Saturday, March 28, 2015

Whatever is Kava, I'm In

Last night I met a friend at a Kava bar.  I did not sample any kava, but I did have green juice and a gilled cheeses with avocado and something. It was good.

So, I ended up sitting in with both acts.  One of them has studio time at a very nice studio, and has asked me to come out and lay down some tracks.  I am looking forward to that.

Surprisingly, there are not many real studios around.  Everyone is recording in the their living room with a laptop and some software.  I haven't seen a real studio since Memphis.

Not that some of the home studios aren't good.  But they aren't making money off of their recordings, for the most part.   Just gives you something people can hear when you are seeking gigs which will probably never pay your cost of recording.  That is cynical, but true.

I cannot wait until automatic tuners are mainstream; a device that maintains the tuning automatically because it can't stand it when the guitar player has out of tune strings any more than I can.

They already have them somewhere for big bucks.   I wonder if they just hate to tune or if it does not bother them.  Or both   Shudder.

The Kava bar was mostly academic looking twenty somethings with a plethora of tattoos and great attitudes.  It worked out.  Easy to talk which most people did, but also easy to listen to the music if you cared to.  I think I was happy to play somewhere other than a bar.  Plus, I was just sitting in, as asked, so no obligation or responsibility.  Is that the definition of utopia?  I guess plenty of food and shelter need to be in the mix. And a car.  But other than that, it defines utopia.

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