Saturday, June 27, 2009

Slowpoke Mountain and a few minutes of the benefit gig

Lately my cellular deal is running spotty and slow. I'm used to the old fashioned rabbit eared TV setup, with the new fascist HD box, cutting out, losing signal or just catching every other second or so of a broadcast, resulting in the people on TV talking halting gibberish. Once in awhile I can catch what they are saying. Sometimes it works well all the way until the climactic twist of the thriller movie so I am left wondering if the hero really perished in the explosion. It doesn't always make for happy endings, and certainly is not satisfying. Possibly an ugly metaphor for other aspects of my life.

I'm trying to upload a clip which includes some pieces of the benefit we played. It was fun, but I now see that I'm not performing very well. Just not up to snuff. I'll amp up the game next time. We are better than that when you consider the individual abilities. What I do can improve the whole and I'd feel more like I'm carrying my weight.

It's so different from what I thought it was I do. This is not out there, fly through subspace, music. No acid rock/jazz/blues to it. It is time I realize that that was illusion anyway, enhanced by the vitamins, vegetables, and beverages I included in my diet at the time. We are not on that diet and haven't been for awhile. It's a tough life.

So, I wanted to upload another video, yet to be made but this slowness is too much. Since it is a bit warm in the cabin tonight, I think my patience is thinner than usual. That means I have to get to work on my home made cooling device. It will be some kind of evaporative set up disguised as something else.
OK. looks like the video uploaded
I honestly wonder why I play but I do it anyway. The thing is, if I'm going to do it, I need to raise the bar some. Maybe next time. If it is on video then I'll know if the next one is better. I cut out most of the worst

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