Friday, March 26, 2010

If You Are Part of the Crime, Shut Up

Just when I thought being Tiger Mistressed to death, we enter the era of Mr Sandra, Jesse James, and more mistresses jumping out of the woodwork for their day in the sun. Sandra appears to be the only blank canvas, from what I can tell.

The thing that gets me in both cases is that the man is considered degrees more creepy with each urchin that jumps into the limelight. It's as if knowingly participating in a deception, messing with a married person, is OK. The only not OK part is if you are married. It makes no sense to me that as soon as the cat is out of the bag proud cohorts jump to the front of the class to tell of their involvement.

It's like a burglar who uses different getaway drivers every time gets caught then all the drivers come forward to brag about their role in the affairs and the media and public act as if they are righteous victims.

Enough already. Once the deed is known, all these publicity seekers and news whores who use them for ratings only serve to further hurt the family and aggrieved spouses. Not that any of it is actually the world's business anyway. It's odd that many of the oft quoted and revered dead icons of the 60's, and others, were prolific womanizers, yet now it ruins people. Yet the overall attitude toward sex in various incarnations is quite a bit broader.

There is some hypocrisy to it, particularly because the people broadcasting this stuff and interviewing the other women with respect, as if they are doing something noble, are the same people who quote past philanderers with a reverence usually reserved for supernatural beings.

I knew Sandra screwed up when she turned me down for whatsisname.

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