Thursday, February 19, 2015

Fry Talking Women

This is totally wrong and not PC, but once upon a time, young women did not do that fry talk thing.  More and more they are forcing their voices into a rather unappealing fry. I do not get it.

Who cares?

I think the parasailing-off-a-mountain-top adventure may happen before all that long.   Maybe a year or so.  Got it in my sights.

I'm inundated with tests and procedures.  Unfortunately, I can't argue with the logic, or even find a way I would shortcut it all.  Actually, by being my own advocate and manager, I have saved a lot of time, and at least one procedure.  Never assume that information migrates as it should, or even as office staffs claim it has, or will.

There is one thing I like about all this, I get to meet very smart people.  That is somehow a treat, and a relief.  An indication that my underachieving does tend to weigh on me, and that I feel like a fish out of water.  But, however I did it, and for whatever reasons, I'm the one who made choices that kept me out of the water.

Trouble shooting any kind of system, natural, mechanical, biological, etc. is an art.  And the same talent applies to all.  Not the same knowledge or eduction, but the same knack for finding the cause of malfunction or problematic operation.   The more they try to centralize control of things, and pretend that one size fits all works out well in the realms of human activity and existence, the more they institutionally forbid good trouble shooting.

My centralization theory applies to all manner of systems.  It us evident, and shown to be true time after time, in all manner of applications.    Villains, charlatans, and power mongers have a vested interest in ignoring the reality that centralization quickly reaches and optimum, and pushing further yields diminishing returns or even negative returns.

It is why managers are supposed to learn to delegate.  They manage the entities which manage the more abundant entities and circumstances which make up the whole.

Myopic dolts who point to central policies in places like Denmark, suggesting we copy it on a national level, have missed the fact that Denmark is the size of a state in our country, and far less culturally and ethnically diverse.  Those things come into play.

The consequence of over-centralizing the power structure of a country or the world is more oppression of the innocent.  You don't fit the cookie cutter, you are screwed.  Beware anything that is for our own good, or that moderates non-aggressive, non-fraudulent behavior.   When you are the one who cannot comply for reasons beyond your control, you'll see the evil in such laws and policies.

Unless, of course, you have the reasoning power to figure it out without the pain.

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