Friday, July 24, 2009

Tour mobile #2 soon

Who would have thought I'd ever be one to get hooked on the environmental earth worshipper, metrosexual, save the seals, sensitive dyke car of choice? That's rhetorical. Certainly not me, at any rate.

Well I am hooked. I'm as fond of subaru as I was of datsun before they became nissan.

Anyway, I looked at exactly one car, and made the deal. Last time I made the deal, then drove the 200+ miles and looked at ther car, then took it home. Not to say I didn't search around first. I just rarely go look unless I seriously think I might buy.

It is not in hand yet, although I did put deposit and agree to price. Until it is in hand I won't go much farther describing. It is not that almost purple blue, which at first seemed too something but then grew on me. I will say that. I almost wish it was that bluish purple color. I attach so much in the way of positive emotion to the times when that car was in the picture that the color now makes me feel good.

There are still things to be ironed out with ins. The major part has been settled. The rest will be settled soon enough, and I hope it goes properly. Proving innocence requires that people be honest and capable of logic and in this case a small amount of experience and understanding of cause and effect would help.

Remind me never to say a bad word about guitar players ever again. Without the advice support and expertise of friends and my guitar player, I'd not have done nearly as well and would not even have known where to start, as far as asserting my rights and attempting to keep things fair.

Say what you want about California. My old and new friends here are like the kind of people you'd hope to find in Heaven. Truly unbelievable. There are a lot of times when people surprise you out here. Just like everywhere there are wonderful people here and there, it just seems I've run into a disproportionate number of souls who are so kind it humbles me.

I'm relieved that the lizard finally stepped up to the plate enough that I could justify settling. Not that little character's first inclination, I can tell you.

Only thing is now I've committed to not going back east, so I will become one of the few US citizens actually moving TO California. Always swimming against the current. I hope getting the CA license is not too tricky. From the looks of things, it is like most states; ability to drive is not a prerequisite for getting a license to drive.

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