Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Out of Touch; the DRAFT--whew, girls still safe

Quite sad and ironic that those protesting the tyranny of the draft embraced images and philosophies of the most brutal systems and states on earth. It still goes on today, except more of the slave state lingo and spill over has come to be accepted as democracy. The too cool and the too stupid seem to unite in this insanity.

So, I was thinking, "I don't even know what this Jay-Z, that Obama thinks is so cool, does--other than Beyonce. I know who she is. She can sing. Is JZ just a coattail rider? I guess he's a rapper who got where he is by getting Beyonce. I'm so out of touch with popular culture, and presidential attempts at street cred. So out of touch that what is aimed to impress goes right by without notice."

Then I wondered, "Since they are so big on everyone serving in the military these days, are women still exempt from the draft?"

I know some people couldn't fathom my reasoning when I said that gays got the worst of doing away with "Don't Ask Don't Tell" because they gave up their out should the draft come back in force.

There was a time when the draft hung over the heads of teenaged boys like a random prison sentence. You could not plan life how you chose. You did not know if you'd be forced into "service" for some bizarre skirmish formulated by equally bizarre "leaders". You waited for your birth year's lottery drawing to find out what number your birthday would be. If they were drafting up to 150 you hoped to be drawn higher than that. 365 was everyone's dream.

My number was 92. For awhile I had a college deferment but got out of phase. They were drafting up to 200 or thereabouts when I got the college deferment, and only up to 125 when I lost it.

They suspended the draft while I was in AirForce basic training, and going into the Florida air guard. Yep. Like W. Nothing wrong with the guard. There is something wrong with sending them overseas. They are supposed to be for defense and domestic purposes. It came at a time when I was just getting a toehold on turning my life around, and my academic career.

I let it get the better of me, and quit trying in school and just generally floundered like a falling leaf. I had just got straightened out somewhat, was taking a fairly ful load of classes and through midterms was acing all of them. Then the news came that I had been re-classified 1A, and at the same time the guard called and said they'd just got to me on the list and it was now or never.

What to do? I did not know. Would it be more honorable to just get drafted? Should I join the guard and work my way into pilot training? I was unsure and felt I had to do something. I started just getting blitzed and cutting classes again. I gave up out of confusion. I even called my father for advice. "I can't really tell you. It's your decision." Thanks. Now I would know how to weigh the options against my goals and against various odds. Not then.

What an idiot. I forgot I did not really have freedom.
I needed rehab or something. Or to be left alone. I was majoring in physics, minoring in math and econ. And I was loving it and very insistent on acing it all---for once in my life. I was trying to learn how to try.

That whole time period was one big lie; from the hippies to the so-called hawks. Total lies and hypocrisy ruled like never before. Even more than now, but not quite as universally police state-ish as now. Those who worship the 60s are, mercifully for them, incapable of viewing the larger picture. It was the gateway to serfdom

I should have ignored it because I'd have skated by without being nabbed. Or chances are that I would have. I was appalled by the thought of actually dodging the draft, but now I feel otherwise. Then I thought there was an off chance that VietNam made sense and I was too dumb to see it clearly.

Even then I could see how purveyors of world slavery in one form or another used this to their ends, as they fueled protests and such. Just goes to show you how even the devil can be right and seem like your pal sometimes.

It was a sick thing and not only did many people die, but those sent to fight were in a war in which those who ran it did not do so to win or to minimize American casualties. It was criminal, just like the way they are doing it now.

But, the question was, have women done the insane thing, like gays, and given themselves no out? By "women", I mean those who pretend to speak for all females, but obviously don't.

I looked up the requirements for selective service registration. Why should I care? I'm too old now. Because, like many political leaders, I wake up wondering, "How can I make everyone else's life better?" OK. I lied. So do those creeps we pay to rob us. I wanted to reduce my overall ignorance quotient by knowing the selective service rules overview.

I'm happy to see that only males have to register for selective service. What a creepy name, Selective Service. What is quite laughable is that illegal aliens who are male and between 18 and 25 also have to register. Oh I bet they hop the border and run straight to the draft board, right after they vote.

I'm surprised NOW hasn't insisted that women be included in this pool of slaves on call. Gays used to be able to just get out by saying, oops, forgot to tell you I'm gay. Now they are screwed. Gay or not, if the US decides to draft soldiers to fight their own people or gets into a stupid war you hate, you go or else. Just like getting health insurance, Buy or die.

If they never planned to draft anyone, they wouldn't continue forcing registration. Something tells me that the illegal alien requirement is tough to enforce.

So, ladies, please do not get fooled into being required to submit life and limb to the whims of the police state. They will entice you by claiming people with my view are at war against you and such nonsense. However, I see no way out of it if women are to be equal in combat roles and all else in the military. But, then we'll all be more equal. The more of us eligible for legal slavery the better.

It is nothing to me if a person volunteers for whatever. If a woman can do it, and wants to, fine. I'm just looking at the other edge of that sword. It is a door to requiring tough girls and girlie girls alike to register for the draft should the government decide they want to conscript you. And the actual purpose, goal, and conduct of every war in my lifetime have been highly suspect, or so vague, no one actually knew what was happening. Few, if any, of them have resolved all that well.

Maybe women would be they key to eliminating selective service registration altogether. Interesting prospect. Volunteer if you want, but you have a choice.

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