Monday, May 13, 2013

It's Summertime

In east San Diego county that means in the 90s during the day down in the 60's or 50's eventually at night these days.  Takes awhile to get the inside cooled down.  Place is well insulated but no a/c.

Once I finish this massive clean up/sort/get rid of the useless stuff, I must build the long planned fountain which can serve as a mister and cooler when fans blow over it.  Low humidity makes that method of cooling possible.  Air conditioners are still the best, but with the power company employing "smart meters" to screw you for using power when you really need it, I doubt I'll push to install a portable unit here.  It would just give cause to raise the rent.

I'm not ready for what looks like a very hot summer.  Oh well.  Life goes on.

There Are Fun Times

Last Saturday I attended the open mic in Rancho San Diego by the Starbucks.   They asked in advance if I wanted a time slot to perform and said I guess not.  They put me down anyway.

Unlike the others who play, I never know what I'll do until I do it.  I'd finished writing a song, at least the lyrics, on Friday.  The melody eluded me, even though I had some clue of what I'd like.  Even so I couldn't formulate it in my mind.

Fortunately, I didn't know I had a slot until a fews minutes prior.   My intention was to just play a random key harp for ten minutes or so with a drummer backing me and nothing else.

On impulse I decided to see if I remembered the words to my song.  I sang it a cappella and a melody emerged.   It actually went over well.  I was in a rare mood, shameless, I guess.

Then I riffed a short bit in A minor, a longer bit in E minor, then even longer in A--using a D harp.  That morphed from just made up stuff into Amazing Grace, into Shortenin Bread, and eventually into the Star Spangled Banner, with no stops in between--just jamming around and working into one or the other.

People actually stood for the national anthem, many singing along.  It worked better than I could imagine.  Then I quit while I was ahead.

Later I hit Parky's since Mockingbird had a gig there and had mentioned me sitting in.  I figured they'd forget or change their minds.  That little place was packed.  Diego the guitar player spotted me hiding toward the back and I ended up sitting in on maybe 5 tunes, one of which I'd heard previously.  It worked well and I left in a very good mood.

They had the place jumping.  Couldn't have gone better.  It was a good quality crowd too, very short on riffraff.
the end

Eating Cake; idol worship

It is astounding, if not nauseating, to watch how people will defend any action their chosen team or leaders take, just because that's their team.

The most egregious examples, lately, would be the Chris Matthews genre of Obama worship, and the HuffPo brand of party worship, and truth laundering in relation to the Team.   It goes both ways, but O is in power, the head of an administration which is obviously so thirsty for power they'd damn near kill for it.

Whenever they are called out for lying, disregarding constitutional limits on their power, etc., they immediately claim the other team is out to get them, and (bizarrely) paranoid.

This is how presidents and power groups have gotten away with murder and mayhem in this country.  People tend to ignore anything their team might do.  The first and most common defense is to say, "what about when the other team's captain did this?  You didn't complain then!"

Obviously that doesn't address the issue, but it seems to work.  But quite often both teams are involved in some initiative, then if it doesn't work out, the minority team points blame at the team in power, pretending they were in no way involved.  Iraq is a great example of that.

I don't know how that worked because I don't know what end result was expected.

There are hints that Bush thought they'd be a mideast version of some small peaceful heartland USA town by now.

I'm phobic so I figured that no matter what help or hindrance you offer fanatic lunatics, they are still lunatics and prone to mass psychosis.   I must not be alone in that view because this view was at the heart of the lies about the consulate attack in Libya.

Oh, they hated the awful video so they all started jumping up and down in the streets and next thing you know they launched a mortar attack and killed people.

But we can't just point out the provable and obvious, that both Clinton and Obama knew that was a lie, yet they promoted it, even to the point of blathering the nonsense at the nonsensical UN.

I really have no respect for the UN, and I know that puts me as an iffy character in the mind of another organization that deserves no respect, Homeland Security.

Geez.  These people are not your family.  It is OK to let them be responsible for their actions. Let the consequences be whatever.  Why the blind loyalty and protection?  It is asinine to keep insisting racist motives and such.

I'm not a promoter of republicans and I think Obama is a wannabe dictator.  I do.  However I do not think he's a lone ranger in such efforts.  Messiah complex or no, figureheads are rarely a complete force unto themselves.

But I know his people have lied openly and that they've sought unlawful power openly.  That is not admirable.

But what about Bush?  WMD? Or Iran-Contra?  They don't even hammer him for things I would, like why he let Johnny Sutton keep his job, and why didn't he pardon the innocent, etc.

Still, that's the defense for Obama abominations--what about Boooosh?.  I'd say 'idiots', but it is more a form of insecure zealotry at play.  I think I'll hold my anger and just call them other names; fascist fuquits.  (short u in first syllable)

The real reason to avoid bullying as a kid is because many of the victims grow up to seek lifelong revenge through politics and law.  Many of the bullies manage to continue abusing humanity through those same means, if they are smart enough to handle school and stay out of prison.  Lots of the others just become drunks and cops.

Remember the bumper stickers that said, "Question Authority"?  Now those same people are in lockstep with those who think such slogans represent threats to national security=Obama's image, and they seek to silence dissent.  Obama himself says ignore the voices of those who suggest that there is tyranny in the government.

I guess I more say F%^$ Authority, than question.  I questioned long ago, time and time again, with the same answer over and over again.  They just won't mind their own affairs and stay out of mine.

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