Saturday, August 29, 2015

Little Adventure

So, Sande and I decided if we could find some new place to play tonight.  Karen is out of town and we did not want to go anywhere and seem the same old faces.

So, she researches on line and we hit a place on the edge of downtown.  Odd neighborhood right off the trolley line--a fact to remember for next time.

It was some sort of open mic deal, but they had bad equipment.  Nice little stage and mic stands falling apart, one broken mic and one working but barely staying put.   We made due with that.  At least her guitar has a plug in and that was serviceable.  I just projected acoustically and got on her mic for the solos.
Little glimpse of stage area when place was empty--before we packed it.   The mic on the right fell apart in my hands and was inop.  The stand fell apart too.  Wish I had a pic of the crowd when the place filled.  It is small so only about 30 people, but that is actually a lot sometimes.  The night was a victory of sorts.  And really kind of a surprise. 

We started playing and there were just four or five people, at most, in the house.  By the second tune the place was packed.  And it stayed packed until we were done.  Homeless wanderers stopped and stared in.  The doors were open so they could hear, plus there were some tables outside.

The cool thing is that we did not know these people, and they were mostly in their 20's and some in their 30's--maybe.  And they liked it.  Anyone who thinks people in 30s and 20s do not know anything about music and all that are wrong.  I would say my peers, who are stuck in the 60s and 70s are the ones whose musical sense and evolution is stifled.

My God, Viet Nam is over, get a job and shut the F''' up!!   So to speak

Really, this is where I part ways with so many; I do not pine for the 60s, for the flower power whatever.  I do not pine for demonstrations and woodstock fantasies.  I never did like obscenely loud music.  I never did like mass groups or collective nonsense.

I'm a creature of seams.  Neither did I think most of the protest people had a clue, nor did the reactionary idiots pulling in national guard on campus fools, or lining up police with rifles fitted with bayonets.  The latter happened at FSU.  The alleged demonstration was more a gathering of people looking for pot, sex, and the entertainment of the spectacle.  I think it was a demonstration against ROTC on campus; the usual thing of collectivist types interfering with the choices of others.  No one forced people to join ROTC, though the draft was a motive.

So, there I was; despiser of the draft, disgusted with the sheep mentality and ignorance of my peers.  A bunch of parrots who had no idea what the totality of the facts were.  No inkling about the Constitution or much else.  But if you did the parrot thing and smoked pot, and did the hippie appearance---instant acceptance!!!  Alone no more, and relieved of the burden of thinking for yourself.  Big relief to many.

How did I end up here?

So, this was a successful experiment.  We did play the element of surprise a bit.  I knew if we acted mild mannered and unassuming, they'd figure these old weirdos would be playing the usual Neil Young, or "The Cruel War is Raging" or other protest crap.

We did originals and one killer spanish song from Argentina.  Sande lived in Spain for a few years speaking only spanish.  I love that spanish melody junk.  Hits me where I live.

This is how we quietly make waves.  Also looking forward to playing with Chris Hamilton band at Mt Laguna on the 19th.  Up on Sunrise parkway, a two lane road in the Cleveland national forest.  Only one venue up there.  I will take a break from another stint of house and pet sitting.  This time with the new great pyrenees, Frank.  Now Frank is one smart and cool creature.  We hit it off from the first.  We miss Max, but Frank will be a little easier because he is highly telepathic and has a high IQ as well as plenty of integrity.
More on that later

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