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That is the term for Subaru drivers who over estimate the power of all wheel drive.   I had been thinking to myself, the other day, how common it is for people to forget that everyone has 4 wheel brakes, and they do little good on a frictionless, or nearly so, surface.

I made a post office run a day or so after Christmas.   It was a dark and stormy day.  Just getting dark.  Descanso had a pretty good dusting of snow.

As I was heading back home on the long, winding, elevation changing, out in the sticks, 2 lane, dark road, it started snowing like crazy.  It wasn't all snow; a wintry mix.

So, I drove slowly enough.  No problem.  Then there was no precip at all.  Fine.  Until I entered the spot with the downhill multiple S-curves.  The curves are such that you can't look down or ahead and glimpse the future; not like switchbacks.

All of a sudden the road is covered with a layer of snow and ice.  And I'm head for a ninety degree left on a downhill grade.  I touched the brakes and nothing, and the car was wanting to slide a little sideways with no brakes.

The one like a woman who yearns to be tamed was front wheel drive.  No comment.  That's mine in the Keys last year.  It's 4wd.

I was wondering if I'd fall off the edge.  I downshifted.  The rear wheels took enough of the load that I could make the turn.  It would have been very bad if a car was coming around the turn because I was sliding in the left lane and then almost off the right side of the curve.  I was on the wrong side for awhile.

Afterwards I thought it was a fun thing.  Once is enough and it was a lucky break.  Still, I am not so sure that I'd have made the turn if I'd only had front or only rear drive.  I could be wrong.  I've very rarely been in a situation that a front wheel drive car wouldn't have worked just fine.

Let Them Eat Organic Arugula

The only certain thing about the future is that it will require a few adjustments on my part.  I'm not going to panic or rush into action without a plan.

Often, when the bulk of the population is riding on a particularly large wave of mass idiocy, money can be made.  That is what I will be thinking about.

It is surprising how often very smart people can be duped, and in the most straight forward and simple terms.  You just wouldn't think it possible, considering the stakes.

So, am I alone in my disbelief, and disgust, at the whole "fiscal cliff" debacle?   Someone coined the term and demagogues swarmed in like flies on shit.   Sorry, I am not going to be polite this year.

There was no real debate, just absurd discussion which meant nothing.  The government gets into trouble when it spends more than it has.  That is a pure and simple fact.

It tends to spend more than it has when people get to vote on the use of the resources of others; when I can vote for you to subsidize me.  Politicians know that votes can be bought cheaply, and often can be bought by merely saying gifts will be forthcoming--even though they never pay up.

They consistently ignore and re-interpret the limits of the power which were spelled out in the Constitution.  But the fools nod in agreement when those limits are berated as outdated, etc.  People fear freedom and are so small and mean spirited that they smile when the rights of others, of whom they disapprove, are violated.

So, another bit of total fiction is rammed down the throats of citizens, and a pretend argument provides entertainment while more rights are abridged, and more money is sucked out of everyone's wallets; even the idiots who think they are safe and "the rich" will at last get theirs.  Geez, talk about medieval mentality.

As always, the real problems and causes are not clearly identified.  Only the short sighted out of context analysis is allowed.

There seems to be no viable alternative, but I have to say, I am absolutely sick of democrats and their insistence on making everyone be happy on their backhanded plantation.  I don't want to work on Maggie's Farm no more.  But we will take such good care of you!  All you gotta do is sign up and play the game.

I may die younger than I ought, but I swear I think will exit the planet before I allow myself to become a ward of the state, or under the state's control of my medical choices.  I'll be one of those who goes down unnoticed with his middle finger raised.

I'm not even sure I get the motive of totalitarianists, but I know the under class of that group really enjoys sticking it to those with whom they disagree, or simply don't get along.  I do see the groups who separate themselves in political and legal environments by race, sexual preference, woman vs man, etc., as complete idiots who are useful to those who would enslave them.  Useful idiots.  Not useful to me or my philosophy, but very much a force in The Big Pretense.

So, this year, screw you to every thief, liar, self righteous destroyer of property, violator of personal privacy, thug, mob activist and demagogue.   Let's get it out of the way ahead of time--you suck.

I'm sick of thug unionism, pubic employee unions being confused with private sector unions.  Sick of conservatives acting like dorks when their argument may have been valid.  But then we have to make marriage a federal issue.  Forget all of that.  Marriage and much else has no business under federal purview or any government jurisdiction.

Democrats have become Stalinists.  Republicans have become theocrats with a twist of socialist lite.  Both are dishonest and not good.  If you hate people, there is plenty of room for you in either camp.  Big trap, and big money making scam.

Why do republicans care if democrats have abortions?  I encourage them.  Democrats, religious zealots, gang members, code pink, 99%, 1%, and all those who label themselves and their beliefs according to race, sex, and where they stick their junk, all should have abortions at every opportunity.  Don't multiply.  Be noisy and unfruitful.

Let's discuss stupid, stupid subjects which do not personal affect us while we let a few in power regulate us out of business, steal our money for wars of no clear cause, and generally make rules that don't need making.  Worry about whether some totally useless moron is going to abort her baby while your 4th amendment rights against unreasonable search and seizure go out the window.

I see random roadblocks on major thoroughfares as more of an evil, and a threat, than a stranger opting to end a pregnancy.  Their pregnancy does not affect me.  Being stopped to prove innocence does.  

Sucker plays abound. It is sick, sad, and macabre.  The truth is, there is not more murder recently than there was 20 years ago.   Due to the exploitation of things by press, government, and demented people who just have to claim tragedy for themselves whenever possible, it seems as if there are more random acts of mass violence.  Apparently that is not true.

It is another excuse to try to further bundle the living into the slave package of over regulation.  I think I do see the grand plan of the very few who are above the fray, calling the shots.  You'd never believe me.  In any case, so many things can go either way and still serve the purpose.  Many of the so-called debates actually avoid the real question at hand.

Maybe this year I will go hang out around L.A.  Drink the water, take before and after notes and pictures.  Maybe something in the air or water causes these people to blindly jump on total idiot causes. Half the time there is an obvious element of hypocrisy in their crusades.  They don't seem like actual morons, so there must be a reason they come out for such totally stupid things, and seem to be buoyed in their quests by peer  pressure.

Ed Asner is a jewel of the useful Hollywood idiot world.  He hates the rich, although he's rich, and he thinks people like Castro are just the bee's knees.    He and Sean Penn have been bitten by the same bug.  I know I'm somewhat of a Miami redneck still because I always want to punch them whenever I see them say anything.

This year.  No more Mr. PC Nice Guy.  I don't feel like being polite any longer.

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