Friday, April 8, 2011

Theater of the Absurd

I cannot stand letting the latest "crisis" over alleged government shutdown go. What a bunch of lies. It is absolutely insulting. Especially the deceptive talk about largest budget cuts in years. Maybe they mean least outrageous increase in months.

We are talking an outfit that somehow throws Trillions of dollars around, and owes a huge portion of it. No one is really sure about much. They don't even know where huge amounts of bailout and stimulus money went.

So, they fight over trying to spend 60 billion less than the most gregarious printers of money and spenders of public funds wanted to do. That is almost like a bag of chips to a family of four's weekly grocery bill, at most. It is a joke.

Oh, they are attacking women!! Gimme a friggin break. More cheap shot nonsense came out of this than sane people ought to be able to stomach. And the big pretense that this was some major victory for small government types. I am not fooled. It is not much of anything.

I know how people look at me and say, "Oh, so you would be OK with no infrastructure, fire, or police?", when I say let that mofo shut down!! Hell, they are only talking "non-essential services". Besides, fire and cops are usually local. In some cases, I'm not so sure I care if they reduce the police force or not, considering how and where they use such resources. There is little on the federal level I care about maintaining. Very few things. Military, yes. Nation building, Hell No!

My list of things government can let go of* would upset the average person so I won't even begin to list all the things that I think should be removed from government control or eliminated altogether.
*Never mind my use of grammatically odd but right sounding language. I never cared where the preposition appeared.

If the services are non-essential, what business does government have running them? You mean things like the special gas pumps for congressmen and such? Services like congressional investigations into steroid use in baseball? Please, make my day, shut that noise down!

I look around and it still just blows me away that seemingly smart people hate freedom, love authority, and can't seem to distinguish between what is theirs and what belongs to others--both in the realm of wealth and private property, and when it comes to individual rights. I find it freaky, so I have to ignore it again for awhile.

My mood swung back up and I plan to hit the road soon, despite the scum of the world ruining our gas price situation. They've been at it for years, and these fungal growths are both domestic and foreign--and have nerve enough to call themselves leaders and human beings.

Everything for a Reason (Obesity Epidemic Saves the World)

It is the theory of many that everything happens for a reason. This concept is often a bit taxing as I see no reason for all kinds of things. However, I now see the reason for my suddenly convex gut, and otherside of belly.

I'm not hugely obese but I did notice I put it on lately.

It turns out that there was a reason for this. It was so I did not go over with the glass paneled door, smashing a very expensive thing on the concrete slab.

It was over at the place where I do menial tasks, like search for Sparky ferret.

If I had not developed a substantial ballast, I'd be in trouble. This is all diagramed and explained in these photos and computer graphs.

Ever have something go just past that point where you cannot counterbalance it from going over forward, taking you with it if you don't let go? That was the situation with the door. Gave me quite a scare, but I was able to save with an once of force to spare. Thanks to those extra chips and tortillas.

Here's the scientific explanation.

So, there was reason I began to add the weight. To save that door. It is a version of the John Irving story, A Prayer for Owen Meany. All this seemingly needless stuff leads to one miraculous event which saves the day. In my case a door was saved. That may be different than saving a life or the world, but who knows, the ripple effect may have done just that and we just don't know it.

Admittedly the math is arranged to make the point. Otherwise I'd have to have put D < D + D/4 OZ
It still works out.

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