Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Many Faces of Pretend Everything

What a season this is.   Now I get what "season of the witch" must be.  We got season of the witch bitch, crossover gaynation, all up in your business champion politicians, and you actually think I am more afraid of their lunatic than I am yours?  Not likely.

I'm the guy who is OK with people owning rocket launchers, fighter jets, and any vehicle the SWAT team might possess.  When it becomes a thing, where people manage to sick the SWAT team on innocent friends or enemies, causing doors to be broken in, and people cuffed on the floor until they figure out that no one has done anything to warrant a military-style assault on private citizens, then I wonder if the country is hopeless.  Not that I see any better alternatives.
This photo was directly stolen from Doug Lawson of FB, and JS back in the old days.  I hope he doesn't get mad.  Of course I would take it down if asked.  I can not think of a better photo for the times, but that is my sense of humor.  or not.  He's the glue holding Canada together.  Doing a heck of job, too.

Why people have decided it is chic to deny all that is unique and good about the U.S., while bashing it based on standards which seem to never be applied to the rest of the world.  More convenient history and histrionics.

I find what is going on, politically, to be incredibly embarrassing and sad.  Really, only embarrassing in that when I listen to these people speak, I cringe.  I do.  I also see through the very slick deceptions and diversions.  Always at the top of the democratic tool chest is the ridicule gambit.  Make fun of the opponent.  Imply always that only a psychopath would vote for your opponent.  That is because your candidate is psycho.

That is the thinking.  I'm just really surprised how easily everyone has slipped into an adolescent style popularity war.   Seriously.  Of course each side pretends otherwise, and may believe otherwise.  I think it is because they are so married to their team and candidate, that facts take a back seat.  Reality sometimes has to be ignored, apparently.

I can't take hearing the voice of any presidential candidate.  Seriously, I don't want to listen to Donald or Hillary.  I have no idea what is the real deal with Trump.  And I do believe Hillary may lean a little toward the psycho side of the playground.  I think she's more psychopath than is Trump.  Trump is less easy to read, I think.   I've heard all the various opinions, but they don't ring quite 100% true.  Maybe close, but not there.

Gary Johnson is the last candidate I heard who did not trigger my vomit reflex.   Libertarian.  I don't even care what anyone has to say about any of it right now.  I'd be making a play for the decade widow in another state, but I see a facebook tendency to post koolaid memes.   She's friends with part of my nephew's extended family.

I love them all, but where they took the odd turn I do not know.  But I'll bet the vast majority of my family is in the camp I gleefully label, "Neo-Bolsheviks".

Any more, I am not so clear on the whereabouts of certain lines and limits.   It seems like you are paying a lot of my insurance, but the reality is that I could probably save money if I did the whole thing out of pocket.  My premiums amount to more than I am spending in medical services.  Insurance is coming out way ahead.  I was hoping that he youth,  "our youth" as so many are fond of saying, would bear the cost of my old age and lack of resources.

We must consider what kind of world we are leaving for our children.  I would best be able to consider this important issue if "our children" would provide me with a nice pension and a fine house on the ocean or in Silverton or Montrose.   Teaching future generations generosity and compassion is best done by allowing them the thrill of supporting us, providing us with all we need to have a blast forever, and treating any sacrifices they may make as the least they could do for the cause.

I'll get to the real point in another post.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Show Biz; the multilevel marketing of The Comedy Store

It is really very clever.  Originally I was opposed.  They want you to sell tickets.  What?  No.  My days of selling donuts door to door in high school for nefarious purposes are over.  I am sorry it got brought up.

Anyway, they have a big comedy show in LaJolla--which is, admittedly, an upscale neighborhood.
They sucker semi-popular acoustic groups or singer song writers to fill the first hour.  Usually they have three of them.  Also it has to be original because BMI and ASCAP have been shaking down small and medium sized venues for prohibitive fees.  So, all of a sudden, original music is requested, even if they still don't pay worth a damn.

I made it known from the start that it is not to be difficult or anything else, but don't count on me for ticket sales.  So we met with the headline comedian, and producer or the event.  If that guy is not on cocaine or other stimulant, then he needs tranquilizing badly.

And how can a guy who won Last Comic Standing, is on some TV shows and has been on the Tonight show (I think) , have no sense of humor?  I swear, we sat in starbuck's; Karen, Sande, and I.  And this guy was drawing upside down graphs so they would be right side up to us.  He has abbreviations for everything.  It is nuts.  seriously nuts.

