Monday, July 29, 2013

Still a Slight Mystery

The wedding couple, whose wedding celebration started at 630, but at 830 they still had not arrived,  did not fall into a well or sink hole.  They showed up at 9, thirty minutes after a few others and I left the building.  It is still very weird.  None of the Mormons seem to think it is nuts, yet when it is mentioned they sigh, "yea I guess that is ..." then they fade out.  I'm not sure some of them aren't hypnotized.  They are due at 6:30 and even have a little agenda laid out on the invitation. I don't get it.

It could still be true that the consummation issue wasn't resolved until just before they arrived at their party.  That theory has yet to be shot down.  I don't know how to tactfully research the matter, so I am going on the assumption that the reason for the no show at the party was that they just couldn't quite get that consummation thing done.

And, obviously, you can't do the stuff out of order, it's--marry--bang--party-- or you go to some bad place.  Or the whole congregation beats you silly.  I would hope that is how it works.  It is only right.

I can merely guess based on the evidence I have, so it is possible that none of the above is true except for direct observations such as when I left, and factual information from reliable sources such as that the couple is alive and arrived about 9 PM--technically hearsay (often spelled "heresay by the AP).

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