Saturday, May 29, 2010

Time is of the Essence

Or so they say. I was going to write about something but it is too late and I am determined to get out from under looming projects so time is almost up.

The disastrous garage door is well on its way to becoming a work of art, or short of that, at least an acceptable make over. Raul continues to disguise his formulas in containers which are labeled sour cream or kitty litter. Even I know that this sealer is not really kitty litter, but it does look like milk so maybe there is a connection. Reportedly cats like milk. I've been told it is not that good for them, so what's up with that?

My friends who are finally back in their renovated house, which is still in process but mostly done, showed me some of the make-work items they had to do to get through inspection. The insanity of what was required boggles the mind. These are items which neither add to quality, safety or structural integrity. Some are alleged to be for safety but if you were there to see, you'd agree these were irrelevant adjustments.

The real lesson is that San Diego and perhaps California in general punish those who own anything and attempt to better their lives. This is why no one on Ballistic Mountain gets permits to build or add on if they can avoid it. "Permit" is a dirty word up there. I was told just that at one of the fire meeting when I was joking with a guy about getting a permit to dam the seasonal creek that runs through his side yard.

Did you know that at this secret work location, this one where I am at this minute, you can skinny dip in the hot tub spa, or the pool, and no one is any the wiser? You could. The spa is a good thing for aching sanding shoulder syndrome.
And to think high school and even college teachers and counselors pegged me for someone who should have pursued a higher education as far as you can go in that world. Boy, if they could see me now they'd sure realize I didn't need no steenkeeng doctorate dee gree.

Even so, there is probably a reason and purpose to this odd life. I'm hoping I discover it while I'm still capable of remembering it. I figure if I hold good thoughts for others, resist negativity when it does no good, and avoid resentment, then most likely being here will net a positive effect in the grand scheme of things. Possibly I will dish out less pain than pleasure to others. That is pretty much the best I can do.

Forgive me, I am moping about some things. Mostly past rejections and disillusionments. The truth is, considering all things I am quite lucky to be alive and in one piece. A walking miracle.

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