going To Say Anything...much

Instead of staying home, watching the big political fight, I listened on radio on the way to go to a possible playing opportunity.  Sort of open mic/jam.  Sande was there.

Not many people showed.  Someone didn't show so we became the feature, Sande and I.   I went there hoping to play.  The guy before us asked me to play on a couple.  I figure this cast situation has me at about 65% to 70% of my two-handed, harp player self.

Which reminds me, it is "SET foot", not "STEP foot".  Dan Rather screwed it up.  I blame him for the proliferation of the wrong wording.  I will not SET foot in this town again.

So I managed to play.  I need to practice so I can figure out what I am working with.   The cast thumb is where all my soul and muscle memory resides; the map to sound and nuance.

I have only one near term gig.  The usual suspects all out of town for a bit.  I play a private party with a guy I know.  I played with him before.  Mostly, if not all, covers.   He is good, but it is a type of stuff I rarely play, so it is a challenge.  With this cast it is bigger challenge than I would have expected. Probably easier to just wear one of those harmonica  racks, like Dylan.

The hand is a huge part of the sound these days.  Maybe I should go back to holding the mic and harp together when I play.  I'd rather not, though.  Tonight,  I could tell it sounded uninspired.  No one froze in their tracks and turned to see who or what was playing.  It was ok, just lacking the zip and surprise people are coming to expect.

I came home and found the debate on youtube.  I skipped some stuff, but caught most of it.  I like it best when it is low key.  There were a few moments like that.  I honestly thought I would cringe more.  I cringe at snarky smiles and smirks, and bickering.  I had the bar set low, in my mind.  So the debate was actually less obnoxious and painful than I expected.  I won't comment about which one seems scariest and most likely to smother a crying baby with a pillow.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

You Really Bash Yourself

in your inner dialog when you are alone, and right hand and forearm are in a cast.  and you are me.  You call yourself names that should not be said to anyone.  Or not many, any way.

you think what an idiot it takes to maneuver one's life into such a corner.  Then you realize you have never been good at discerning friend from foe, real from fiction in many contexts.  People will often betray trust if it comes down to some perceived advantage.  Among the very young, they often do it for fun.

But when you don't know, you often shortchange the wrong people and it is too bad.

I have the possibility of becoming very healthy.  Some real living and maybe head issues to resolve, but no legit  excuse why that cannot be done as well as the work I need to do.

My blood levels are now normal.  Still taking the pill, but don't be surprised if that is even cut back.   My secret plan may be working.  Could all be coincidence.  I try to vary things to tell but it is hard to be,positive which cause is absolutely tied to which effect.   Pretty sure I have influenced things.

So learning to live left hand dominant causes me to pay more attention and force myself to be more patient.  One trick is to relax my right arm while attempting something difficult left handed.   My right hand will be tensing and dreaming about doing the task.  It tenses and messes things up.  If I relax, then I can patiently focus and accomplish the task.

My necessity is to be able to go on with blinders on at any instant.   I can glimpse the truth of my existence but I need blinders to ignore it, which is all I can take doing.

Well, Enter the Blue Sky recording should be out soon.  CD and itunes, and wherever.  It is called re-entry.   I think it is over an hour long.   13 tunes. a few are over 5 min i think.  we like long songs.  I do.   There is some good instrumental with viola, stand up, and harp sounding different than you may expect.

I am being told end of october it will be done.  Mostly Sande's project; her material, vocal, and ultimate responsibility.   The viola player is well off and has underwritten much of this.

I believe this could do well or fall flat.  I'm to close to it to say.  I am very happy with what the viola and i did with the solid foundation of bass and guitar.  Ho do i know if anyone else will like it?
It is rather unique.  You never know in such cases.  There are people who consider that twit, Kanye, and artist.

mass hypnosis is easy if you have the stomach for it

hypnosis may be the wrong word.  I am mostly typing left handed and shift cap is a pain.  Thank you for your understanding.

propaganda is very powerful.  Broadcast the same misinformation over and over.  People soon believe it.  Throw in ridicule, bullying and shaming those who question your odd agenda and resistance subsides.   Human nature.  

but what we see happening is highly dangerous to regular Americans who do not hate themselves or everyone else.  In cities like memphis, encouraging open season on white people is really inconsiderate.  It never should be open season on anyone.  Getting pleasure from harming others is sick and aberrant. period. dot.

The self hating whites who aren't wealthy enough to escape consequences of misguided and destructive policies seem to think if they cry out the loudest for the blood of the other white devils, maybe they'll be accepted by the "of color" people and they won't get robbed raped shot or just beat up.    I think when people see through them, or the bloodlust fever pitch of the mob mentality is at a peak, they may be at more risk than they know.

When you are condescending and assume you have to save people who can save themselves, they sense the phony reality, and the underlying lack of respect.  If I were black, I'd resent like crazy people like Michael Moore trying to convince me of my victimhood then profit from it and act like he's down with the folk; one of us.  No. He makes money from stirring the pot with false or half true info.  An absolute master of deceptive editing.

When you bus in paid thugs, call it peaceful protesting, destroy lives, property, anything remotely connected to the truth, and act like this represents a whole race of people is brazen to say the least.  But it works.  It has to be devastating to the sane people in those neighborhoods.  They are actually ensuring that inner cities remain Black, crime ridden, gang controlled communities.  They make sure education is difficult, and getting out and up is not easily worked out.

The people funding this and encouraging it are the true racists.  But it is not race.  It is just that they want a small ruling class and a mass of pliable mush for citizenry.  it is working

Thank You, St. Pat; patron saint of ambiguity

This cast is designed to discourage any use of the thumb, but fingers can function.  Just nothing over a pound of weight or pressure.  I'm mostly right handed.  

It is undoubtedly my appeals to St Pat.  Not Paddy, Patty, or Patrick.   Ambidexterity has been miraculous given to me while negotiating a breakfast burrito at El Mariachi.   It  was to the stage that a fork was needed.  A tricky cut and stab maneuver.  Pulled it off.  I thanked Leftie for stepping up to the plate.  Writing left handed is still a bit weak.  But hand writing is rarely required in this century. Had to sign one of those little CC receipts.  Pretty much just made an X.

This could have been harder so far.  Maybe because I can feel it and do not want to disturb the bone that needs healing.   If it does well then maybe no cast after 3 weeks. Or maybe they just check, let it breathe, then re-cast it for another 3.  

Maybe I do more when something limits me.  Out of anger at being controlled probably.  Or fear of not being able to change anything.

