Monday, August 4, 2014

Should I Be Worried?

People seem to really get off on high heels, especially the ones with foot long spikes for heels.  I seriously have to say, super high heels, and a lot of make up, and a garment of no so soft material holds no appeal for me.  The heels look lethal, not to mention highly uncomfortable.

Maybe this is my trouble.   

Talk about your war on women.  How do designers get away with it?  And why do women encourage the pain and trouble foisted upon them by fads and fashion?  

I bet there's something wrong with me, and that would make sense.  Even so, I can't reconcile myself to the norms of large segments of the society in which I live and atrophy.

Out of Body Experience

There are times when I lose myself playing music with people, and I reach a space where I just go off into another world.  I don't do it when I am supposed to not be stepping on people.  Besides, I can get to that place just adding accent and texture to what's happening.

Sometimes, like tonight, I show up at a place, like that bar that was in the TV show Renegade, and I let loose a little.  That was the show with Whathisname Lamas, I think.  Lorenzo.

Anyway, there's a bar in that show that is still around on the edge of Lakeside, with a big horse on top, reared up[ on its back legs, doing that horse thing.  It is a big country place but is empty on Sunday evening except for the free musicians.   Tonight was good enough.

This is a secret, but I really like compliments in these settings.  Tonight I was called a monster, best around, and a real pro.  And by people I think should be making their living off of playing.  They are skilled and somewhat unique.

I needed the boost.  I'm pretty sure I'll not last as long as I hoped before going the next step in medical land.  I'm not sure if it is intentional but some fields, like medicine, law, even math, and just about all sciences, play the game of linguistically complicating and obfuscating the matters with which they deal in order to keep the customer in the dark.

Make no mistake, you are a customer of government supported science, even though you may not get much.  You pay and they convince you, in totally uncertain, foreign language terms, that you need whatever it is they offer.

Good medical doctors should be rich.  They are not omniscient or super natural, though.  And try as they may, they rarely cure anything.  They do very well at knocking down symptoms so that people can live.  Often they just fill you with pills and see if anything actually works.  But there is that tacit attitude of all knowing medical people.  It is something cultivated in society and by the profession itself.

Just try researching hard facts on the internet and you'll realize that they have managed to roadblock much of what could be more helpful.  The symptom calculators are pretty weak.  I'd think by now if you have enough info, a computer could easily narrow down your issue, even if a rare case.

There is one that is better than others,   But still, I don't know what's up.   Not for sure.

Who is the harp player on the Renegade theme?  Maybe Terry McMillan?  I thought maybe Tommy Morgan--who is a safe bet for any tv show or movie theme--he's the Rockford guy.  It is good.   And so the nearby club was in some of the Renegade shows but went by another name.  In life, it is the Renegade and has about a hundred or so bras hanging from the ceiling above the bar.  Maybe on the nights when they are crowded with a country band they sponsor some kind of liberation ritual.  It is a little weird.

But, don't be fooled, California rednecks take a back seat to no one.  A fact that surprised me when I moved here.

Oh well.  I ran out of air when playing.  Some crazy thing is going on that tricks me sometimes.  I know my lungs are actually clearer.  I can feel it, and I don't have all that junk in there floating around just waiting to be coughed up.  7 months, no smoke.  Still this other stuff is shorting me sometimes.  But I bet I get through this and I'll be monster healthy for my age and political views.

I have to admit, since one of the better known players in bluesharp circles in SoCal has been playing where I play, I've stepped up the game a little.  It makes me do better.  He's very good, just different.  Even so, I always am pushed a bit when a good player shows up because I wonder if I can be on that level.  Apparently so.  The guy is really good though and has a very nice tone.  The better the interloper, the better I like it.  To a point...

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