Saturday, February 23, 2013

More Than a Haircut

I gave up on the idea of finding a good, inexpensive haircut in SD county.  My first cut here was free.   A good friend of my long time friend, Kathleen---met her when I was 16---runs a shop in Pt. Loma.  It was a grand experience, but it isn't close, and it is not a budget shop.

Every now and then I've gone back and it is always good.  The other hair professionals I've tried just fall short; never feels right after a day.  So, I gave up and decided to let it grow until I couldn't deal with it any more, then go spend the money at Jen's place.

She has become a stand up comic.  I managed to make one of her gigs.  To my surprise, she totally kicked ass.  Smart woman; owns a hotshot hair place and has an increasing schedule of comedy gigs.  It took me by surprise how good she is.  That can't be easy.

Anyway, by coincidence K was there yesterday when I showed up.  It is an appointment kind of place so I was set.  The other workers there are off on Thurs., apparently.  That meant the conversation was not censored.

What an education.  I have no idea how various topics were introduced, however they were mostly of a sexual nature.  Usually I am cognizant of the topics one might hear in discussions of this nature.  Not always.

I had no idea.  How to say it???  Did you know that some people get things bleached, kind of like Michael Jackson skin bleach I guess.  Yes, it is true.  They decide the back door mail slot needs to be less ... darkly pigmented and so they go somewhere to have their button bleached.

The discussion was bizarre.  I was informed that someone I know, who does not live in this state, had it done, and says it really improved her marriage.  Don't ask me.  My guess is that this couple is not what one might call missionary oriented.

For crying out loud, is nature just too cruel?  The under 35 or so crowd seems to think the 7 year old girl look is the bees knees.  And then they wonder about pedophiles.  Some of us view it differently.  However, at my point in life I'll ignore my preferences in these matters just because I'm glad to be there.  I do appreciate some obvious differences between girls and women.  Geez.  I'd be suspicious of guys who demand that look, ladies.  Just a word to the wise.

I can only hope the bugger bleaching doesn't catch on like the defoliating, piercing, and drawing permanent pictures on the skin have.  I like a little bit of nature, even though I guess I prefer some defoliation here and there.  And I shave my face, so I guess I sort of empathize.

It is a matter of taste and personal preference.  Still, that bit about lightening the pigment where the sun don't shine kind of shocked me.  I left feeling like I'd lost a degree of innocence.  I can't wait to get to know someone new and ask about that.

It is a sure fire ice breaker.  "Hey, Baby, have you undergone the paleface treatment on the other side of Baby's belly?"

The haircut feels great.  One of the best in years.  Was it worth discovering this trend?  I still feel pangs for my loss of innocence.  Then again, maybe I'll find out where to take the course and open up a shop. It will, of course, have the obligatory "Parking in Rear" sign.

What to name the place.... whiter than white, Lighter Shade of Pale, Dark Side of the Moon, Light Side of the Moon, Back Door Boutique, Bummer, Bum Deal

It might not be that much fun.

OK.  Better find another plan B for my future.

****caution: a google or wiki search will yield photos.  I'm kind of sorry I did it.  Wanted to be sure they weren't making joke on me.   It is real.  I did not research the matter in depth

I Should Become Less Radical With Age. Yikes

Holy smoke.   I realized that all the gun talk, the total BS, dog and pony show over the national non-budget, deficit, debt and spending beyond anything a human or machine can track, has caused me to become very close to anarchist.  Except that people tend to define that word in a way which doesn't reflect my view.

Without rulers is closest to my true belief, yet I understand the value of proper governmental function.  I leave charity, rules regarding personal choice and behavior which harms or impedes the life of no others, marriage, and even education off the list of governmental to-do's.

Seriously, all the gun talk convinced me that the law ought to be loosened, and yes,  Piers, I'm OK with a citizen owning a fighter jet, cannon, cannabis plant, still, motorcycle sans helmet, and a machine gun. Hell, the USA has armed people in other countries who are every bit as psycho as the Bloods and Crips.  Maybe moreso.   And recently our own government conducted a sting operation which armed Mexican cartels.  They forgot to include the sting portion of their plan.  Oops!