Friday, September 23, 2016

When First You Practice To Deceive don't perceive the web you weave.    This fake oppression, relatively speaking, and its manufactured reactions will come back haunt the fools who keep these lies alive.   Many of them confused, guilty whites who think the world was safe and peaceful until their european ancestors learned how to drive boats.    I'm sorry, but most of the world was, and still is, as stupid and brutal as your cracker forebears.

Hopeless.  White misanthropes who particularly hate those of their own race and ethnicity do everything they can to fan the flames, pretending it is compassion.  I call it disrespect.  They think minorities are easy to manipulate.  And things have been set up so that they are easy.

However, it is beginning to be more difficult to just assume you can herd them like cattle with no effort.   News stations have become so transparently dishonest, biased, and manipulative that it astounds me that people believe it.  But, there is always some payoff, and it doesn't take much.  Victim card!  Yea, Buddy!

So in Charlotte, like most events of this nature, paid thugs and "community activists" are shaping the story, the propaganda, and creating the violence.  They would love to goad the cops into shooting, but I think they prefer locals carry the front lines in that situation.

It is a fabricated outrage.   Cops tend to shoot lots of different kinds of people.  In Baltimore Black cops are more likely to fire their weapon.  I think distinctions are stupid but if you play it on one side, you need to be consistent.  All the facts.  I do not think it is racial.  Not these days.

What we have is social manipulation.  Politics.  The result always being less personal freedom and some pretense of being safer or better off.  Or giving up rights for a good cause.  Or in the case of the mob attack, taking away the rights of others while pretending to be righteous.  Roadways as not yours to block.  It is cruel short sighted, and sociopathic.  If you cannot see why it is wrong I personally believe it should be legal to run them down after warning a few times with the horn.

You have a bunch of violent racists pounding your car because you aren't them, tell you do not feel threatened.  I don't care what color, if you surround me and try to basically imprison me there, damage property and maybe harm me, I will try to barrel through with no regard for life or limb.

People don't get it.  The police culture and government power have not been truly Constitutional or non-ultra statist forever.  It is us against them in their culture.  Government regulators, auditors, enforcers tend to almost hate the regulated from what I have seen.   But that is because too many stupid laws.   Too many sadistic ambitious prosecutors.

And then you have these liars claiming race, and that white people are so racist and cops all shoot black people.  Statistics do not support this.  If you commit the most murders you are going to draw a little fire.  So they are all about making it almost a sin to defend yourself against chosen races.  They do not care about maybe easing the squeeze of government.

These people do very little to actually break the cycle of wasted lives in the 'hood.  Instead they pretend.  They celebrate it as if the redneck culture which characterizes all rough neighborhoods, regardless of race, is artistic expression instead of the baser aspects of humans.  There is a difference in assuming one is an idiot or evil due to race, alone, and noting the idiocy of a culture, or subculture.

Idiots call you racist because they lime to pretend that they speak for everyone of their race or sex. Or both.  It is life.

My new cast is dark blue.  My left hand feels very important.  Glad I force myself to practice using left hand for things from time to time.  It pays off.

Finally Figured Out What They Don't Get

In the midst of the ever stranger election process, and the multitude of politicos and pundits simultaneously trashing Trump and his supporters, while questioning "how could they?", and also saying, "if you like Trump, F''' you!", I spotted what they miss.

Like the GQ guy with the big insults and on and on.  He is one of legions swimming in blue koolaid, spewing insults to earn nods from colleagues, who honestly do not get it.

Trump is actually irrelevant to the issue.  What they don't get is that many people are neither racist nor are they any of the other tired epithets thrown out at those who do not drink the koolaid.

Those people do not like the elitist attitudes, the smart aleck insults and ridicule, the intellectual bullying.  They do not like you, GQ author, Hillary, all of you.  They do not necessarily like Trump, but they love it that you don't like him.

The ad suggesting that all living presidents oppose him raises his creds.  Why?  Because people perceive all the ex potus crew to have contributed to the spread of terrorism and the erosion of rights, as well as difficulty making enough money to live.  (despite the fact we're told we are thriving like never before.  Evidence of this wonderful fact is lacking in many of our lives.)

But those, like ElizabethWarren and many pundits, can't figure it out because they don't realize it is that people are sick of them and their tired con.  Not everyone sees it.  Many still buy the usual nonsense.

Propaganda is so easy.  Even though it is known that blacks kill blacks at avery high rate.  No outrage.  The agitators cherry pick time and place then sow chaos.  The greedy cannot resist being able to play victim and justify theft , looting, vandalizing, and some good old cracker bashing.  Open season and it is all righteous because..victim!!

There is racism.  I have seen plenty.  In the last 30 years I have seen ten times more racism coming from minorities than anywhere else.  I'm talking, hateful, violent attitudes.  You know it and so does anyone.  But we pretend.  The result?  More dead people, more property damage, businesses and lives ruined so ignorant fools can slake their greed for power and cool stuff off of store shelves.  The thrill of beating o  white people and their cars.

Don't be throwing out a narrative sure to incite violence in  those who believe it without marching out all the facts and stats.  No one is being served by this except very sick super wealthy elitist bastards whose motives elude me.  I cannot relate.

Really.  Cut the BS.  There is a lot wrong and it does not boil down to unbalanced quotas.  But I would think people would be outraged by gang violence, drive-bys, kids getting killed, black people killing black people by the dozens in some cities in a month's time.

If Black Lives Matter really believed that, they'd do something real in the highest murder locales; Chicago, Memphis, everywhere else we pretend all is well.  They, GQ, this administration, et al, pretend it is white on black slaughter, which is nearly the reverse of what the numbers show.

So some people just do not like those who cultivated this heightened state of hatred.   And if Trump freaks them out that bad, maybe the best way to figuratively punch them in the nose is to vote for the person they hate.  They are possibly winning hearts and minds for their nemesis.

Not sure what I will do, but I so dislike a certain tone and culture that I am weighing what choices most undermine that crooked smarmy bunch of self righteous con artists.

In short, Trump is not the one bringing hatred to the fore, it is the status quo and the puppets they so shamelessly manipulate, fueling and prolonging their pain and ignorance anyway they can.  It means votes.

The all living ex potus club proves these despots are all in the same bed. yikes

There's plenty of red koolaid craziness too.  They just miss the point.  Blue koolaiders blatantly want a totalitarian state. They deny it but actions prove this. They think it solves all problems from engineering to diet;  government, that is.

