Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Santa Ana?

If this wind keeps up, this cabin could be blown clear to Hawaii. I'll keep the windows shut tight so it is less likely to sink along the way.

If the wind were blowing the opposite direction I could visit friends and relatives. All I'd need is a little steering wheel. Whatever the case, I'm impressed the thing has stayed put this long.

I hope it waits until I get back from a minor work mission before it lets loose and heads to Oz.

Free Floating Rage, or less

Not less than free. Less than rage, maybe. I don't know. I do know I am better off not interacting a lot because my usual gentle gracious self has become rather acerbic and irritable. Must be a reason.

I do have sense enough to see it so I almost managed to keep my mouth shut during practice tonight. Of course I did have to give an opinion or two but then I sincerely tried to say nothing. It was even noticed because one of the guitars caught that a string was out and wondered that I hadn't beat him to it. I usually notice before any one else. It wasn't one of the strings that bugs me the most and it wasn't bad. Besides it had just gone out and not by much. He has a good ear and stays pretty much on. These guys stay in tune better than any I've played with for a long long time.

It struck me that I wanted to be annoyed or feel like I was fighting something. That is when things come out which have nothing to do with what is at hand or the person in front of you. So, I kept cool enough.

Maybe it is just the state of life and I feel it. Probably not. I bet I am in a rage at myself. Maybe at reality in general.

I've lived long enough for things to come to pass so that I can say, "I told you so, you short sighted, smarmy m-----fu----!!".
The trouble is, the short sighted, smarmy MFs don't acknowledge their words and views from days past when I said, wait and see.

So now I have to live a little longer so that that the next crop of SSSMFs can be told of their foolishness.

I suppose the turtle in the cold water which was ever so slowly warmed to boiling still doesn't know he's been cooked. He just can't figure out what happened and saying, "I told you that was a kettle and not a friendly aquarium!" means nothing to him. You know nothing and he is sure what he needs now is good cheap healthcare.

It could be, in certain instances, that I am the SSSMF to whom I speak. Dang, it's hot in here. How'd that happen?

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