Tuesday, September 25, 2012

smarty pants

So, my phone died and appeared to be too lifeless to revive.  That did not bode well for retrieving the contacts stored in the well beaten, trusty communication device.

At the verizon store, the "took it to the back" to do some secret thing in an effort to make it show some life.  No luck.  "It's like a piece of rock".

Along with my phone I brought my charger for some reason.  I don't recall what prompted it but I asked the lady to try plugging in my charger and hooking it to the phone.  At home I'd had no luck.

It worked.  The phone came on, but the view was that after all this time, it may be on its way out, so I opted for a new one.  I was eligible for the upgrade anyhow.

I did not want to go the iphone route because I don't do well with virtual keyboards or the money I'm guessing they cost.  And I don't want something very large which makes me feel like I'm holding a tv up to my ear.  My ended up with something made by samsung, a stratosphere.  Great.  I wonder if I should have looked for one called ionosphere or dark matter.

It has a keyboard, and it has all the online stuff, apps and apps.  I don't do that much with such things but it can be handy when on the road, I guess, and if there is wifi around, you can hook into that and not worry about bandwith. 

I don't know how to use it.  Like most google influenced things they have tried to go so far with the idiot friendly stuff that it is a bigger pain for things like texting than the simple, unintelligent phone it replaced.

I did not invent the term smartypants phone referring to smart phones.  I got that from CF.  It strikes me as the right term. 

Soon I will test the ability to take video and send it to youtube.   Lots of people use these things to play games for hours and hours.  I can't do that.  I waste my time in other ways.

I realize now that if people read things like blogs from their phones then anything over a paragraph and a half is way too much for a post. 

In order to keep up with work and various musical things, it is best I have a phone.  I suppose I could have remained with the minimum, but in my situation the additional cost is minimal.  Less than two packs of cigarettes per month. 

And I have no contract because I'm on a larger plan of others and they could either add me or not but still be paying the same per user.  Win win.  I can quit and it won't mess them up.  But I pay them three to six months in advance just because I don't want to stiff them and because what if I wound up without the money later but needed to call my bookie?

Strange how these things evolve. TV screens are larger and larger, but computers fit in the palm of your hand and millions are addicted to everything their devilish phones have to offer.   There are better things I can think of that I should have my hands on.

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