Sunday, January 17, 2016

Missed the Big Debate

All I caught were some highlights.   Hillary trying to stir up class warfare in Flint because if they weren't poor and black, but rich and white, like some Detroit suburb, then no one would let there be lead in the water.   She blatantly panders to the half-baked, mob action mentality.

In ways, almost all the candidates play that game of half truth and smear rather than building a case or proving points.  I find Hillary the most blatantly transparent panderer.  Trump, too is pandering.  In either case it is a bummer if you may agree in some measure with anything either says.  They make the point look absurd and designed to get a rise out of a target audience.  And it works.

But Trump is not doing this stuff in the same way Hillary does.  He is queering the deal.  That is good in some ways, remains to be seen in others.  From my viewpoint.

Why do I even know any of this?  I am attempting to avoid news and trying to become a no information voter.  For now.  It takes very little time to figure it out if you have to choose.  In case of a tie, write yourself or an esteemed other on the ballot.

I think we should have elected Bill Richardson in 2008 because he said he would cure breast cancer in five years.  I'm thinking if you figure out how to cure one cancer, you may have the key to curing other cancer as well.  If only we had elected Bill.  Breast cancer would have been cured in 2014.

Do you think the reason he hasn't gone ahead and cured it anyway is just sour grapes?   He could have cured breast cancer, but only as president.  That is not really playing fair, but I say if he can do it, let's give him the job.  If he fails we'll ruin him and make life miserable for him.

I so wish he were running.  Who is that third guy with the dems?  Is he just like a fake candidate so it doesn't look too rigged?

It was such a fun thing when they were having those 2008 debates and everyone making claims about jobs and things to blame on Bush.  Then Bill just comes out of left field smugly declaring, "I'll cure cancer in five years as president!".  Boom.  They ignored him, like he never said it.  It blew me away.

It's like they all knew they stood no chance against a cure for cancer.  So if they pretended they never heard it, maybe those listening would forget.  Most of them did.  But being a lover of women, I remembered. We missed our chance.

I have heard bits and pieces of republican debates too.   I haven't heard about a cancer cure though.  Getting Mexico to pay for stuff, that kind of thing.

To me Hillary is kind of an embarrassment.  Her day is done.  Really.   But there are those who look through the pandering, through the corruption, through every obvious self serving maneuver and pretend any light shed on the subject is biased, sexist, this-ist, that-ist.   Those are mostly the practitioners of politics of physical condition, ethnicity, other condition of birth or other non-philosophical attribute.   Reasoning is not to be found thriving in that crowd.

 Nothing as egregious about the big act put on by the others pretending to run for president.  Her platform is that she's a woman and she likes to instigate resentment riots.  Let's see if Flint gets out of hand or just plays victim.  This time they blame the governor.  In Katrina they blamed the president.

Both republicans.  I blame Michael Moore.  I know for a fact that he put all that lead in there.

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