Friday, August 22, 2014

When it Rains They Slurp It Up

Many things in life, nature, and the abstract tend to show an increase in growth, velocity, force, etc. exponentially.  Things just work that way.

Like the advancement of technology and such accelerated like crazy after awhile.  Other factors which grew in prominence have served to slow that stuff down and influence negatively how it is done.

So many opportunities for mass koolaid dispensing and guzzling with things like what's going on in the mid east, the Ferguson circus, the prices of everything, the reports that other people are just ecstatic over the new health care set up.  I got a letter telling me they have no idea when they will know if I qualify for what, and they certainly do appreciate my patience, but these things happen and they mean well.

Ebola.  We've got one comic book plot after the other flooding the scene, and people are naturally interested and full of ...koolaid.  Seriously, I see comment threads about some dumbass thing on facebook, and before you know it the Obama bashers vs the worshippers.  It is not always O bashers, but seriously, much as I know the guy is an actor, people come up with really stupid anti-Obama statements.

I hate that.  It sounds like the over the top Bush bashing of the past.  Of course they are still doing that.  In these threads where someone says a stupid Obama barb, the Obama worshippers will say things like, "Oh yea? lol what about the WMDS? roflao"

I mean out of friggin' nowhere, it's this "Well Bush and"  Gimme a break.

On a site with a quiz asking, "What Virtue Are You?",  someone comments, "Well Obummer would score zero because he has no virtue and is running our country into the ground and all he does is play golf with his gay Chicago pals".
 I often wonder if the democratic party doesn't pay people to write this stuff.  What could make the opposition look dumber than that?

People are lapping up whatever spin suits their fancy on this Ferguson incident.  And they do not yet know all the facts.  Why that is, I don't know.  The police look pretty bad to almost everyone, and for once I believe the looters and violent people are looking bad to almost everyone.

That is good.  The koolaid kicks in when you believe that white men are running around shooting young black boys willy nilly with no consequence.  You don't think the cop would breathe easier right now if the guy had been white?  If you can't see that then you've never been in much of a mixed community in the last twenty years, you are a moron, or it just doesn't fit your preconceived picture of the world which refuses to be tainted by reality.

Police of one sort or another--domestic government forces which carry weapons---have been abusing the rights of all who don't have the connections and power to stop them.  Not everyone gets abused but every ethnicity and demographic excluding those calling the shots are fair game.  If you look at incidents all over, everyone gets it. And not just from white cops.

There's where the koolaid comes in.  I'll bet some people living in Memphis just eat up that narrative, even though it looks like most cops there are Black.  And they are every bit as unreasonable as any we've seen in Ferguson.  I don't know about California.  Most I've met here have been mutants of unknown species and origin.

Anyway.  The asinine commentary and reporting, and the reactions of an increasingly domesticated, compliant, pliant, spineless, thoughtless public baffles the imagination.  The big pretense must continue at all costs.

I'm all for the president playing golf.  And for most of the government, federal and state, to join him.  

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