Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Per Doug, 7 things I like that don't require people

Thanks Doug, for the award.
Apparently the seven things only loosely don't require people. Most of what I like involves something people made in some way.

1. I like to drive through mountains and on back roads.
2. Reada a book.
3. Sleep, when sleep is good.
4. go hang out at Mt Laguna
5. Write my rebel thoughts, hoping that one day I can state it so that smarmy elitists actually get it and see the point.
6. Make things that actually come out OK.
7. Dream dreams, sometimes involving music, sometimes new ways of doing things, sometimes just things I hope come to pass.

This may have been a pass it on thing, but I am not too good at figuring out how to do that without making trouble.
I'd list, Bobby, Breath-e, Factotum, and Scribbler, were I to list the four people.
Oh, and give them the Kreative (with a friggin K?) blogger award.
Bobby because he is living the good life, and scratching it out the whole way. He earns it, and he plays music and likes his family. Always something to learn there.
Breathe because I am forever surprised and totally partial.
Factotum because she is brilliant and nuts, and very kind.
Scibbler because I have my reasons and he is my friend and a hotshot writer.

That is all if I were to pass it on, name people, and include a blurb about each stating why, which I'm not doing because I am almost a hermit.

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