Monday, September 28, 2009

The Anti-Logic School of Critical Thought; they get paid

So, here I am on my fourth level of GEICO hierarchy, heading for the home stretch, in which they are trying to give away the farm, cost themselves much money, and generally screw the goose (or is it pooch? maybe goose the pooch. queer the deal, at any rate). The most common phrase I have heard from them is, "Yea, but that's hard to prove".

If you look at a basic algebraic equation, it could appear hard to solve, but people do it on a daily basis. Example: What's your gas milage?

Wull, I dunno, that's hard to figure out.

Why don't you fill the tank, drive 100 miles then fill it again and see how much you

Uh, but how will I know my milage?

Milage = miles driven divided by gas used

Well, I have driven over 100,000 miles in this car and don't know how much gas I

Here's a pistol with one bullet. Do the right thing and use it wisely. I'll
leave you to it.

That's the nature of conversation I am having with these people. My accident was a strange one, but anyone with a brain can check out the scene, take into account it was at night, on an unlit road, note the nature of the damage as shown in good photos, note the intrinsic contradictions in the police report, and the obvious cover up by the other party, and by simply comparing other stories with mine conclude that there is only one way things could have happened. That result would put obvious responsibility on one Mr. Kennedy of Over the Hill Transport, of Sacramento, CA.

The good Mr.K sent pictures of his tractor trailer rig, showing he had all the lights and reflectors you could ever want on his 48' step flat bed trailer. One problem--it is not the same trailer he was hooked to when he parked with a corner of it sticking out three feet into the road, on a curve on a 55 mph highway, with shrubs and dirt hill obscuring the rest of the lovely rig.

If the unit in the pictures were the one which I met, then the damage would have included front fender and more, instead of just taking out everything four feet above ground level on the passenger side. Simple observation shows that. So, he's lying, or the axles had to be retracted toward the front of the trailer, which that type is made to do. That moves all the lights up there too. So, no markings where they can be seen.

I know, too much info, but the point is, even without directly trying to prove he was pulling a different trailer, the fact that no reflectors or lights were back there can be proved---even assuming the ringer he photographed were legit. GEICO says, "Oh, it's hard to prove."

They are at the mediation stage with some CA insurance board and decisions are based on the case and info they send in. If they do not drive home the important points, they don't collect from the other company and I don't get my 1K deductible paid to me.

I do not like it from many standpoints. First, the man lied, the police lied in their report about what I said, no one actually investigated, the police barely even asked the guy for his license while harassing me (I assume they saw TN plates and assumed I was whatever redneck CA cops think is stereotypical Tennessee). The only thing the got right was my name. They had the marked speed limit wrong, misspelled the road name, noted incorrect point of impact, etc. I think the place is prone to shady activity and that the cops were crooked, as well as the truck guy.

Every single step of the way I have had to cajole and do the legwork myself. GEICO did not have the initiative to get the police report. The investigator for his insurance company sent me a copy, plus I went to the dreaded HP station to get it myself the day before that. To their credit, GEICO finally agreed to list it as not negligence on my part which allegedly won't raise rates. Once this is done I'll switch to another company. It would be easier to do with that 1000 dollars in my pocket.

I gave up on describing the real trailer and asking questions about the picture because terms such as "axle" were over the head of the dimwitted agent. After I convinced them to send me copies, I realize they did not understand the diagram I sent them or any of the discussions we've had. They actually encouraged me to send a diagram and explanation of things way back whenever this began. I ran it by a field investigator for another company and he found it intelligible, and legible.

Rather than keep going up the ladder, I've decided to go to the top and let them send me down the ladder. I believe the higher ups may have at one point in their lives been exposed to the rudiments of logic and reason so one of them may get it. They may not be as happy to let the company lose roughly 15K as the underlings, especially when no one made a sincere effort to prevent the loss.

It is disturbing to realize that these mindless agents, presumably each with his/her own little cubicle, are getting paid a living wage while a great number of better people are unemployed in this state. That is part of what has happened in the realm of both governmental and corporate bureaucracies; the idiots remain employed, while those with a sense of purpose and values, not to mention ability to think, fall by the wayside.

OK. I had to spout off just a bit.
Best line I heard all week was from Dennis Miller. Referring to Nancy Pelosi: "Her head is so far up her toucas they'll have to cut switch backs to get to it"

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