Sunday, January 27, 2013

Guns Again

It is a bit daunting to hear the talk.  Even more daunting to feel corralled into one camp or the other.  If only I trusted "the authorities" more with firepower than I do the bulk of citizens.  I don't.

Some people do.  The underlying question is really one pertaining to functions of various levels of government.  I see it one way, and there is substantial disagreement with my view.

Am I here by permission, or not?  That is the essence of the question which underlies most of what is going on.  Who and what exists by permission, and by whose permission?

Often a public issue, defined by politicians and opportunists (a life form common in the press as well as elsewhere),  is somewhat of a code for something else entirely.

In any case, I'm not a gun nut, but if I decided to be, I'd like to indulge that desire unimpeded by the state.  That is unthinkable in some circles.  So be it.  I recognize the squeeze differently than most.  It's much the same as the thinking which presumes the feds ought to be in the R and D business.

Studies Show: Idiots March With or Without Good Purpose

I've heard so many gun statistics--in on ear and out the other--lately, none of which solve any problems or make a compelling case for anything worth doing.

I am not sure I even own a gun.  The nincompoops in this picture make me think I should own several. "Please, Mr. King, please make more rules for us.  Rules which apply to us but not you.".
looks oddly unionish

Sometimes the insanity is so...insane...that it is hard to address straight up.  First off, your ideas for safety wouldn't have saved anyone.  Just like the creation of Homeland Security and the harassment of normal people wouldn't have prevented 911.

One statistic being spouted by some lady on PBS went something like this: those with a gun in the home are 12 times more likely to be victims of a gun accident. No shit.  And those who drive cars are way more likely to be victims of an automobile accident.

Putting on the pained martyr's sad face does not mean your cause will do anything to promote peace and prosperity, and prevent the evil doers from doing evil.  Your problem is that you don't realize that you keep empowering the longest serving evil doers on the block.

Gun sales are up by a gazillion percent.  So, the reactionaries, who seize any cause that they deem to be non-conservative, have actually helped put more guns into the hands of the public.  I'm fine with that.

Reactionaries reacting to reactionaries.  Nothing wrong with reacting.  There is something wrong with reacting in stupid ways.  And nine times out of ten regulation is the stupid way, especially in the fashion it is accomplished by professional bureaucrats and government zealots.

It makes me less nervous to hear about private gun sales than it does for government agencies to stock up.  Particularly on the domestic side.  (maybe Eric Holder will find a way to slip a few more to Mexican gangs just because he can)

For crying out loud, this justice department, and this state department have armed more criminals and enemies of our people that anyone on earth.  Now you ask them to disarm over regulate firearm ownership by citizens?  You must be nuts to trust your safety to this ever growing monster any more than is absolutely necessary.

I'm skeptical of marches most of the time anyway.  One which is a march demanding more laws to curb rights of individuals is definitely suspect.  Then I look and realize that the supposed motivation, "to keep our precious little bastards--I mean children---safe" is nothing but nice sounding irrelevancy, and I lose respect for the movement.

Densely populated areas with draconian gun laws do not do well.  No lunatics appear to be reading the "GUN FREE ZONE" signs.  Or, maybe they are...

More of the big Pretense, self righteous neo bolsheviks who think they will forever be in with the policy makers and others unaffected by their tyranny.   Maybe people are just too damned stupid, petty, greedy, and nosy to accept freedom.

I'm in disbelief.  If people will spend money and band together in worthless causes which do not accomplish the stated goal, then it ought to be easy to get filthy rich off these wannabe state slaves.

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