Monday, August 5, 2013

Un Be F'ing Lievable: part 852013

Perhaps you are one of those who actually held an Obamacare party.  No offense, but WTF?   I cannot relate.

I did notice that those quoted in the article I read al talked about what they are getting.   I'm not sure that those people understand the source of these things.  They think it is Obama, who exempted many Congressional type employees from various requirements of the law, personally bestowing gifts upon them.  In a way they are right; like when gangsters show generosity in the neighborhood..

A stranger thing, I can hardly imagine.  You celebrate the birthday of a politician by throwing a party to sell your unconscious neighbors on the wonders of a law that has nothing to do with people doing something wrong, but with forcing purchases and compliance.  Not to mention the other little power grabs and stupid spending incorporated in the 3000 page aberration against individuals who like to mind their own business.

(if people liked the law and methods of implementation, why do they have to go around campaigning, trying to sell you on the wonder of it all?  It isn't a good con if it doesn't sound good to the mark.  By definition, one might say.)

Those must have been really fun parties.  Yay!  I'm on mom's insurance until I'm 26, but mom can't afford her insurance anymore.  Just one of those odd cases.  Gonna throw a bolshevik party, ya gotta crack some eggs.  Or has that got to do with omelets? Anyway.  I guess no one on Ballistic mountain chose to jump on that bandwagon.  I would have heard it echoing in the canyon.

These people are serious about their icon worship, and about promoting any intrusive, divisive nonsense he and his pals scheme.   It can only be some kind of envy and hatred, I think.

Maybe not.  Some people lionized FDR, and still do.  The same with Reagan, Kennedy, etc.  The point is, a significant number of people are strongly compelled to embrace the idea of being a subject of some bigger than life person.  

Class warfare has been played a lot. 99%, 1%.  Love 'em, hate 'em.  I don't know how the dividing line works.  Must be a lot of gerrymandering involved since Obama and many others fueling these things are wealthy and wield lots of power.  If mainstream America is really advertising their desire to be subservient and to please, I must be in the 1%.

We've neve outgrown the old feudal system,  an, like with lots of things, the memory of it has grown rosier than the reality.  People forgot that they did not like being abused by kings that much.  Now they clamor for some royal figure to idolize with a blind zeal that is normally seen in radical religious cults.

I'm incredulous.  There are things that seem way off to me, but to some people those things are holy and cannot be discussed in other than a worshipful, praising manner.

I suppose if they abolished the irs, there would be parties.  I wouldn't go, but I'd be very happy about it.

People are nuts, but I still prefer them to bears.

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