Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Several Steps Removed From Human

It just struck me; I really like the people I met through my blogging in days gone by.  Even the chick that shook me down in the southern hemisphere.  But, really, I have connected with very cool people through the blog.

Some I never met face to face, but I did collaborate on a piece of music with a Canadian.  If I ever get up there, we'll meet, and it will be cool.

On FB however.  I have yet to actually make a real friend as a result of facebook.  That may be because you can only aggregate links and other people's posts, but nothing too lengthy.  This paragraph is pushing it on length, in faceland.

Yet people will argue and raise all kinds of hell about nothing.  Or who knows what.  Shallow things are addictive.  As long as I understand that, I can better understand why I am spending my time stating opinions and reading about stuff that is irrelevant, yet emotional.

The days of journalspace really were quite different.  I feel different. Some of that is not really a good thing.

All of a sudden I have an idea forming.  It is related to all this.  There are things that were cool then but a duplicate is not in order now.  But I think I see a trend and a way to flow with it.  I better remember to think this through some more when I have the chance and the energy.

Has to do with delivery I think.

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