The red koolaiders often get all confused between bible, constitution, and reason.  It helps the insanity of the blue freaks get enacted.  I hate when  idiots oppose what I oppose, except for idiotic or superstitious, or totally erroneous reasons.


Finally Figured Out What They Don't Get

In the midst of the ever stranger election process, and the multitude of politicos and pundits simultaneously trashing Trump and his supporters, while questioning "how could they?", and also saying, "if you like Trump, F''' you!", I spotted what they miss.

Like the GQ guy with the big insults and on and on.  He is one of legions swimming in blue koolaid, spewing insults to earn nods from colleagues, who honestly do not get it.

Trump is actually irrelevant to the issue.  What they don't get is that many people are neither racist nor are they any of the other tired epithets thrown out at those who do not drink the koolaid.

Those people do not like the elitist attitudes, the smart aleck insults and ridicule, the intellectual bullying.  They do not like you, GQ author, Hillary, all of you.  They do not necessarily like Trump, but they love it that you don't like him.

The ad suggesting that all living presidents oppose him raises his creds.  Why?  Because people perceive all the ex potus crew to have contributed to the spread of terrorism and the erosion of rights, as well as difficulty making enough money to live.  (despite the fact we're told we are thriviung like never before.  Evidence is lacking.)

But those, like ElizabethWarren and many pundits can't figure it out because they don't realize it is that people are sick of them and their tired con.  Not everyone sees it.  Many still buy the usual nonsense.

Propaganda is so easy.  Even though it is known that blacks kill blacks at avery high rate.  No outrage.  The agitators cherry [ick time and place then sow chaos.  The greedy cannot resist being able to play victim and justify theft , looting, vandalizing, and some good old cracker bashing.  Open season and it is all righteous because..victim!!

There is racism.  I have seen plenty.  In the last 30 years I have seen ten times more racism coming from minorities than anywhere else.  I'm talking, hateful, violent attitudes.  You know it and so does anyone.  But we pretend.  The result?  More dead people, more property damage, businesses and lives ruined so ignorant fools can slake their greed for power and cool stuff off of store shelves.  The thrill of beating o  white people and their cars.

Don't be throwing out a narrative sure to incite violence i  those who believe it without marching out all the facts and stats.  No one is being served by this except very sick super wealthy elitist bastards whose motives elude me.  I cannot relate.

Really.  Cut the BS.  There is a lot wrong and it does not boil down to unbalanced quotas.  But I would think people would be outraged by gang violence, drive-bys, kids getting killed, black people killing black people by the dozens in some cities in a month's time.  If Black Lives Matter really believed that, they'd do something real in the highest murder locales; Chicago, Memphis, everywhere else they pretend it is some white on black slaughter, which is nearly the reverse of what the numbers show.

So some people just do not like those who cultivated this heightened state of hatred.   And if Trump freaks them out that bad, maybe the best way to figuratively punch them in the nose is to vote for the person they hate.  They are possibly winning hearts and minds for their nemesis.

Not sure what I will do, but I so dislike a certain tone and culture that I am weighing what choices most undermine that crooked smarmy bunch of self righteous con artists.


Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Same hand, Same foolishness

Well this time I didn't slip on the ice in the Greensboro airport parking lot, while playing soccer with a basketball, using the doorway to my booth as the goal.  I was toll troll at that time.   And loved the job.  Always worked the night shift.  I was doing an independent project patenting a system I used for cleaning air in cotton mills.

I was married, and almost happy.  I was happy, but did not know how happy at the time.  That was a beautiful time.  I killed that.

Now, very similar injury.  Similar cast, no wife, and these are less joyful times. But it is what I did not know, or what I thought I knew that wasn't true, that sabotaged abundance and stability.

Starting over all the time seems wrong.  Doing nothing as much as I have seems wrong.  Either way, here we are.

Playing my style of harmonica relies on my hands like crazy.  Especially the immobilized thumb.  It musty have been the reference to every note.  Hard to explain.  When I ry to play, it is obvious how reliant I was.  I can still play.  Now it is more like they tell you how.  Hold with left, accent with right.  I have always held it differently, and left does all the stuff.  But you have ot form and good seal between hands to pull it off.  No can do with a cast.

I better just settle in.  This will be at least three weeks,  But maybe they can change it.  Make a smaller cast.   No one thinks it will heal in 3 weeks, but we'll see if it is going that direction when I see them for that 3 week check up.  The cast will come off if even only for that moment.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Boils Down to This

Oh no.  I got distracted and lost my train of thought.  I started to write some stuff.  Then I sat back and looked at it.  Rubbish.  So bad it was almost funny.
 Actually it was funny.  You will never see it though.  The evidence is gone.  

A scene may include humor, but only if you aren't in the middle of it.  It happens once in awhile.

Not same thought, but it does come to this:  The thuggery and entitlement attitudes have to go.  And systems which guarantee filth and poverty have to go, like caste systems and the like.

With the technology and such available, humanity could have a very peaceful, high standard of living.  But people like to fight, covet, and be small minded twits.  Government, religion, and inability of the populace to transform from the rape and pillage past to less fatal grounds.  Not all people, of course.  But enough.   I think it is subconscious.

The very people preaching peace and tolerance for any exploding lunatic that happens by, are the first to set up long term wars and skirmishes.  It is subtle, I suppose, but the actual ruin of cities and countries isn't so subtle.

I better back off.  The tried and true marketing strategy that appeals to the cream of the nitwit crop will be in full swing.

May the one God doesn't strike down with lightening win.  Amen.

Away From News

Of course, I hear bits and pieces, but surprisingly little in the last few days.  When you step away, and then you see things from a different viewpoint.  Not necessarily point of view, however.

I tend to feel like many of the supporters of both major candidates, the ones they convince us are the only choices.  Third parties are only protest votes, blablabla.  I no longer have a solid opinion regarding third, fourth and beyond parties.  I have almost always voted third party.  All my voting life.  I do not think it is a throw away.

However, if you are a never Trump or never Hillary person, your best bet is to vote one of the two to prevent the other from winning.  But if you are a never one of those two, but can't bring yourself to vote for the other, then you should vote third party, convincing yourself that this will help take down whichever is your most disliked candidate. And it may.  But you didn't have to vote for someone you would not trust ever.  You voted your conscience.

Or you just took the least nauseating route.  You can't fake such things, and it sometimes makes the desire for your presence among polite company somewhat scarce.

You can always vote for the other of the anointed ones, while strategically voting for senators and such from the opposite party.

One bit of news I would like to investigate more is the proposed bill that limits bills to one topic.  The One Topic, One Bill bill.  I might have used different words, but I am pleased to see a move in the right direction.  You have to very carefully observe the words used in such bills.  It can be tricky.