Sande thinks it is a prestigious venue, and Karen was almost begging, continually assuring him tickets would get sold, we are always on time, and don't fight; every time some hypothetical or past band issue from the comedian's experience came up, Karen started a sales pitch on the guy.  Why I do not know.

I heard there will be an online link so people can do that.  I will just direct people where to go and what to say.  If they do it, fine, and if they don't---they will.  It really will be worth the price.  It's San Diego and $10 is not much, except to me and my no 'count friends.  But we are supposed to be getting a piece of the take.  I did the arithmetic.  Multiplication and division are still considered arithmetic, aren't they?

The place holds maybe 225.  That's another thing, he will overbook, just like an airline.  This is seriously nuts. But I am just the bystander.  I know a couple of people who played there.  So, all the however many comedians will sell tickets too.  Our band is supposed to sell maybe 34 between all four.  Karen says she can sell fifty.  Have at it.

I do things because the others seem to get charged up about it.  They are not too interested in my take.  This place has seen many big time comedians and such in their early days.  Some of the comics will be good, I'm sure  I have seen a few around.

The guy running it just does comedy about ethnicity.  Hey I am not white. hahaha. hey look I am ethnicity x. hahaha
He won that contest and he is actually doing OK.  Pandering and race pay off.

Actually I respect his passion regarding his system for do these shows.  It reminds me of the passion I had when I was in the cotton dust control business.  Or the business of creating machines that would do it well.  I was hyper focussed.  That can be unhealthy, and it can distort certain decisions.  In my case that was not good.

We play it on August 7th.  Right after playing the Gyspyfest in the desert on the 6th.  That's the clothing optional place.  Sure are a lot of bands.  They said they picked it for it's beauty not the nudist aspect.  So everyone is fine wearing clothes. Hahahaha.  I am laughing.  The bands have to wear clothes or else they hold you to stripper standards.  I am, pretty sure about that.

No need for us to sell tickets to the Gypsyfest.  I forget what it pays.  Something but nothing major.

The way I see the Comedy Store is that you are  forcing seven or ten friends and relatives come see you play, in exchange for the opportunity to play.  In my view, it is paying a place to let me play.  And allowing them to criticize me for not selling enough tickets to my amway friends.

That is why I would not commit.   I do not know if I will sell any.  Or try to.  I either don't want people thinking I am taking advantage, or my friends are musicians themselves and have thin bank accounts.

They do sell out their shows, but he will not bring a comic back, no matter how good, if he did not personally sell what is deemed the adequate number of seats.  I'm the harp player.  Along for the ride, if it doesn't get too damn hokey.

There is an ilk of small business operator who has a thinly veiled disdain for those who do not share his/her passion for whatever it is the business does.  They also tend to think everyone else is much less intelligent than themselves.  Others deserve ridicule even though the owner is ever the victim of his "ungrateful" employees.  Even in the comedy game.  But it has to be obvious that most who make it in show business, and comedy especially, tend to almost be bullies.  Pushy at the very least.

Friday, June 17, 2016

They Are Still Pretending It Is About Gay

I'm just catching on.  Apparently I avoided more than I realized regarding news updates and such.  I just caught a snippet here and there; partial radio news sentences.

It is about gay, but not muslim, and not anything else.  Just gay.  What a typical democrat pander play.  This way they needn't look into the FBI dropping the ball or any number of other things relevant to this.  By making it an assault on gayness and they are the victims, dammitt,   the demagogues can solidify yet another group based not on philosophy but how they have sex.

And, of course, once again we find a large number of people in the group who cannot possibly resist being a bona fide victim.  It is something people sucker for.  Particularly those who subscribe to ethnicity politics, and like race to be in the middle of every thought and action.

So, conflicted gay muslim wants to be the allah guy.  Gay won't work. Allah will do stuff like burn your eyes out, so tread lightly.  I think he was kind of hoping for prison,  He could fulfill his fantasies while pretending it isn't his fault.  He can't help it.  He's a victim.

I cannot believe they just barreled ahead, despite the facts.  Gay guy shoots up gay bar is about as significant as straight guy shoots up bar of predominately heterosexual people.   Now, gay guy wants favor with ISIS and Mo, pbuh, so he shoots up the den of iniquity, hoping Mo, pbuh, and Allah, wtfbuh, won't notice him lusting after all of the unrepentant infidels.

