Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tell Me I Mis-heard: Anyone Want To Admit There's Been A Coup?

OK. I've been pretty good about biting my tongue, or my pen, or my computer. Maybe I just bite (although I probably claim otherwise when convenient).

Now, I may have heard wrong since I merely catch bits and pieces of information here and there. I've been saying it for a long time, and I still hold to this view; the US government has undergone a slow, subtle, but effective coup. It has been in the works for some time, and now, it is just about a done deal. That is based on the fact that under our system the oath taken by military and elected officials is a promise to defend the Constitution, meaning the document which spelled out and limited the scope of the state's authority. Nothing in there about making your life better or worse. That is because we weren't supposed to be a land in which your life got made better or worse by force and authority.

Many cheer events that leave me cold. Prejudiced as I am, I believe attempting to pretend most countries in the Mid East are run by reasoning amiable people is foolish. Particularly religious states, and particularly those which abuse women and believe that the world's destiny is to be under their medieval religious system law, and that it is only a matter of time before the infidels are subjected, killed, and or converted. I also find pretending royalty and its trappings deserve obeisance in one form or another is somewhat disgusting.

It's clear that few in this country still understand our break with royalty; monarchy and its workings. Gossip shows claim "our royal family" is the Kennedy mob. They should have a disclaimer at the beginning of the show suggesting thinking Americans view the show only after locating the nearest sick bag or nausea meds. I know, admitting I've seen any of these puts several points in the "John's an idiot" column. It's research.

Speaking of Kennedy lore, is it true that Ted's new health care initiative mandates that everyone have health insurance, under threat of a fine? Of course those who can't afford it get government help. That then puts you under the institutional thumb, and I'd rather die of appendicitis should the condition arise and I can't afford treatment.

It can't be true that Ted and company would fine those who don't choose to either buy insurance or sign up with the feds' program. I hope I didn't get it right. It is bad enough that freedom is being traded for false security as it is. The option of a person paying himself, having the ability to negotiate with a clinic or doctor, ought not be illegal. It doesn't bode well in any case. I'd prefer the way it was many years ago in that regard. The economics of it should be saved for another time.

Another thing I am sure I didn't hear correctly is that Obama, while kissing up to Islam, claimed that the compass was invented by them, among other dubious claims. I believe that's another of those things credited to the ancient Chinese. I'm sure I'm wrong. It troubles me enough that the head of state would get involved in kissing up to any religious group or leader, but to pretend they are what they aren't makes it worse.

The issue comes down to how people view freedom, and how they see the Constitution, and whether they believe one is important to the other. Many very smart people believe the masses are better off being subjects under rule of smart folk like themselves. More than a few must think that way. That's why so many have adopted a religious zeal in their near worship of the president. Reason is out the window, and so is the idea of rule by law rather than personality. At least he never claimed he invented the internet or raised the dead. Some implications made or promises made may border on that, though.

No question about it; the recent rash of company take overs and interference, the frenzied, corrupt, and self serving bailouts, the bizarre overtures toward one religious group, many of whom interpret that faith in ways which lead to mass murder, the total disregard for the basis of this nation, all constitute symptoms of a country taken over, and increasingly ruled by a small group. Obama would be their figure head, of course.

When the limits are ignored, the game is lost. Limits have been ignored long before Obama. It is just that now, the pretense that they are observed has been dropped. Lots of people are all for that.

I don't get it. If he did credit the king of Saudi Arabia, or his ancestors, with inventing the compass, then I guess I'm vindicated in believing nothing he says as my default condition.

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