If the legislation is as represented, then such a spotlight should be on it that no one would want to be airing their corruption in the open like that.  It would be very hard to justify why they don't like the veil being pulled off tax paid boondoggles in the form of riders and such on bills.  The backbone of the crony culture is the ability to deceive.  Forcing a bill not to include irrelevant nonsense makes it a little tougher to trick everyone.  Tougher to do favors for the power brokers you owe.

Some of it is just the go-team need in people. They choose one and become a rabid fan.  Go team go.
Seriously, though, the propaganda machine that is cnn et al is very transparent these days.  I tend to think it waxes hyperbolic.   There is some on both sides, but the 24/7 anti Trumpism is the more pronounced and reactive by far.

It's on youtube.  Both candidates are criminals and/or satanists and/or whatever.   So, you share the videos your team uses against the opponent.  The theatrical aspect of this entire drama does not put you on edge.  It does me.  It really is theater, right down to the make-up people.

Something seems wrong.  I am pretty sure a majority would support a state and federal waiver for Trump and Hillary to have an old fashioned duel with pistols.  I find that a little sad. No idea how it would influence second amendment issues.  They both would probably have snipers all over.  Maybe they cancel each other out, strategically.   If the snipers are smart, they leave it at that, and have a beer or a nap or something.  They probably are, so I expect both sides' snipers reached an accord.

Of course there will be no such contest between these two unusual humans.   The  real contest will be which of these two is the most painful to see hear and or touch over time.  Or the least painful.  I would imagine seeking the least pain would be the most popular strategy.   But definition is everything.

Monday, September 19, 2016

What a Too Weird Life

Seriously, I know I complain too much about being a dimwit and doing it all wrong.  But I figured out I probably can't change.

It is like converting from non-carnivore to carnivore, I just cannot quite do it.  Or won't.  If your life depended upon it I would take a bite out of a live wildebeest.   But we are not in those circumstances.

It took from 8 A.M. until 4:47 P.M. to get the orthopedic appointment.   There is an ASAP referral in the system, which could mean anything, apparently.  I guess the world of healthcare is slammed busy.

Part of that is because people like the attention.  Part is because they feel bound to do something or give you something if you come in.  And if you get good stuff, then you will keep coming back.  I do not think it is intentional most of the time.  Doctors. for the most part, really want to help you out.  That is why it is hard for them to say, "you will be OK, get out of here."  They are human too so they do not generally enjoy not being liked, and they don't like uncomfortable conflict with patients.

You get some drip weasels like Dr Flores.  He must not have known just who I am.

Anyway, I was impatient and wondering if any calls worked, until they finally called back.  At 8, they said they's call right back.  At 1 they said they'd call right back.  Then I tried other numbers.  And the computer interface "myscripps".  So friendly.  Too bad it is highly unintuitive hard to navigate.  It proved a dead end for my purposes, except when the appointment was confirmed.

Apparently the voicemail I was shuffled to, once I reached the orthopedic group, did evoke a response.  Albeit at 4:47 P.M.

These experiences tell me I am going to be a really bad ward of the state.  No patience for it.  And as I age a bit my frontal lobes seem to atrophy==no filter.  They annoy past a point, I either walk out or ask something inappropriate and insulting.   I try not to do this.

It seems that ever since my mortality was brought to my attention, I tend to behave as if I am immortal.  Isn't that puzzling?  I guess it is a "what do you have to lose?" proposition.

Played a great night with my Texas people on Firday.  Valor and Lace, that's us.   Played until 2.  Someone trying to book us the weekend they leave.  We may do it.  He pulled out hundred dollar bills the other night to buy more time.  The barkeep didn't stop it.  We made double what we would have made.  And we eventually got a second wind.  I did.

They are really trying to get me to consider moving to the Austin area.   I told them my needs---some way to make money, and cheap but good lodging.  I do not think we have heard the end of it.  They are even saying I can stay with them.  I don't want to kill the friendship.

Besides, people have no idea how often and for how long I may be dry heaving loudly or something.  Expecting to improve it, but not looking for company that close to me.  At the same time, I need to push just beyond what I feel is comfortable.  That is because almost anyone can do a little better.  Me especially, even if I don't believe it.  Reality.

Now, the bone fella may just send me home with a wrapped hand or something.  Or of the scaphoid is in pieces, they probably have to screw it together.  You'd think they'd have a super glue type of material and just set and stick.  No foreign object. Nothing to take out later.  The trick is do not miss the correct alignment.  This is a tiny bone, relatively speaking.

It still sucks that about the best thing anyone will ever think I have done or can do is play harmonica. I have become much much better, by my measure of things, than I used to be.  Nothing compared to the real deal players, but good as a sideman.

But that is in no way the best of what I should be doing. It is all that's left so we cling to it.  Left handed, so as not to damage the right one further.  Anyway global warming will work the opposite for Texas in the future?  Heat is not my best friend at the moment.  Guess I better learn to adapt.

Friday, September 16, 2016

It Is A Stage Play, Sorry

Maybe the man was right about the whole life experience being a play blablabla...tale told by an idiot, yadayadayada.

I only know so much of the quote, and I am too lazy to try to remember and write down all of it I do know.  I know the main thrust of the assertion.

But this political thing is pure theater and a great deal of half truth, no truth, deception and trickery.  Latest one is Hillary and now she's all forthcoming.  I think her organization is lying concerning her health.  Not that it matters unless she has something highly contagious or a condition that makes her mentally unfit. 

On second thought, I don't think being mentally unfit is a deal killer for the presidency, so scratch that idea.

Anyway.  Her camp is spinning like crazy.  Rumpelstiltskin all up in there, trying to spin gold from straw.  They may do it.  The rabidly faithful buy the spin.  Can't a girl get a day off?  All that stuff.  

As if it is only because this candidate is a woman that we find face diving during an early exit from an event interesting and worth some investigation.  If Trump could not stop coughing and had to be carried into his limo,  as he was free falling straight forward, unable to even use his arms to break his own fall, no one would have noticed.

She should use it to her advantage.  The next time she is at a rally and starts feeling like she's losing it, stage dive into the crowd and ride of the sea of people holding you up and transporting you all over the room.  Strategically place secret service personnel so that they can steer where the crowd sends Hillary.  

I've been having that same coughing thing, sort of, so I sympathize with Hillary on that.  

