Saturday, January 11, 2014

Sitting Bull's revenge

Ever think the revenge of the red man might be cigarettes?   I guess it is ok to say red man.  God only knows.

I was thinking about it because I cannot understand why I have a desire to murder myself with smoke.  It is not only the nicotine that is craved, but the harsh feel of the smoke which is undoubtedly the sensation of throat tissue undergoing abusive irritation.  Like ripping fingernails into an open sore that tends to itch.  No good can come of it.

So why would anyone be compelled to such self mutilation?  It goes good with coffee, must be the definitive answer.  Chicks do not tend to dig it, so there isn't that.

Seriously, this thing of having an addictive personality and physiology is not as cool as I'm sure everyone thinks.  It's like having a free pass on a railway that only travels between here and hell, and you hop on because you want out of the house, and it is the only option.  Or something.

This is the first time I've suspended the smoking habit and actually noticed that I felt better in any way. Previously, I couldn't tell much difference in physical feeling of well being.  This time I feel a physical improvement to a small degree.  Enough to notice, and I've not done without for long.

I blame it on Hiawatha and the gang.  Probably my own ancestors, since I have high cheek bones like that Indian princess from Harvard who is now a senator, Running Compost aka Liz Warren.  So my own people may be getting revenge on my other people, and the war was waged in me.  "Smoke and die, you white devil!!!"  "Live free and don't smoke.  Let pale face with forked tongue die like dog, not you".

This is what wannabes don't get; life is full of conflict and confusion for the truly multi-cultural.  And the wannabe hucksters actually make it worse with their white guilt, and support of ethnic and racial jingoism.  All these internal factions drinking the kool aid and warring with one another as a result.  Stop it!! I say.  You are driving parts of me to smoke and die badly.

But not today.

So, when waxing poetic and lamenting the abused perfection of the native American, (of which I am one--born here and raised here through no fault of my own) rest easy knowing that an effective long term curse did, and does still, plague the evil pale intruders.  And many of their not so pale brethren.

Was this an intentional plot?  Could they have known the many directions in which this would pull the multi-cultural generations of the future?  Like me.  They launched a scheme which is dividing my spirit and awakening the Jones within.  The ready-rolled jones.

I'll try not to be their puppet by refusing to do what they want me to do.  They want me to smoke so I won't.  I'll blow smokeless air in their face.

I can get nicotine any time I want, from a lozenge.  But I tell you, nicotine is a small part of this conspiracy.  Obama smokes.  That indicates that the American Indians aka Native Americans have him right where they want him.  They own him.  He's their bitch.

That's what I'm trying to avoid, especially now that I've uncovered their dastardly plan.

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