Friday, June 5, 2009

Photo Evidence from Surreal Journey in SoFlo

Note the evidence of rain drops in the pond. This is proof that I stop for nothing when the job must go on.
Novices don't get why I cover up like this in SoFlo heat. I do it to avoid over exposure to sun, to avoid scratches on legs, and because I can't stand wet dirty Florida muck on my skin. In the long run you actually stay cooler. Using cotton clothes helps. Besides, if it was good enough for Mr. Greenjeans, it's good enough for me.

oh, you can't see me. I'm there but blogger cut me off. I'm leaving it. Why resize just to get in the pic?

This is a pebble and river glass depiction of the gardener who is at war with the iguanas. The foundation of the deck was not square so we dealt with it over in that corner by telling the tale of the war.

That's a palm tree under the gardener. Future scientists will know that as they read my stone-o-glyphics.

This one depicts the warrior iguana. Don't feel bad if these look like nothing or just rocks, they are there for future trained anthropologists and archeologists to decipher.

Here's some of the deck and the hollow duck which holds up the feed line for the sprinkler pump. There's a video story to go with that. We reworked that line, and one other, and secured both with crazy ducks. The bird on the duck is his own creature and not one of the projects we completed.

This one shows corner of deck and one of my iguana pals ---just left of deck.
Another look at the duck holding up the water line. Large as he is, there are larger there, 5 or 6 feet nose to tip of tail.

After the rain.

Band of Rebels in the Hood; I'm in the right place

Life is resuming after my month of no nonsense boot camp in Florida. Funny how things sink in after the fact. I have particularly strange delays in processing. Often it serves to make me more aware of details after a time lapse rather than in real time. This has been documented by well paid professionals. In this case, I am feeling the benefits of that experience more and more as I settle back in to life in the rarified air. We accomplished plenty, and much of it was pure art.

So, my Ballistic Mountain musician friends had a practice tonight. Those sneaks have been playing various benefits and rabble rousing events in my absence. Two of them play quite a bit. When they play with one set of others they call it one thing, and when I am included the band has another name, Copper Creek, I think.

I heard a song that Kevin wrote in protest to the "Powerlink" the electric company is railroading through, or trying to. It is being sold as something which will bring San Diego green energy and move it into the next century, or similar tripe. It was discovered that the true deal is to hook up to Mexican power plants, oil fired, and run the power through Cleveland national forest on up to serve LA and other infidels.

The problem it poses here is that the very substantial towers are a significant hindrance to the fire control people. It also constitutes an additional fire hazard itself. The whole thing is quite sneaky. My bandmates being homeowners here, and long term residents, the matter is of great concern to them. The song is really good and to the point. I was impressed. They played it at a rally in Lakeside. If this keeps up I bet they'll be calling me to bail them out of protest jail.

Is it just me or does the corruption and blatant deception in governmental matters seem more transparent than ever? It is probably mostly me because people are putting up with it and allowing their kids to be inundated with pure horse crap in matters of rights, weather, and relative values of various activities.

What a nice thing it was when I was walking along the deck entrance to the practice house and they all running out the door cheering because I was back. People out here sure are affectionate like that. I've never seen anything like it. I guess they secretly knew I was combatting the blues recently due to a bout of self doubt. They did chide me a bit for not finding a woman to bring home while I was down in SoFlo. I was too busy, and it don't work that way anyhow. It must be the natural condition of humans to have a squeeze in the shack. I've been there and do think it a preferable situation, except when you hook up with an unsuitable mate for your constitution. I've done that and it is not something I think is worth it. Right one or no one.

We will do a benefit thing later in the month. One of those odd deals where a band plays while people run around a track to somehow cure cancer. I'm all for curing cancer but not always in the loop as far as seeing the connection between walking or running and actually curing anything. I'll play whether I understand that part or not.

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