Why would anyone run for president?  Oh, that's right, the company airplane is the most pimped out company vehicle in the world.  And it comes with the job.   They could fit it with a really rad slide/ramp for Hillary. No daunting steps or nose dive worries.

Trump already has a plane, but it is not the same.   I wonder if he will resent that the plane at the job is better than his company's plane. Will he try to one up White House?   He'll already be used to the flying on demand part so that should be easy.  

It is a crazy world.   People in this country just will not get it through their heads that this is not a monarchy.  In any form.  Take that however.  That pretty much sums up a lot concerning this election.

I get why Hillary runs; she has been drinking from the public trough forever, like so many others, telling those who fill it that she's "fighting for them".  They all say that; "fighting for you!"  because you, apparently, are too dimwitted to fight for yourself, or even know you need to fight at all.

Professional politicians are just very high paid, powerful carnival barkers.  Total sham.  But people sucker for it.  Because they are greedy.  Really, "the little guy" is greedy and stupid, and emotionally insecure enough to jump at any chance to play victim.  I think I may hate "the little guy".  Their stupidity and predictable greed for the crumbs offered by the con artist politicians are why things are better, less crime ridden, and even more affordable than they are today.

Due to a family swimming in the blue koolaid, I will not state my intentions as far as voting.  And I won't argue it.  It is like geographical phenomena, climate change and such.  We may agree that things do change, but I amy not agree that legislation and a hatred for industry is the way to confront it.  They think government is responsible for all.  And they think it makes sense.  I think government has caused us to not be as advanced as we could be, especially in the fields of energy and transportation.

Koolaid drinkers believe curbing the standard of living is the way to all good things.

They are so wrong.  The climate hysteria is just a ruse so that even more deeply entrenched cronyism can have its way.  They subsidize their pet companies like Solyndra and such, pretending that government knows all possible alternatives, and that it is up to them to throw money at those they consider worthy.   Wide open for cronyism.  What if I just want to produce but do not want government involved?   Too bad.  They won't allow it without much red tape and nonsense.

And the blue koolaid people think that is the intelligent approach.

I am not trusting the red koolaid people, either.   However they are less given to wild eyed racism and misandry.  And complete irrational hatred of any human endeavor that is useful or just amazing--like jet airplanes, SUVs, etc.   Red Koolaid people tend to not express hatred for their own species to the same degree as the blue koolaid folks.

All the time you hear progressives act like they are ashamed to be American, ashamed to be white (other races OK), just ashamed that mankind has done such incredible things like go to the moon, invent glass, make cars that are highly dependable, create climate controlled dwellings, etc.  If people like it, or it really celebrates the genius and imagination of humans, they hate it.  "What about the blablabla worm, or moth or.... puke"

One thing is almost certain, I will not vote for Hillary, and most likely will never vote for a democrat again.  They are the same people who almost convinced me I was no good and not smart enough growing up.  Turns out they were only half right.  I am smart enough, but I hate the collectivist blinders with which they view life and those under their power.

And the republicans needs to purge their party of the McConnells and the like.  He is a Harry Reid clone.  Crooked, and worthless.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Imaginary Victims Keep Coming Like The Un-Dead

After Colin Crackerjack's ill advised antics, now every other unoriginal nincompoop in sports wants to make some look-at-me drama prior to the game.  Seriously, it is idiotic.  I understand the spin from those who are already misanthropes and hate their country; often just hate, and call it righteous anger over blablabla.  Bitch-aholics.  And victims.  When you are a victim, you become special.

So every fool in front of a crowd wants in on the action.  Who wants to be an aggrieved victim?  I do, I do!!!  Just negotiated my gazillion dollar contract, and now I fight for the poor unwashed.  wherever they may be. I, too, am oppressed!
New victims every minute!!  They won't rest until they eat you up!

To say that you will do whatever until the flag stands for what it should is a foolish statement.  What the flag stands for does not change.  How people live up to it does.  This is where people diverge in viewpoints.  Some never get that there are Ideals, Values held in esteem.  That is not to say all live up to those ideals or values.

Minority violence is the modern day problem most pressing in the world of "of color", not outside racism.   There is growing backlash to all the alleged racism and unequal prosecution of hate crimes.  But hate crimes legislation is there just so various groups can become more special than others as they see fit.   Violent crime is not a loving thing.  If you harm or kill an innocent person then you committed a hate crime.  I don't care if you did it for racial reasons or homowhatnot, etc.

It is a real crime  (and I think tons of victims result) for those kneeling fools, news wanks, political people, community opportunists like Jesse, Al, etc. to pretend that the violence is white racism.  True stats are ignored regarding who is most likely to shoot whom, and the real breakdown on crime numbers.

The racial divide will likely always somewhat exist, but this approach our society has taken the last many years is making it worse.  Avoiding truth is criminal.  At this point you have to realize it is not working out.  It is not healthy for big blocks of the population to have no father around, to regularly shoot one another and whoever else stumbles into the 'hood.  Trying to compensate for problems by demeaning people and treating them like troubled children may have helped Al and Jesse rise in the extortion over race biz, but it has not improved the overall redneck inner city mentality.  Ignorance is king, and victimhood is queen.  And every idiot guilty white racist fuels the process.

And insanity like 3 strikes laws do nothing to help.  Geez, I get it, but do people not see the danger in that sort of draconian foolishness?  For one thing, if you have such a dumb law then be real stingy on which offenses to which you assign the felony title.

Sometimes I feel stuck between the world of crazy progressives and fools like Colin, and gung ho, old west style mob nonsense like those who want to exile anyone not saying pledge of allegiance--again look up the history of that very questionable oath to the state.

The guilty white racist is a rabid liberal who jumps at chances to ridicule and spew hate at their own kind---as if they are somehow now of no race, but in a position of superiority to all.   It is all a cover because of their secret feelings of superiority and true lack of respect for those not like them.  But they fear the other and like their votes and being able to manipulate the bloc.

Just in the last day or two, mass shooting in Birmingham.  Black on black, apparently, so the breathless outrage and cries of "We have to do SOMETHING!!  Anything!!  As long as it involves ridiculous legislation and further punishment of the decent and innocent." need not be heard.   Let's wait for the less frequent occasion when a cracker is involved.  Then it can be about race!!

Fortunately over time, more and more "people of color"--geez that is so bizarre--are breaking away from the routine the exploiters try to perpetuate--inner city and ignorance status quo.  They are doing well and as wary of drifting into the wrong neighborhood as their colorless countrymen.  And women, if you are too nuts to comprehend universal terms.

