Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Testing, and Where to What?

So, the overwhelmed Memphis Apple store turned it around in 24 hours. They couldn't fix the key between 8 and 0. He said they'd have to replace the keyboard for some reason, so I opted to keep it taped in place and buy an external keyboard. I also bought a new battery which has been on the list for more than a year.

Big storm warnings in the area. The warning sirens wailing, the whole bit. It looks like the biggest tornado risk may be a mile or two north of here.

Just spotted tornado in midtown
Heading to basement.

The above wouldn't publish but it saved. Did not end up in basement. The funnel cloud was spotted near enough to here but it did not evolve into anything serious.

I'm torn between directions of travel. Weather forecast indicates hot hot hot for just about everywhere south of Montana. The NC benefit is not going to be peopled by those I thought were playing, and sounds like a bust from my perspective. But from my perspective, I can't see the forest for the trees, can't remember why I wanted to take this trip, and can't see the point of any of this.
I assume that will pass. Maybe more than 24 hours in Memphis is a lifetime too much.

It is cloudy and rainy looking again. I guess I'll get to Dallas by Saturday. Finally heard back from cousins there,
The big question is whether to go east then come back through Texas. The thing is, I'd hoped for a return trip far to the north of that.

There are places east I want to go, but I have no love or longing for the places along the way. No desire to do much in the southeast any more. It's not the people just me and my lack of love for much of the past that places represent. I've lost my affection for dripping humid heat.

I guess, since I've never seen Austin, and need to see my Aunt, Texas has to be the next stop. Backtracking is against the grain, but what can you do?

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