Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Storm of the Millennium

The little bit of news I've been able to catch tags this weather event as big REAL BIG. Flash floods, possible avalanches, likely power outage, and the ever prevalent collateral damage resulting from slippery roads and drivers who get drunker and drive faster when it rains.

In SoCal the roads get much more slippery when it rains like this than they do in paces like Miami. That's because we don't get much rain and the humidity is not very high, generally speaking. The mountains and desert and sea shore are all within a good marathon runner's day's work. Certainly within a day's tour for the hardcore bicycle warrior.

The wind here on Ballistic Mountain is reminiscent of hurricanes in South Florida. The big difference is that it is colder and the ground is not so porous. I'm hunkered down up here, eying the camping lanterns hoping power won't go out any time soon. It almost seems inevitable, but you never know. I'll do a Dan Rather and hope against hope, or against the wall.

They claim winds could exceed 60 MPH, and from the sound of it out there, I don't doubt it. The deck faces north, and wind is from the south, so I can go out there without much trouble. Open the front door and it s another story. This is not the perpetual warm springtime fare to which I've become accustomed. I didn't sign on for such hostile treatment from the elements. When I finish here I've firing off a complaint to the chamber of commerce, the governator, and the city council.

This is an outrage. Wind is whistling and growling and throwing sticks at the walls of the cottage. Good thing this cabin is built as solid as a bomb shelter. Other little piggies are in danger of their house being huffed and puffed and blown down.

Yikes, I'm not liking the sound of these angry gusts. I wonder if the mock windmill will survive. Let me look. Wow, the windmill was uprooted and blown over.

Priorities. Got a pot of Cuban espresso brewing. It's easier to use the electric method, so better get that done in case the lines fail. Wish against wish that I had more reading material. I still have 100 ages left in a Grisham novel. I sent the last of my Haissen ones up north. I'd already read it but it has been awhile.

No doubt this is the result of CO2 and cow poots. I'm doing my part by not exhaling. Still, the panoramic view out back is splendid enough. There is much to be said for being born in the USA, hiding out in the best of cabins in Southern California rather than being born in Haiti with the world caving in on you. I'm stocking up on water in case the pump loses power. Relatively speaking this is pure luxury. I'm not wondering if I'l ever get food, but what food I will consume.

I don't think of these things with a guilty conscience. Not a zero sum game. My good fortune does not create lack and want elsewhere. Just saying, one man's angst is another's heaven in some cases. High class problems.

The action outside has calmed. Those things come in waves. It is supposed to storm again Thursday and rain more tomorrow. I'm hoping to begin some indoor work up the coast tomorrow, provided rads are passable and not too crazy there. You can't trust news reports because they'll indicate a place is flooded and disaster has struck when conditions aren't that bad. A temporary mud puddle becomes reason to build an arc.

I have video but the connection is slow. Maybe I'll pull a still of the windmill on the ground. It's only about seven feet high. One of those that just spins in the wind for appearance sake but serves no other function.

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