Seriously, this new progressive lockstep push to pretend and lie their way into everyone thinking this was all about gay, etc., is blatant manipulation.  If you can convince a group that they are victims and under threat, they will more readily unite behind someone posing as the champion of their cause.

Isolate a group in some way, convince them they are victims and being targeted by society.  Good thing big bro is there.  Big Bro. That's a name you can trust.  A name people seem to trust more than themselves or their neighbors.  Group insanity.

It is classic manipulation.  And then you have every cockroach with a microphone weighing in.  

Progressives pretend like crazy.  First it was an automatic weapon, and now it is an attack by all of us on lbgt community?  Am I supposed to say LBGTQ?  Honestly I despise the whole "black community' "white community" "LB blablabla community"  I do not care.  They can milk this in an effort to get the lbgt etc people to vote in a block and according to their wishes

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Maybe He Did It For Attention

What reason could anyone, even a self-styled holy man, have for saying a slaughter is a good thing and God is smiling down on the bloody mess.  That is creepy.  And it is out of California.  Usually this would be a Florida thing.  A competition may be brewing; like Miss America except for madness.  Our state lunatic is more bizarre than yours.

What kind of a church is that?   I think he did it because there may be enough real lunatics come out of the woodwork to add some cash to the coffers.  The publicity will attract a certain type of biblical lunatic, certain other gangs and unpleasant groups.  All it takes is a small percentage of the people who see the madness on the news or wherever and whatever media to seek out his holy enterprise.

Clearly, people will risk the wrath of mass quantities of their countrybeings, anything to be noticed.  Looks like it pays off to some degree, as long as you don't mind a bit of backlash in certain circles and maybe everywhere you go in public.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Thank You, for your guidance; thoughts and prayers

I did not ever actually request thoughts and prayers, but I think that accounts for my diplomacy coup, and shameless manipulation for peace with the Enter the Blue Sky band.   I won't bore myself, and anyone reading, with a lot of detail.

When I say "thoughts", as in "thank you for your thoughts and prayers", I do not mean thoughts as in tell me out loud what you think.  No one cares about that.  geez

We caravanned to the fair gig today.  The stand up bass fills one car and I wanted mine as a refuge should any physical stuff manifest.   The set started with hints of the heebie jeebies but by the end of our hour and a half, it wasn't too bad.  Never went over that edge--point of no return where it makes it nearly impossible to do a thing like play.

So, my experimental strategies for the MPN Jak2 pins and needles itch syndrome seem to be working.   But this was an incredibly beautiful and temperate day; mostly sunny, about 70 deg, and in the fifties tonight.

In a few days, my area is forecast for some 100 degree madness. That's some lesser number celsius.  Alright, let's see if we can remember the math or derive the formula.

C = x (F -32)
100 = x(212- 32 ) = x 180 =100
x= 100/180  = 5/9

C = 5/9 (F-32)   5/9(70-32)  =5/9 (38)=  190/9 = 21.111
It was 21.1 deg C

And breezy.

The end

The Exchange With The Musket Parrot

Here is the annoying fb propaganda bit and discussion.   I tried to remove names to avoid trouble.  Let's see if it actually posts.  Note, on my last entry here I wanted to push as to why she insisted on maintaining the lie even after it was pointed out, but I refrained.

I think I did well not getting personal by suggesting it all has to do with her hatred of men.  I know the girl, and, like many mindless angry lockstep progressives, I do think that is a large part of her issue.
I thought there were lol's.  Now there is a smiley face.  OK. I was over the top, myself then.  But I still can't get a nice, lightweight select fire weapon.   I won't even address the ones who act like these are super powerful rifles.  They aren't.  And like I said, I am not a gun guy, but I do check facts and hate lies. and dangerous laws and restrictions on rights.

[note below link re NRA blablabla. It goes to boldprogressives.org where they mislead taking a quote out of context and still describe the rifle as 700 rounds per minute.  A fat lie.  They want you to sign a petition for big control, without even reading the proposed bill of course.  People want so badly to belong to a team, they will pretend anything to achieve that.  And suspend, morality, disbelief, freedom, you name it.  spineless pulp
xxxxxx shared DeadState's photo.
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Ian Belmondo Where are such guns available, aside from the military?
musket mama Back in the days of our forefathers, I bet just about everyone had a gun especially given how rural the country was at the time.
Ian Belmondo Where can I get one that shoots 13.3 rounds per second, legally?
LikeReply22 hrs
musketgirl Try your local gun store dude. They'll hook you up with everything you need, and then some! Hell, you could even get yourself some body armor 
LikeReply20 hrs
snarkyGuyYou can quibble with the details of the meme, but the logic is sound.
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Ian Belmondo koolaid addled musket girl; seriously, since when can I go to a local gun store and get a fully automatic weapon? You find me a gun store selling anything that shoots 13.3 rounds per minute. Geez. Been illegal for years and years.
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Ian Belmondo musketgirl; this is completely misleading. If your point is sound as you think, why lie? Military has guns civilians cannot get. Again you show me easy access to this weapoin and I will buy 2
LikeReply9 hrs
MusketGirl:You can get a semi-automatic weapon here, which still shots as fast as you can pull the trigger:

