Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Things Just Are

People do not seem to get it.  I'll leave it at that for now.

In other Orwellian fantasy news,  a nearby high school locked the students in the classrooms while they "continued to teach" [ergo it wasn't really a 'lockdown' because they weren't hiding under desks in the dark--I kid you not], but no one gets out alive.  They were held prisoner, and in some cases they were denied the right to leave the room even to use a bathroom.  No food either.  The afterglow is not going to be a pretty thing in this case.  Rightly so.

At the same time some legislator in Sacramento is proposing a bill that would prohibit anyone from riding a bicycle without a helmet.  She feels it is for our own good, and if we don't know what is best, or agree with her opinion, then she'll just force us at gunpoint in an act of pure tough love.  Californians and people everywhere forgot that one size does not fit all, and government is about limiting or eliminating bad guys, not controlling the innocent. Helmets are already required for all under the age of 18 riding bikes.

I never really believed anything tangible could ever be wrong with me.  Now I am not so sure, but I bet it is only because I've not been enthusiastic about life for almost 20 years, except for a few disappointing forays into ignorant bliss.  It has not been my intention, and I do my best to deny and combat such an indifferent or sad attitude.

Lately I have been edgy, but more awed by life, and appreciative of existence and consciousness.  If you'd never seen it for yourself, you'd never believe such a thing as life could exist.

Yet, here it is.  I think,

In the world of medical trouble shooting and dealing with different offices and types of physicians, one often has to play liaison between entities to be sure everyone gets their info.  The newest guy in the loop was faxed the package.  The lady dealing with it told me it was over thirty pages.  At least I know some are illustrated. No telling about the others. Maybe all the conference docs wrote essays or critiques.

Seriously, nothing involving me is more complicated than can be dealt with in detail in one easy to read page.

I do not want to be pre-occupied with this nonsense but we have issues which get in the way of everything so it is best to define it and deal with it.  That takes a minute or two.

One can be a little angry at the industry, and no one likes arrogant characters playing God, but the truth is, most doctors are smart and work many hours because they can't help it, and that is what it takes.  It is not an easy thing.  They should make tons of money.  When doctors do well, they do better. That is my belief.

Put big brother over them, and the passion begins to fade.  First it was the insurance companies and John Edwards type courts.  Now it is every federal and state government, Obamacare, Ahnold-Moonbeam care, you name it.  Another micro-manager hanging over your shoulder with a gun to your head.

When I have an appointment close to town, sometimes I stay in the basement room in Pt Loama which overlooks the bay and the skyline. The airport is out there just to the left, placed such that you can watch the planes land, but you don't hear them.

This is one of the prime patches of real estate in the country.

Basement level, but on such steep terrain that I'm looking just through and over the tops of some pines only about fifty feet away.

No one is on the floor above me or on my floor, besides me.  No one bothers anyone.  It is a big help right now. That is the thing about where I am; when you live in such a spot, where do you go for vacation that is any better?

Yet the air feels like something is missing or not quite right.  I don't know what.

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