The flag is one thing that actually does have some principle behind it.  Still, one must be careful with zealous jingoism, too.  There is a sane and true path I hope.

Anyway, the Seattle team did the smart thing.  Get the national anthem out of the way prior to letting the nincompoop athletes out of their cage.   Problem solved.

These self promoting martyrs are such drama queens.  And so ignorant.  And in the case of NFL players, so oppressed and deprived.

So the point is, who cares what you do?  But do not lie.  You are clueless and pretending you are a deep thinker when you do not get the difference between symbols and reality, and constant universal values is a joke.  You are like a Jr. High kid with a leading role in the class play.  And it went to your head.  Now you think you are a spiritual leader of a great movement.

By the way NFL, hands up, don't shoot never happened.  I hate lack of truth.  If you have a point, you shouldn't make up stuff thinking that will send it home. It backfires.  Except among the studiously ignorant.

Clothes Make A Big Difference

This past Saturday we played Crest Community Center.  That is with the all originals band Enter the Blue Sky.  Actually it is all the singer's material.  She made it clear from the start that she was not going to dilute the effort any time soon.  

She has since let me know she's open if I came up with something.  I haven't done anything.  Valor and Lace also is open.  They have actually taunted me to write something or bring out something already written.  But after next Friday I won't see them until Christmas.  They will come back on three or four major holidays so the kids can visit bio dad.

And here I was gearing up to roadtrip Austin for the holidays if I could.  It may be hard to get away from work this time.  I have to work fast to start making more money and achieving more freedom.  This is getting old--being tethered to a job with floating hours which are doubly hard to predict because the manager doesn't bother to let people know.

My co-workers, Nikki and Jeanine and I take turns texting with basic questions that he should already have answered.  So unbelievably myopic and clueless.  Kind of a nice guy, but the sort who would dump the body, or dig the shallow grave if the boss asked.  There is an edge hidden in there.

I think having to be subordinate to a nincompoop in this situation amplifies my clear tendency to underachieve.  Maybe those days will end.

As much as I have played with bands and such and I always felt inferior in a way.  Not legitimate.  Even though I knew I had better sense than the rest of the group regarding sound balance and level.   Especially volume level.   Even Enter Blue Sky resisted at the Italian place when I insisted on do their sound check, and setting myself last because I had more control of my level.  And I am who I am.  smiley face

OK so a fiddle player I had not seen for months was their Saturday playing with the group that was alternating sets with us.  He noticed the difference.  I have become more aggressive, which is to say I am probably just at the right level.  I err toward quiet.  No apology for that.  But I am not inwardly so apologetic in the musician sense any more.  Our CD will soon be pressed.

On this material I have to say that was close to as well as I could do.  Definitely at that point in time.

OK. To the point.  I did not wear jeans this time.  I stopped short of a tie or sport jacket. Don't have the jacket and this is socal, too hot.  Anyway.

The difference in how everyone treated me, and how I behaved as a result was significant and profound.  Really.  I was treated with real respect and I think I behaved in a more deserving manner.  Truth is, though I have worn blue jeans almost exclusively for years, I am more comfortable in casual whatever slacks and cotton button down shirts.  Business casual?  1957 retro couture.

Truth is, I am white collar at heart, even though I blue collar it,  or whatever it is that does their dirty work collar it most of the time.  Not sure the collar beyond white in which you just do stuff and people pay you but you aren't any but your own employee.

Stunning result.  I will begin the process of taking advantage of this intelligence.   I am not one who expects to attract much just by inner goodness and brilliance.  If dressing like a grown up does the trick, then so be it!


Sunday, September 11, 2016

"Awareness" ;somewhat annoying but what the heck

I blew it.  September 8th was MPN awareness day!!  The emails I get try to show a little enthusiasm. I missed the day so now either I or all the people who could have been touched will remain unaware.

Except I am aware.  To a point.  I have to say the technical this and that and various drugs, interferon stories, blablabla bores me to sleep.  I am not much into it.

Anyway I am already aware enough.  Myeloproliferative Neoplasms.  It just means blood production anomalies and sometimes it gets worse, or not. Or something.

I have no idea what I think.  No.  Not true.  What I think is that one could lie down and not do very well, or one could avail himself of the Sneaky Slippers program for spunky seniors on his subsidized insurance, which still costs more that the treatments so far, and get stronger and maybe find more energy.

Actually it is called Silver Sneakers and is one of those patronizing things for wacky and zany seniors.  Whoever invented the deal of stratifying age with terms like "youngsters" and "Seniors" could be shot and I'd be ok with it.  I hate the whole "senior citizen" mentality.

How stupid.  The condescending aspect annoys me a lot.  I often take advantage of discounts but believe me I think discounting a product due to age of consumer is absurd and makes me wonder why you charge everyone else too much.  So I get a lower rate but your costs are the same as if I were a 30 year old whatever stupid name you call them.  What nonsense.

But this is where civilization has decided to go.  Too much regimentation and authoritarianism.

OK. So be aware.  MPN.  Mutations and such which cause imbalanced and/or poorly made blood.  And then you end up with a few different possibilities.  With luck it doesn't get too far into the realm in which only stem cells or bone marrow transplant will have hope of fixing it.

I expect in my case that I won't have too much trouble going forward if I can get things straightened out and manage more exercise.

What you really need to be aware of is that if you just go headlong into anything the medical world has to offer, you can end up worse off for the "cure".  Got to approach it conservatively and rationally, but err on side of caution.  That goes for cancers and other things too.

MPNs are considered to live in the oncology world therefore it is a cancer situation.  But in my case not like some wild problematic sort of thing.  Or I don't think so.  Biggest trouble is the pruritus problem and sometimes in conjunction with that it is like my inner thermostat goes all yoyo on me.  Furnace one second, chill the next, back to furnace, and on and on for a hour.

But that is minor.  I am actually getting better at being able to do things and in preventing the attacks of skin discomfort and fatigue.

Now that we are all aware, there are outfits that want your money.  I have no idea if it goes to good use.  Maybe.  Most big government approved charities are a racket.  And I hate the way that it is accepted and expected that they should intrude on the workplace trying to force you to contribute.  Employers often pressure employees.  If they are so concerned let the employer waste his/her money instead of bullying the employee.

And do not even think it is appropriate to hit me up at the cash register.  That is irritating.  So be aware, MPNs can make some people so grouchy that they'll never give to your pushy scam of a charity.

