Friday, June 26, 2009

If I Were a Carpenter....

and you were a lady,
would you marry me anyway?
would you have my baby?

OK. I'd settle for no baby, and maybe not even the vows

No, I have no idea who you are. Just asking

Strange Days and Jumper Cables in the road

The latest good stuff, according to traffic reports, were box springs and jumper cables somewhere on the local highway. Probably THE 805 or THE 163. That's all the goodies THE Juan0 once again missed retrieving.

News is probably a misnomer these days, and many which preceded these days. I could give examples of boondoggles which only affect the minority, so even those in the majority who are aware of the evil don't really care. That is the danger when power is not limited. Minor groups get screwed and plundered constantly. The danger to those who make a practice of always being middle of the road, go-along-so-you-don't-look-odd, types is that sooner or later you find yourself in the subgroup of the day to be raided. The whole thing comes down to limiting the power of anything or anyone to dictate or steal from the individual. It constantly baffles me why that is not grasped by the bulk of the literate public.

Maybe it is because most people have a rather low price on their scruples, and their scruples are fluid. Then there are the ones who enjoy the feeling that comes with doing the thinking for the masses. I know people like that. They have such a high opinion of their intellect and vision that they see no problem with others being forced to comply with their designs.

What a week when Ed McMahon (?), Michael Jackson, and Farah all check out. I'm glad Ed doesn't have to hassle with creditors or tax people any more. I'm sorry Farah's cancer couldn't be cured or go away. I liked her.
Michael, it is hard to think anything of validity except that he was an extraordinary performer. The guy was phenomenal. I know people think his alleged crimes were as certain as OJ's involvement in the demise of those slain, but I am not so sure. I kind of figure he was strange enough that he may not have actually been guilty of sexual misconduct with minors---just a very odd compulsion to love them like you would a puppy. I really don't believe he was a pedophile.

OK. I wasn't privy to court documents or weekend sleep overs at Neverland. I just think he was searching for his lost inner child or something. Either way, it was a painful saga. And I hardly ever paid attention. Some exposure to the scene was almost unavoidable. It is not uncommon for people of such extraordinary talent to be way out there--full tilt bonkers. But I guess it is uncommon for people to be that talented, so what was it I was talking about? Obviously I do not know what I'm talking about.

Saturday we play for the people running around a track to cure cancer. I've never been in a famous or big money making group but playing benefits here and there has convinced me that most bands that play charity gigs do so for the exposure as much as anything. I know they often pretend to be selfless and giving but they play because they are asked and it rarely hurts the chance for future paying gigs. Many do play for causes they hope to promote or help. Not meaning to detract from that. Just saying, that's all.

I have this idea that the purest form of generosity or charity does not bring attention or accolades to one's self. I'll go out on a limb and say it is one thing that bugged me about Jerry. He was as self serving as any, and I believe he got or gets a cut of the Labor Day proceeds. If I did not know first hand how he left kids at the Greensboro Cerebral Palsy school in tears with his sarcastic, callous rudeness, maybe I'd have another view. Be that as it may, the organization does supply some resources for people needing it. I'll leave Jerry loving to the French.
Is he still alive? If not, well, rest in peace. If he is, rest in peace. Quietly.


Every day, when I drive home there is a point about five miles or so before I get here where I go around a curve and the big vista suddenly appears. I have to think, every time, I lucked out pretty well. I like it. Still, I feel not quite home, but not quite not home. It does seem kind of natural to be here though. Being near the megapolis, yet out in a rural setting was what I wanted, and it is what I like. I'm especially impressed with some of my local friends' attitudes toward building permits when they've done additions or renovations. Just a shred of common sense and freedom goes a long way toward warming my heart these days.

If it weren't such a risk to own anything in CA, and maybe elsewhere, I'd be tempted to figure a way on a cabin I saw advertised on 2 acres not far away. The way they are taxing and regulating here, plus the big powerlink electric company scams makes me fear the hassles may outweigh any benefit. You need a bunch of money coming in from reliable sources to deal with that. Hell, what if I was just making the bills and putting food on the table then they force me to buy health insurance or sign up with the feds? The forced part worries me. I'm not geared for forced anything. Especially all the little plans hidden in various bills to ensure you are in the data bank more solidly than I'd like. Biometric national ID things and all that. Not just the stuff of conspiracy theories any more.

Whatever the noise being put out by mesmerizing media of all kinds, there are some good things to work on. Things which do not involve involuntary contributions from strangers, yet would be beneficial to people. I have to shake my head at the new infomercials cropping up telling you how you can get a piece of the trillions in bailout money. They've had those that tell you how to get government money (involuntary contributions from citizens) for all kinds of crazy things. What a bunch of whores. And I thought I was an easy slut.
Some tax money goes to uses that I find just dandy. In most cases it is only a drop in the bucket compared to what they take from the same people they then help, directly or indirectly.

This Saturday gig should be OK. It is in the afternoon and we almost know our set. I still screw up. They want to use me to fill some of the time by playing on a blues progression with the guitars, then having the guitars stop and let me just do my free form thing I make up as I go. Hopefully no REAL harmonica players will be there to jeer. One thing in my favor is that I have a somewhat unique style, so it isn't like I'm trying to be a Little Walter clone. There are an abundance of those, many of them very good. There are even a few Lee Oskar semi clones, and at least one I've seen is sensational in his own right, clone or no. I love that style, but I do what comes naturally to me. That is all I really can do. I probably cheat off of Willie Nelson's guy, Mickey Raphael, and off of Fingers Taylor, Buffet's ex harp player, more than anyone. But that's a secret.
It's now over a year since I left Memphis not knowing where I'd wind up. The decision to change everything and to do it in this way is one that I do not regret. My darkest times now are like a blinding light compared to the normal state I was in for a long time before I left.

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