Tuesday, July 21, 2009

In Honor of Doug (voice inside my eye) Airboat Bob Re-runs

First episode

To clarify, Doug is a fine musician songwriter who wrote the classic tune, Angsty Lamer Blues, which was my theme song upon departing Memphis. He wrote it over a year prior to that, recorded it and sent it to me to put some harmonica accents in.

The name derived from one of my hateful commenters, the day I jumped to number 1 at JS due to that digg thing, which I now avoid because I grew to dislike digg. Not knowing what it was I figured OK, digg this, then wrote a rambling piece entitled something along the lines of, Che Guevarra was a spoiled rich sociopath" (which he was). Not only was my own eyewitness account of a few hours in Havana, post Castro, derided, but my very right to feel. I was called an angsty lamer. I guess people get furious if you suggest losing the T shirt. Anyway, love him or hate him, he makes a hell of a T shirt marketing gimmick. And his fictitious legacy lives on.

OK, so we really liked that tag, angsty lamer. Doug, aka voice inside my eye wrote a brilliant ballad which reflected my frustration at the time.
Here's the logo I made for the angsty lamers. For netmale actually. Not sure he took to it. I like it. If I learn to play guitar naked, this will become my logo.

angsty lamer blues.click here for classic tune

I realize now that my leaving Memphis video had the first raw soundtrack before we sent the tune back and forth with the harp and such. Above is the final version of the song. Don't know how to embed it here..

I'll work the other parts of airboat bob series in as the days go on. You'll see Doug appear. Actually that may be him in upper left of second gif. Got to wait and you'll see the animation. More in first than second.

What Email is Youtube sending my password to?

Dammitttt. I can't get into my swtupid youtube account. I know, typos
Anyway I wouldn't mind except some of those are hidden and it served as a repository for video that I hid when angry at myself. and other reasons.

I think the tourmobile is history. We'll get the official word tomorrow, but a guy who assesses such things for another carrier looked it over and shook his head, hand over heart.

Dear TourMobile,
I loved you like a good wife. You were the best ever.
Remember the pit stops we made at 70 MPH? Sorry about the blow back when I tried to empty the cup out the window. You were a good sport. I hope to find you reincarnated as a clone of yourself. I'll seek out your twin. I know you would have wanted it that way.
Thanks for all the times you took over the driving and navigating when I hopped into the back seat for a nap. You got me out of Memphis and showed me the USA from the Florida Keys to Seattle.

OK. I may have grown a bit too attached.

Sorry I didn't provide female passengers much, but at the end, if a dame had been beside me, she probably would not have survived.

It just goes to show you, don't be so sure you really know what is best for you at all times. I trust that things will work out for the best.

I have to say, at that moment I was grateful to be alone. Not that I think it is the ticket in the future, just that one second in time.

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