I've tried to be happy and ignore all this stuff.  No fighting anyone or anything.  Really.  I so want to be more normal and middle of the road.  I've always wanted that, but I've never been able to do it.  It requires too much pretending that what is not right and not true is fine and dandy.   Not that I never ignore reality or always do the right thing.  But then, I'm not forcing others to do my bidding, and don't care to.  Treating them how I'd like to be treated---which is, get out of my life, strangers with guns, badges and law degrees.

Some of my friends who pine for the 60's tell me there is no right or truth.   Everyone's truth is theirs and what is true to you may not be true to me.  My rebuttal that if I place you in the path of a speeding bus, you are doomed doesn't do the trick.  "Not if that is not my reality".   Screw those people.  They just want Woodstock forever.  Hey man, like watch out for the brown acid.  It's a bummer.

Anyway, I believe there is truth and right.  Not always sure what that is, but I do see the results of pretending that obvious realities are not real.

I've only recently become aware of how much republicans, or the ones who have media pulpits, tend to despise libertarians.  Never could figure that out.  You'd think they'd save it for the green party or something.  I think it is because they pretend they want smaller government and all that, but they really just want their logo on the seat of power.

They did as bad as dems at running us into bankruptcy.  Well, almost.  W's worst years financially were with a dem congress, but that is trivial.  Which drunken sailor is the drunkest and spending the most?  And doing the most bullying of innocent bystanders?

And they can't resist getting all righteous about subjects with which the national government has no legitimate business.  Like marriage and personal defense choices; guns.  Not to mention health and pensions.  Abortion.  Good God, you make me want abort my babies and yours.   Again I say, be grateful some of these alleged people are not multiplying any faster than they are.   And they are doing it themselves, as is their choice-right or wrong.

Too late to turn it around, but seriously, this Grand Clearing House of All Things philosophy of governance is disaster.  They've rotted the culture, and made things far worse.  Justified or not, most people feel less safe today than they did in the sixties.   Some of that is the demagogue panic factor---no crisis goes to waste, and everything is a damned crisis; obesity, weather, drugs, guns, un-neutered pets, non-issues to infinity.

Lots of things are problems to one degree or another.  But few of them are made better by throwing tax money and laws their way.  Those who love that stuff simply claim we haven't given enough authority to our lords and masters.  In the case of Jamie Foxx, that would be "Lord and savior."  He thinks Obama is the Second Coming, apparently.

I'm stunned to read comments these days.  It is interesting, if disappointing.  At least there are often three comments in a row on news stories with no name calling and no "lol" or "rofl".  That is so obnoxious in a discussion thread.  Brings out the want-to-punch-you redneck in me.

I don't comment on those sites because you have to sign up and I'd either trigger the ire of internet toughies who aren't sincere anyway, or I'd be preaching to the choir, or I'd end up with someone quoting biblical stuff.

That's the other thing; I've lost almost every shred of respect and tolerance for just about every religious institution known to man.  And I have none for those who want to run around telling me what god or alah have to say, and what they think.   Talk about Hell.  Imagine spending a month stuck in a room with Ayatollah whoever, and a hard core Evangelist, and maybe throw in a Cardinal.  It would sure seem like eternity.

OK.  Maybe if the Rastafarians  included fertility rites, I could hack that faith.  Of course I'd find it tough to accept Haile Selassie's divinity.  But the music is good, and if I have to be stuck with holy rollers, probably best to be totally and forever stoned.  I really do like the music.

Well, I've answered my own question; what to do when it all comes crumbling down and when "the earth's fever" gets worse.  Go be a rastaman on a ganja farm.

If only I could ignore all of it.   Truly they won't allow it.  Insurance.  Is my inherited gun now illegal or am I supposed to register it? Not yet, but people in this state want to require registration of any gun owned.  Something in me resists.  My gut reaction is F*** Off!!  I can't accept the reality that I'm not even close to as free as I think is my right.  I can't admit it by jumping through certain hoops.  Just cannot do it.

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