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Ian Belmondo

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Ian Belmondo

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Note : the link above referencing NRA which links to a page at boldprogressives.org, goes to a page which is a blatant deception.  They describe the military version of an AR 15.  You cannot get that gun but they pretend that is what all rifles of the look do.  Big lie and their acolytes ignore any evidence that it is bunk.

Unbelievable; the road to dystopia

0K.  I do not even like guns that much.  Never have.  But if they are going to be around, I prefer that plenty of them are in the hands of the public, not just state officials.  State, here, refers to government on all levels.

I don't think that the public having semi automatic weapons even slightly protects them from a rogue government who already reserves the right to have the most effective weapons for themselves.  We have seen an increasing tendency to use war machinery and weapons against the population.

Friggin towns the size of Mayberry are acquiring war wagons and mini tanks.  Yet the koolaid people are sure that we are under a wave of murder like never before, etc.

One side says that it got worse since semis quit being banned.  The other side points out that the vast majority, maybe all, major mass shootings of the last several years have been in gun free zones.  Each draws a correlation that may or may not be coincidence.  Though, if I were to shoot people like fish in a barrel, I would prefer that neither they nor the fish are armed.

But Rolling Stone now has an article about why the second amendment should be repealed.  It reminds me of elementary school when the teacher decided to be all cutting edge and gave the class a chance to suggest the rules we would go by for the year.

Holy S***.  Just like now, the snarky little creeps who wanted to ingratiate themselves with the powers that be rattled off rule after rule.  Far more than the average teacher ever posted in the class.

I knew then I was in for a rough ride in life.  I did not and do not fit in with crime and punishment fanatics, busy bodies who can't allow people to just live as they see fit while minding their own business.   And they have been winning the day for quite some time.  As more and more people who cannot conform well to systems arranged by mentally ill idiots fall through the cracks, die on the street, or just call it a day out of frustration with trying to make sense of it.

Next Rolling Stone or Salon, or some other outfit that is just too damn cool for their own ink, will decide that the first amendment must go, or at least require a permit.  The Trump protestors justify shutting him down and attacking people because his talk is "dangerous".  Like their punches, car burnings, rock throwing and ambush attacks aren't.   I do tie them all together.  They all want the same thing, silence opposition.

We already see colleges censoring content like crazy; cancelling speeches by those who do not parrot the PC talking points du jour.  They change a bit from time to time.  A few decades ago the clamor was about "hand guns"  and hand gun violence.  More death from those than rifles.   "Saturday night specials" were all the rage.  Hysteria, like now.  Why does anyone need a gun?  Leave it to professionals.

Before long it is almost illegal to defend one's self.   Actually, it has worked out that way sometimes. Someone shoots an attacker.  Oh the hot water that ensues.  And progressives then twist stand your ground laws, aimed at allowing you not to be bullied by bad guys, into a conspiracy against Blacks.  Insane.  If anyone needs to be able to carry whatever weapon, whenever, I would think it would be people in predominately Black neighborhoods.  Particularly the poorer ones.  Wherever gangs run things.

Look people totalitarianism doesn't work out well.  It brings much more suffering.  Look at all the murdered people it took to satisfy the Soviet leadership back when, China, Cuba, friggin Cambodia.  All powerful and controlling states suck.   Your communist utopia is not pleasant.  It can only exist at the point of a gun, and often involves lots of killing.  So don't even try to act like you are a wonderful, altruistic, peacenik when you spout that stuff.

Those who wish for communism just figure they'll be at the handle end of the hammer or sickle, not the business end.  Good luck morons.  And to Rolling Stone and Salon, you are bona fide fools.  RS, stick to rock n roll gossip and music reviews.  Salon, stick to fashion or pop culture, or whatever it is you actually can discuss without lying and pushing for abridgment of the freedom of others.

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