Thursday, February 11, 2016

I'm Speechless

I was searching for reform school photos.  This came up.  "Yeah, man, I'm a film maker because I got something to say.  I go where the art, my muse, leads me. And it lead me to an imaginary girls reform school.  Some get tough. Some go insane.  Some die. A metaphor for life."  What could be better?

Love Children, But If I Had One In School Now...

...I'd probably be under the jail for expressing my outrage and maybe even just beating teachers and administrators with a stick.  The moronic effort to --what the hell is it they want?---emasculate and lobotomize the population is beyond any hint of reason.

If you found these items in your high school student's car, would you immediately seek to trade him in for a better kid?  What is society to do?

In Escondito, a town in north San Diego county, they have suspended a good student and are threatening expulsion.   How did they know he had these dangerous items in his car?  

Apparently they go through the lot with dogs who sniff out advil.  I kid you not.  "The dog 'hit on the advil'".

Ah but the plot thickens.  Due to the lad's propensity to get headaches which often become migraines, his mom made him take advil with him.  His dad just happened to leave the pocket knife in the car.  No idea what the knife looked like.  He and his dad hunt and fish.  And they may just be humans who find knives useful.  

Back before we all became victims, we liked having a knife around all the time for various uses.  Most men carried one in their pocket.

I have a number of issues with the whole thing, but first I forgot what the kid said about the advil.  He said it was not in the truck.  It was in his back pack and he was nowhere near the truck, so what's up with that?   Of course it may be a bigger sin in his personal backpack.  He could be selling it, or maybe getting ready to O.D.

People think it is fine to subject students to prison-style harassment.  I do not.  And I hate most teenagers.  Especially the jerks that the news always touts as "our future leaders".  But I do not believe in the idea that the state or school has a right to violate my private space if I am doing no harm.  And to go around with dogs sniffing vehicles and then claiming an issue with ibuprofen? 

No.  The obvious thugs in schools are not that tough to find without treating everyone like a criminal. How do you ever expect your progeny to live in a free society if they are forced, mandated, to attend school, and treated like felons when they do?  These are all the tactics that lead to our revolution.   Some of them anyway.

Guilty until proven innocent, with no crime even committed.  They create the crime post facto.  They are good at sniffing out nonsense then turning it into a crime.  But kids growing up in such tyranny will feel perfectly at home in a state which controls their every move, everything they ingest, say, etc.  

The fact that the police and the school are not done bothering this kid and his family, have not apologized and resigned their positions, tells me that we have total idiots being paid a living wage. And the fact that this was not shut down in one minute or less tells me the people of this area put up with complete insanity and are OK with an intrusive state which ignores reason and natural human rights.  But I bet they will say having a house or a doctor is a right.  Like half the country or more, they have no clue about rights.

I am so sick of idiots with authority.  But I guess I have felt that way since kindergarten when Mrs. Anderson sentenced me to some unfairness,. never allowing me to present the facts of the situation.  I learned right then and there that teachers and others in authority were often vile evil people.  Stuart was bullying a smaller kid. Stuart was bigger than me and in first or second grade.  I had to take him out to protect the little guy he was holding and whipping with a banyan root.  

All anyone cared about was that I decked Stuart, that prick.  The little guy was in my class.  He tried to tell them.  No.  Mrs. Anderson and Stoooowort's teacher didn't care.  What a cry baby that Stooowort.    And that was my second introduction to the abuse of power by authority figures.  There was a bit of it in the home.  But I really thought I could trust teachers and my first one turns out to be a psychotic disciplinarian!  (my second one--first grade--turned out to just be disturbed sadist.  Fortunately a kid named Bucky was her primary focus.  She had to have scarred that kid for life.  Wonder if he ever committed suicide)

I will make another post on a related topic.

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