Friday, March 23, 2012

I Am Not Klan

Regarding Joel's comment on the preceding post, How was I to know that a place called the Men's Gun Club of Whitsett, which had an American flag on one side of the wall behind the stage, Stars and Bars on the other, and a wooden cross in the middle, with red light bulbs mounted in it, up and down and side to side, was an off color sort of cult?

It was beyond me that such a thing could be true. That sort of thing just did not compute.

I finally gave in to the prevailing view, among the locals, of the place. I played there many years ago with Mavrin's Rockabillys. That's the same Mavrin whose name was actually Marvin but he spelled it wrong with the stick on letters he put on his vintage Les Paul, or other fine make, guitar.

Those things were long ago. I escaped fairly unscathed from the gunclub and their troublesome teenaged daughters.

It was at another venue, which was not of that nature, where we seemed close to battle. The 38 to 2 odds weren't the real risk in that scrape--it was the she devil of a bar maid with the four foot beehive hairdo. As usual, we escaped unharmed. The bluff was too absurd even for them. They offered us a job before it was all over. How we made it home without serious accident is a mystery. I'm grateful I did not cause serious injury to others by being so irresponsible about the condition in which I operated motor vehicles.

Active alcoholics are idiots, no matter what they may tell you to the contrary. I may still be a dimwit, but I am not that kind of moron.

I do not care for any race obsessed groups; not kkk, black panthers, la raza, etc. I think business and political groups based on race or ethnicity are not helpful in the pursuit of a free country. And problematic to the evolution of a better society and peaceful culture.

I find terms like Irish-American, African-American, you-name-it-and-add-a-hyphen American to be absurd, divisive, and contrary to the ideal of a society in which one is free to seek opportunity as his drive and ability permit. Period.. Just pick a goddam country and go with it. It is like some kind of hermaphroditic form of national identity.

People are so quick to jump on bandwagons without knowing the facts. Sometimes the facts are hard to know when you are five states away from an event.

One thing about Al Sharpton, he has a record of championing the side that turns out NOT to have all the facts and truth. He's a demagogue, but what chance would he have of making money if he couldn't keep people feeling the hate? If his way had prevailed, in more than one case, innocent people would be doing time, and some would be dead. Oh, I forgot, I think some people have been killed due to his instigation and playing on blind hatred. Jesse makes his bread off of the same sort of thing. It is shameless and dangerous. Certainly no benefit to any group. I won't even address the implications of the latest case. Or the fact that he keeps leaving out that the hunted witch of the day is another minority.

I wasn't there, so I don't know who did what, and I guess I never will. But, good God, do these people even blink at the murders and robberies in every inner city, every day? In Memphis you can be in the wrong part of the outer city and I guarantee you'll get killed or maimed for your color...or lack of it. Get real. It is obvious that improving the overall situation of any group is not the motive. Outrage is too selective, calculated and does nothing to address real day to day problems which are so glaringly evident.

Oh well. I was witness that there was one strange place out in the NC sticks once upon a time. But they never did let on to me the true nature of their business.

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