That is more than enough awareness for one day


Saturday, September 10, 2016

Election Update

It must be due to a real problem with their own candidate that most news services and democratic or progressive websites are still going 24/7 with how rotten Trump is.  Racist.  Sexist, Xenophobic, homophobic, Islamophobic, Big Meany, awful blablabla.   In between that are breathless, hysterical cries of the rhetorical question, "How could anyone like that be allowed to run for office?".

And this comes from the party of mayor Daily 1 and 2, and Ted f'ing Kennedy.  It is so one sided and phony on the news channels.  Embarrassing.  Journalists are just like any jerk on the street if all they do is give their opinions and spew propaganda.

So what is happening is that people have become numb to the attacks and accusations.   Really as articulate and clean as Trump is, for a white man, I don't think he is into the white supremacy movement.  [that was a little nod to Joe Biden and his early description of Obama.  To paraphrase, he pretty much said, Obama is a good looking clean guy, for a Negro, and I can understand his speech. Which is really refreshing, from one of Those people.]

My point is that the approach that someone who qualified to run has no right to run is not going to win those who are not elitists who think their ilk should and will run the show.  I am still not saying if I am going third party write in or one of the two bumbling stars.  But dear democrats, you will not win the fence sitters by this over the top, 24 hour character assassination.  That's by the news.  The alleged news shows.

On the other side we have doctors who are assessing symptoms from TV of Hillary's maladies.  The latest is that she has Parkinson's disease.  I don't know.  Sometimes I have those coughing fits.  Mostly earlier in the day.  I avoid being confined without quick escape in groups of people.

So, Hillary is a mess, and I do not doubt a heavy duty criminal, but one who thinks it is OK, because it is she!.  I don't think Gary Johnson is a criminal nor an idiot.  He got hit with a change up in the whole flow and was caught off guard.  I have done that; where a phrase is so unexpected or counter to the flow of thought in the conversation that I do not recognize a word.

Actually I just don't process that collection of sounds right off the bat.  And I am not an idiot. Just more of the same.  Smart ass, low life journalist playing Gotcha!  I say low life because that behavior is low.

Not saying I endorse Gary.  I do think he is the sanest one running, and even if he is corrupt, I'd bet he's the least corrupt one running too.

Hillary has long passed the point of diminishing returns with the Trump bashing and hysterical nonsense.  Or her supporters, I should say.  Same general deal.  At this point all of it makes it look like Hillary just wants the focus off of herself.  And people begin to see all the insistence on being unfit for office as applying to her, even though Trump is the target.

I admit, I go in prejudiced against democrats.  They think government is the answer and that if only enough laws could be passed forcing people to behave as they see fit, life will be grand.  And if they control resources and a piece of any benefit you manage to derive from them.

And republicans may have kind of made sense at one time, but I tend to not get it now.  If only they would research things like history of pledge of allegiance and mottos on money.  Some are too far gone, pretending God wants them to be the most annoying humans they possibly can be.  You cannot begin to reason with that.

This also serves Trump.  Maybe.  When notable republicans or conservatives of long standing refuse to back their own candidate, something is amiss.  He is probably not as crazy as 99% of the people in national office.  Well maybe 50%.  That's average.

People think they are afraid he will disrupt their gravy train.  Business as usual works for the regulars, despite which party has control of what.

Maybe at the last minute, Hillary will just cough herself into a coma and win the sympathy vote.  This time, almost nothing would surprise me.  I do think it is a sad state of affairs that our choices are so bizarre, and maybe wrong.   One candidate's only claim that is verifiable is that she is a woman.  That is Hillary's big selling point.  A woman.

If this were all reversed and some male equivalent of Hillary was running, saying elect a man, it is time, I would vote to postpone the historic event.  How stupid can you be to vote race or sex?  But people who do it actually act proud and like they are real freedom fighters.  As long as they don't vote white based on race.  It would be stupid regardless of race. But that is how people are.  Guilty whites push and encourage idiocy and redneck behavior among minorities--people 'of color'.

Never mind,  What a stupid time we live in. "people of color".  Give me a friggin whiteso privilege break.  Really.  Everything is race and splitting ethnic hairs.  People do not continually separate by race, make it all tribal warfare, if they aren't racist morons.  Just because some other race has idiots who are all about condition of birth, doesn't mean you are less of an idiot if you make everything about race, too.

So Hillary due for Coma any day.  Trump and Putin are secret lovers.

That is our election update

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

People Cannot Spot Political Con Artists and Hucksters

Democrats sure can't, anyway.  Maybe because their talking point organizations and web sites make them feel like part of the process.  Maybe even like victims!!  No one can resist the victim thing.  It gives the excuse to suspend, or never bother learning, logic; it gives them the right prohibit the free exercise of rights by those who do not think and speak as they think everyone should.

That self righteous bit of, "oh, he's dangerous!!  Anyone supporting that candidate is evil and should also be silenced."  Come on.  These histrionics are getting old.

I spent some time at work this past week, staying over.  It seemed like MSNBC and CNN were running Trump bashing 24/7.  Last week they were advertising Trump's speech coming up that they were going to cover.  So when he started talking and wasn't saying what they wanted him to say, they broke away, promising to "monitor" the speech until he discussed what they wanted to cover and report.  It was unbelievable.

I don't really like Trump.  He has always rubbed me the wrong way in how he conducts his public feuds.  He sounds like what I never cared for about New Yorkers.  Probably have to be from the south to even understand that.  If he was black, I would be racist.  Since he is Trump, all is fair game.

I am almost clueless regarding republican stuff.  They care much more than I do about things not to do with me.  Abortion.  Under most circumstances, even if I had the skills, I would not perform the procedure.  I do not like it.  I do not like flying Vee guitars either though the two are NOT analogous.

The point is, you are doing more to promote it than you are to solve the problem.  There are many wrong practices about.  I think you are wrong to go traipsing to other countries, or the Mideast, on some holy f'ing mission to save the unwashed, but you do not make even a dent in the riffraff neighborhoods in this country.  Inner cities and gangs run on classic ignorant redneck values.  It is so ironic and sad.  Both groups are idiots and bigots.  So how is a sane person supposed to get past that if that is where they landed on planet earth?

No telling.  Maybe facing the truth, and being told the truth would help.  Lies run rampant.  I worked with a guy who thought Wisconsin dairy industry was built on slave labor.  He thought every bit of what was built in our history before maybe 1900 was slave labor.  And he strutted around and cast himself as an intellectual and rebel.

Yahoo.  Seriously though, does it not bother anyone to see such one sided journalism?  I admit Fox is sometimes full of it too, but seriously, nothing like the others.  No wonder dems hate Fox.  That is the only station which is not going overboard doing their pr and campaigning for them.

