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Reasons Not To Tweet; or tweet is for twits

Fidel Castro questioning a Cuban farmer who was later executed. Fidel betrayed the real revolution, he and Che did not carry out what the people actually supported. They still put people in prison for dissent, and even execute them. According to Ed Asner, in an interview awhile back, it is all the fault of the USA and Bush. Castro attracts useful idiots like dog droppings attract flies

Samuel L. Jackson on Monday tweeted
"Unfair s---,
"GOP spared by Isaac! NOLA prolly f----- again!"

NOLA means New Orleans, Louisiana.
Good God. People are nuts. And they still get rich. It's unfair. waah waah wah whine whine whine.
Critical thinking is a lost art altogether. Geez, Sam, do you really think NOLA folks are big victims, and it somehow is tied in with the republicans? Get a grip, man. You sound like an angry moron.

Meanwhile the Mayor of NO LA suggested people in that parish just hunker down in place, while many surrounding parishes attempt to order mandatory evacuations. Will the people there pay attention and decide for themselves whether they need to high tail it? Or will they glumly crawl up on the roof as the water rises, bitching because no one forced them to get out?

Maybe nothing will happen. My guess is that there will be some wet houses and people. New mayor, different results? I am also guessing no one could be as incompetent as their previous mayor, Nagin.

Those people sure do place a lot of faith in levees. If I were below sea level, depending upon government built levees, I'd get out if a storm surge and massive rainfall were imminent. I've been of minimal means like many of them allegedly are, but had no phone and such. I'd just go up the road a piece and sleep in the car or something. If I did not have a car, I'd look around for stuff that floats and keep it handy.

This place may be a tinder box, but it is just as pretty as can be, driving from Alpine home about 20 minutes before the sun sets. You can have New Orleans, and Memphis. I confess that I do miss Miami whenever I hear of a hurricane near Florida. Crazy but true.

Oh, Come on!!! Clear the Smoke and Shut Up

It would be great if I could just ignore anything in politics for a few years. At one time I could because nothing went on which was pressing in a way that would directly affect me. Even though I had my views of what I thought was wrong or misguided, I was able to just ignore almost all of it for a number of years.

Those days are gone. You can't just be left alone. Especially in California. If I never paid attention I could have done something awful and illegal like smoke in a public park or by the beach or never mind--I still have no idea how to get rid of things like spent battery booster packs and the like.

Perhaps it is because of the many traumas to the head I've experienced over the years, or perhaps it is born of a higher spiritual awareness. Whatever the reason, I do have big fear of totalitarianism in any form, whether it be a tyranny of the majority or unbridled bullying from the minority or some kind of official authority. The thought of others having big power over me in ways that prevent free choice and mobility is one that gives me the creeps.

I'll count to three, and you better show me your health insurance policy by then or..Adios you capitalist pig!

So, I pay attention here and there, actually research the text of various bills that get big press but very little actual disclosure. The usual hype on such things from politicians generally begins with, "What this bill will do....", or "By opposing this bill, the opposition is... [condemning some group or groups to death or similar vile terrible things}". The actual straight content is not disclosed. One reason may be because they'll hide little things in there like taxes, grants, mone for someone's farm to become a landmark, bridge to the moon, etc.

I am convinced that the philosophy and intent of the Obama administration is very much at odds with my own views. I see that crowd as Hugo Chavez type socialists. I'm not on board with that set up. I'm aware the republican machine is also thuggish. They just diddled with the convention rules to disenfranchise delegates and supporters of Ron Paul, and to silence other strongly supported groups who may want to have some influence and say. Dumb move.

This surprised me; I heard a Romney quote that I could agree with, to a point. He said the abortion issue comes up every election and that it is a matter for the courts to decide, and that they already had ruled on it. I don't even think it is for the courts but anything to just get it off the front page.

We've got a ten year war in Afghanistan going and it is tough to find out what the objective actually is. If it is about oil, they sure fooled me. Where's the oil? If we want oil, the USA has plenty of ways to get it here, or from Canada. Apparently that is not the objective of this government.

There are way more important matters. In many ways I agree, economically with the rhetoric of some republicans. I agree most with those who would abolish the tax system as we know it, and the irs as it now operates. Ron Paul is on board with that, not sure who else.

So, we have this total nonsense about birth control and abortion. Both are legal, and both are obtainable without a lot of effort, so what's the deal. Approve or disapprove, no one forces you one way or the other. But people get in your face about it no matter what you think.

