Friday, December 2, 2016

Once and For All; Fidel Was Not Good

It boggles the mind to see these lengthy articles claiming that Fidel improved life for Cubans and was a great fighter for freedom and justice.  I won't belabor the point too much.

Go find the older Cubans in Miami, go somewhere and get a few facts.  Or just assume that Mao and Stalin did wonderful things, too and be an idiot until you end up on the wrong side of one of these great democracy warriors.

That's the left wing of American politics.  The real desire appears to be Castro-sty;e totalitarianism. So, quit pretending!!!  Just come out with it.  Oh, right, some already have.

Remember, Che and Raul, joked about the friendly competition with the firing squad purge, post revolution.  No mention is usually made that Cuba had ratified a constitution which Batista betrayed, and Castro was expected to restore.  Those who embraced his victory lap in Havana did not expect what they got.

But who cares.  Sub-standard health care for all, and even good healthcare for some.  The real cream of the crop would fly to Spain and elsewhere for really tricky stuff.  And now they say he cured homelessness and malnutrition among youth.  Really?   And birth defects---that is because they kill the defective.  Very high abortion rates.  And they are trying to rewrite it now so that Fidel is all rainbow excited and lbgtqrxyz friendly and probably trans gender.

It is beyond me what fuels the minds of the neo progressive kool aid factories.  I won't now jump to what these propaganda addled idiots consider the opposition, because what they call the opposition is no more sane than they are.

Opposition to both the left and right in this country is a belief in a constitutional republic with checks and balances.  A belief that our system is the best, so far, if you want to thwart totalitarianism, mob rule, and trendy knee-jerk reactions to alter laws and government on a whim.  

Neither side understands that you do not want your officials to have much power, no matter how wonderful they seem.  It is what you might call the systematic approach to governance rather than the cult of personality approach.

Few people I know get that distinction or why it is important.  That is why they are so easily lead, so easily fooled.  Plus the systemic approach, constitutional approach, if followed honorably, leaves little room for the bribes for votes pandering that has become the hallmark of our election circus.

I'm still in disbelief.  Because they think the "right" disliked Castro, they lie, and rewrite everything relevant to his life in order to make him a hero.    It is disgusting, really.  

How many of these people would be so supportive of these murderers if their loved ones were being brutalized, if they were thrown off their land and out of their house, if they were facing the firing squad because they knew the wrong people or worked some government job?

No, idiot progressives always think they will somehow be the elevated class; maybe lauded intellectuals, or somehow involved in enforcing the policies, not being the ones crushed.

It is beyond the 1984, Orwellian language.  Or maybe not. Maybe it is just starkly come to fruition.

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