And really, forget Trump for just a second.  You can resume the mindless parroting of attack memes in a minute.  Can the people pretending that all Hillary's scandals are invented in conspiratorial right wing enclaves really believe that?  Pretending that Hillary is not a crook and a scammer has to be difficult.  But maybe not if you are one of those angry people who likes to force others to give up things or do things they don't like.

If you are saving the earth by not using toilet paper you want to force others to be like you.  Lunatics.  When did it first become cool to jump boundaries and mind everyone's business, like if they smoke or are obese?  Government problems.  I do not agree that they are.

And that is where I often differ with well meaning, misguided friends and relatives.

The democrats are almost winning me over--to Trump.  For a minute the repubs were making Clinton look good, but that shine was very short lived.  It may be my heartbreaking experience with public schools growing up.  Not bullied and that but just way outside everything.   Put off by the system, the perverted teachers and maybe just Miami in general.  Others thought I was happy and "popular".  I never understood popular and others sure did not know me.

Anyway, dems like Warren and Biden and Clinton are reminiscent of public school teachers who discounted me and academically made life frustrating.  Didn't try hard enough.  And that was the line even if I got As.  They did not like it that I hung out with the riffraff and occasionally beat up a bully. Elementary school.  Life was easier then, except for the powers that be.  They sucked.  And they acted just like today's democrats.
Very hard to explain.  Repubs are the same, but they were few are far between.  Plus they were not as nasty to me.  They may have been dems too but they didn't have that Warren/Biden?Schumer thing going.  So many people just con you openly.  Whatisname Boener.  Those guys are professional cronies.

Anyway.  I wonder if the one sided approach makes Trump seem more reasonable than other people expected, too.  Really, they are having the opposite effect.

Names may be spelled wrong. I'm too lazy to check.

I am just is awe of the koolaid running on facebook and elsewhere. Look, maybe you do not like a candidate, but don't you find it a little insulting when your team throws out these wild, panicky claims regarding the other candidate?  I mean pure propaganda nonsense.  The stuff of old cowboy show lynch mobs.  Takes half a thought to be expressed and the whole town is stoked about the prospects of a "neck tie" party.

Don't people get tired of saying, "But look at him/her" every time some criticism of your candidate comes up?  Doesn't it feel creepy to be all wrapped up in a personality (in Hillary's case, alleged personality) instead of a philosophy?  

When you can go to the beach and get tons of signatures on a petition to repeal the Bill of Rights, why would I think people are willing or able to notice that the top republicans and democrats are ruthless con artists and have been for some time?

Saturday, September 3, 2016

It Takes A Village of Idiots

The whole Colin caper episode is ridiculous.   It has nothing to do with sitting or standing.  I often question the kneejerk allegiance to state that we are urged to follow.  Especially the pledge---written by a socialist holy man long after Washington and Jefferson had made their exits.  Originally the hand over the heart was a straight arm salute, like the heil Hitler salute of WW2.   So they had to change that part.

Also, even though the socialist was some sort of Christian holy man, it did not include the words "under God".   People get worked up without realizing these things are dripping in collectivist philosophy and power lust.

Obviously, Colin has no such train of thought.  He is a total fool.  Number one, "of color" people are not persecuted and are not more likely to be killed by cops than white people.  They are more likely to create crime and crime ridden neighborhoods...lately while blaming their of-no-color (people of transparency?") countrymen.  

The police problem is a problem, but rarely in connection with what is protested.  Militarizing cops, and allow no knock searches over nonsense is wrong.  They have gone to the wrong house and killed people, maimed babies, etc.  But you can thank fools who suckered for the "law and order" rhetoric of decades past, who decided the 4th amendment didn't apply if someone might have drugs.  Those people were duped.  They are being duped now too.

What kind of idiot, claiming some altruistic, humanitarian motive for attention grabbing, wears a Castro shirt?  I'm not sure of everything that shirt is supposed to convey, I had a poor look at it.  I do not think it says that Castro is a murdering thug who harasses women and dissidents.

The real nonsense is that the facts do not support his assertions about police.  And I do not like cops much.  They are willing to enforce laws which are wrong.  I don't think much of that.  But it is because we elect crooks who make laws that are wrong or unnecessary.   But do not slam them when they are not wrong.  The false info fed into the 'hood is criminal.  Then you get true idiots, like this millionaire, trying to win the love of equally ignorant and stupid homies, furthering the misinformation.

Like the "hands up, don't shoot" meme.  IT NEVER HAPPENED.  This is from eye witnesses.  Eye witnesses OF COLOR.

Do you realize how absurd that label, of color, is?  Colored?  Really?  God, there are so many people who se everything as race or ethnicity. But they call it all race, so you can be a racist for not liking certain cultures.  I do not like cannibal cultures or loud ones, or cultures which boil cats alive and eat them.  But we are told there is no "better" in the world of ethnic nonsense.  Hell yes, there is!

So this fool gets all this damned attention.  And people take sides because they always take sides.  Facts be damned.  News says Blacks are being murdered by cops and they worry about leaving the house because of police.  Really?  Of color people shot up other of color people at an alarming rate.  Especially compared to the rate at which colorless people shoot them.  Or anyone for that matter.

You are like 6 or 8 times more likely to be killed or assaulted by of color people than colorless.   So, really, just get off of making everything, including climate change, about race or gender bending or some other ridiculous condition which has zero to do with thought or action.

Can't you easily sense the propaganda every time you turn on CNN or MSNBC or even Fox?  It is shameless.  They are pandering to the colored among us.  And to the colorless.  In ways that take no deep insight to spot.  Manipulating.  But usually there is a payoff in the form of official victimhood, which takes all barriers away so that your violence and property destruction is excused.  You gain special status and now you can pretend your life sucks because of everyone else.  Not because you are bad at living well.

Personally, I will salute the Flag because it is the only one that originated with people attempting to establish natural law and universal liberty, regardless of the times and compromises made.   The lies about what this country means are a feel good tribute to angry brats and those who only get partial truth 24 hours a day.   Why is Colin not outraged that there is still slavery in Africa?  Of color people terrorizing, raping and enslaving others of hue.  Hypocrites everywhere.

Anyway.  I would neither boo nor acknowledge Colin's stupid ass antics. He is embarrassingly ignorant.  If a Cuban ripped his shirt off or threw red paint on it, I would only say he had it coming.

What a victim poor Colin is.  Those evil colorless people who took him in and raised him reallty should be jailed or fined or something.  How could they be so insensitive.

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