My view is that you are more than welcome to partake in either of those endeavors--get an abortion or get some kind of birth control. You want it free means you want everyone to pay whether they like it or not. I don't go with that, but nothing is stopping people from organizing free clinics to do whatever. It is not a government issue. I even convinced my very conservative anti-abortion mother, years ago, that it was in the best interest of freedom loving people to let it go whether they approve or not.

I do not approve of facial tattoos but I wouldn't make it illegal. Not a good analogy. I'm heartless. I believe abortion should be legal up until the 33rd month after conception. As a species, it is suicidal to insist on forcing the aberrant to live and multiply. Quite often, those people would abort if no one interfered. It ain't my child, and I'm not in the business of performing the procedure. No one should be forced to do it or not. The fewer matters government can deal with, the better. The culture can better evolve and change without direct control from those with the guns and cages. What a smokescreen issue designed to appeal to emotion while the citizenry is being robbed and pillaged.

If you'll notice, the more that government has grown in scope, the less value based the general population has become. Everyone, almost, feels the need to lock their doors and scrutinize single uncles. I grew up in S. Miami and never owned a house key. Now you aren't even secure with surveillance and a fancy alarm system there.

So, you have to realize that these ridiculous efforts to make the election about abortion and birth control, or other irrelevant things is by someone's design. Both sides are running with it. To me, it is suicide for republicans to get all evangelical and busy body on such matters. Their out is that it has been ruled on(even though the federal government has no business being involved in the issue. I think no government ought be involved, but I don't see value in as many functions of the gov't as most people do) and other things are more pressing.

But no, people who make some fiscal sense have to babble on with incredibly stupid rationalizations about their view of something they'll never do anyway. And that makes people uncomfortable so they vote for outright collectivist tyranny. Makes me wonder if it isn't all an act from the get go. Are some of those people really that nuts? I know, why ask.

It is a sign that republicans will do some idiotic things, again, and let this group of totalitarianists continue the process of massive control using division tactics based on race sex and any other non-philosophical way of separating people and pitting them against one another. Once again, all you have to do is convince brown eyed, green eyed, left handed, bald people, or short people that they are victims and you're home free. Everyone responds to being a victim.

I guess, right now, I'm willing to support lunatics rather than support more of what is going on. I wish I could say my views align with someone who has a chance in hell of ever getting the job, but they do not.

The effort, on every side, to cloud the truth, and silence those who may actually have their number, or who espouse a philosophy which would really limit their continual power grab, is obvious. The lies are blowing around like leaves in autumn. So many you can't count them all.

Sadly, many of my relatives, friends and acquaintances are well meaning neo-bolsheviks. They always assume that since I want Obama, Pelosi, Feinstein, Harry, and many others out of office that it means I am all for whatever it is republicans are for. I consider republicans just a less aggressive vehicle toward a totalitarian state. Right now, I prefer the ones who may be slower in destroying the hope of a free country. That is actually how I view it.

(how did so many family members, near and far, become such marxist dupes? Of course they all have good jobs or pensions and no motive to see anything wrong with what's gone on for fifty years or more. Alone in a pink genetic sea)

The big tell, believe it or not, is not to do with abortion or health care. It is to do with the IRS. You don't hear front runners on either side loudly demanding doing away with that awful institution. That is the big tool both sides use to harass the enemy, to keep people fooled and thinking in terms of class, and to squelch dissent when necessary. It really is. This administration has given them more power by making them the enforcers and punishers in this misnamed healthcare initiative. It is about power and control. If the overall level of care improves, and I don't go to jail, then I'll concede that I was wrong.

Last time, since Paul was off the final ballot, I voted for whoever was either libertarian or constitution party--don't recall. I refused to vote McCain or Obama. This time, I am so convinced that our current president should not serve another term that I will likely vote for Romney. I honestly do not think all birth control will suddenly be illegal or that abortion will be relegated to witches with coat hangers in back alleys. I wonder if anyone will make sense of this trend to fight wars with unclear goals. And I wonder if anyone will quit pretending the humungous stimulus packages are not merely enriching a very few while punishing those who don't support the party in power.

Right now I'd vote for anyone on an abolish IRS ticket, or kill the healthcare scam platform. I still wonder why you can't buy insurance across state lines. I see no untangling the big picture and the web of outright corruption and, possibly, evil. Whatever slows it down. That is why I do not consider "gridlock" a dirty word. I love it.

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