Saturday, June 26, 2010

In California, Anything is Possible

The figure below is life size, at least. That is assuming a man with a bull's head would still be the same size. I think it may be a statue of one of the people who employ me. The one I've never met. I met his girlfriend. She is an interesting sort--writes porn for women type stories. Apparently has a publisher and gets paid. With his money she wouldn't need to get paid much.

It's there at the entrance so you know who you are dealing with before you enter. I'm not sure if he is always there in the buff, however stranger things have happened in CA. Given the fact he does lots of business in Arab countries, I wonder how his appearance strikes them, especially if he goes around like that. People are probably careful about calling him on his BS. I wonder if he has ever gored anyone.

I do find the most unusual people, and I don't even try. It just happens.

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