Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Back In The Land of Fruits and Nuts

My abode is not as mess as I thought. That was a pleasant surprise.

As much as it is nice to be home, I hate for the journey to end. I could keep cruising around from place to place, trying to catch the motel scammers in lies, visiting friends and checking out new out of the way places indefinitely. I like being in travel mode.

I'd like to go around conducting clinics on proper lane usage, following distance, the wisdom of turning on lights, not just parking lights, in fog and rain, how it won't kill you to move over to let someone merge or so a car isn't blocked in so he has to stop for a slow moving tractor, etc. Then again, some people, like those rednecks in Phoenix in the big new red Dodge truck actually enjoy making travel tough for others. They actually smiled as they went out of their way to inhibit a lane change by more than one driver. My seminar might give them more ideas on how to screw up the world.

Kudos to Texas for the 80 mph stretch on I-10 in West Texas. And for being better suited to motor vehicle operation as a group than are Arizonians. Maybe it is the tricky approach the cops take in AZ, I don't know, but on the road they are kind of rude and angry. I think it partly the universal tendency of third word transplants to be clueless when it comes to basic rules of the road, lane usage and the idea that the objective is to get from point A to point B without incident, and in a timely fashion.

It was pretty much smooth going. I forgot where it was that people would race up like they wanted to pass then just hang in the blind spot. Maybe NM and maybe AZ. It was very odd. I entertain myself by mentally chronically trends in driver behavior, and by finding common denominators, such as car type, person type, state of license plate, etc. Like most issues, the raw data and the results would only make trouble for the one reporting it.

Overall, the highways were not very angry this past week.

I cannot over emphasize the time saving properties of empty coffee cans, with lids and a secure place to stow, easily accessible while driving. Cruise control is a big help in exploiting the potential of the empty Bustelo can.

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