Thursday, October 11, 2012

Debate Digest vol 2012-2

Tonight they had what is called a "debate". 

When Hilary ran, she called everything a "conversation". That is still used in lieu of "debate", "discussion" and other words that hit the mark better than "conversation" in many contexts.  Hillary gave that one legs.

 The only useful thing about a vice presidential debate is that it keeps us from having a debate between first spouses or candidates' kids (hope I didn't give them any ideas).  I guess it gives you someone to yell at through the screen, too.

 People have less use for vice presidents than they do for first spouses. Except for me, I have no use for the stupid first lady crusades, and wish they'd all go be quiet and quit spending tax money.

 I'm probably not of the majority view on that matter, not sure. It seems people are all for such unelected royalty garbage if they are in agreement with the First Cause du jour.   They miss the principle or just don't care.

Tonight in  nutshell
"If I'm lying, Lord, bring a bolt of lightening down upon this infidel sitting to my left!"

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