Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I better get dipped in white wash

From a news source (hey, they get by saying 'a source', so can I):

One of the less-publicized measures in the new health-care law, the tax imposes a 10 percent surcharge on the use of ultraviolet indoor tanning beds.

Supporters -- including the Obama administration, congressional Democrats and dermatologists -- have argued that the tax will raise an estimated $2.7 billion toward the cost of expanding health coverage to the uninsured, while discouraging a practice that increases the risk of skin cancer by as much as threefold in frequent users, according to scientific research.

(scientific research is another of those terms which may or may not really mean anything. I'd venture to say that less fair skinned people who wouldn't use tanning beds anyway probably were counted as a portion of the control group. Not even relevant, though. This is edging closer and closer to totalitarian rule. )

I can only hope they don't decide to tax anyone whose skin has darkened from exposure to rays from the sun. Some of us just naturally tend to darken. It is inconceivable that in America you would be charged a special tanning tax. Regardless how i, or anyone, feels about tanning by black light, it is not something that rates a monetary penalty. Allowing taxes to vary by product as we have on many items, is a big mistake. It leads to taxing behavior not considered worthy by the ruling elite and it leads to purposely hurting businesses not in favor of the governing nitwits.

We are not going the right direction here. The degree of control and oppression modern technology allows is unprecedented which makes deviating from strict limits and consistent application of taxes and law all the more dangerous. More than ever before. Doesn't prevent some from refusing to accept and conform, though. Too many just don't get it. Maybe they never will. Maybe they will just be bewildered when they realize the things they thought did not affect them set the stage for policies that will step on their lives.

Post 23 for the day:Self Improvement Program-save the misfit

OK. Rule number 1 is to form a concept of the desired lifestyle and quality of life one thinks is right for him/her/it
Rule 2: from now on attempt to use "it" as the universal pronoun, noun, whatever. Who can be offended or twist that?

In picturing what the desired life circumstance should be, I can't go too far or get overly detailed, or overly general. Very tricky.
Those who have the sort of life continuity that has yielded generally gratifying results don't need to make such conscious effort to plot tomorrow as it has apparently become a habit already to take the proper steps.

The misfits among us have not all figured out how to find their fit, hence the tag, "misfit". That would be where I place myself at this time. Some people think I like that role. I really don't in most respects. Not conforming in some ways does not bother me, especially when I am acting upon the firmly embraced portion of my value system. Also, it is the birthright of any individual not to conform in any way which does not step on the natural rights of others.

I'm addressing issues which have nothing to do with others per se. In order to better the world around you, the best place to start is with your own world. I believe that to be true. If my affairs are in disarray how can I think to decide how you run your life?

My goal is to have not much clutter around me, be able to use the resources I have, both tangible and intangible, and the nerve to pursue the efforts which I think could bring in some wealth. (In my world, wealth includes any income, not just big money). There are tools, materials, half started projects, objects and whatnots buried in boxes, piles, and hidden all over the place in my junk. It is daunting to think I used to possess so much more in the way of material goods, and bads. Hard to recall when my stuff was under my control and not run amok as it is now.

So, I think in order to move forward in a positive way I must deal with the tedium and whatever it is that plagues me when facing items that may bring feelings and memories of the past. Get over it. I need that ex drill sergeant therapist from the GEICO commercial. It is meant as a joke, and is funny, but I think his approach would probably work better than most.

So, goal one is to not live in a state of material chaos. This has plagued me on and off for decades. And I've blabbed the same blabber about it.

Alright, once it is put in better order, then I will put the toe in the water---begin projects 1, 2, and 4; all of which have been clearly defined but I do not want to list in detail. None of these excludes the other. They can be done more or less concurrently.

A byproduct goal is to provide an example and chronicle of success in converting a middle aged male hermit lone wolf life, of one who cannot afford to be old yet, into one filled with zest zeal and zoom, and a healthy degree of accomplishment. In the process perhaps some service to others will also result. Balance between work, play, spirit and whatever else their is will somehow be achieved. Once that is in place, I'll be set to participate when some state opts out of the union, or fighting for freedom becomes a stark reality. I'm a born freedom fighter.

Being free is the proper spiritual condition of the human being. Being part of an ant colony run by the queen* is not.

*a euphemism for any ruling elite; man woman, child, corporate entity, racist organizations, unions or religious institution.

Shake Rattle and Roll on Ballistic Mountain!

Holy smoke. This is one earthquake/aftershock I felt.

Just now the ground under the cabin was rumbling and the cottage was shaking back and forth. Like having a vibrating bed, sort of. The cottage didn't dislodge from its pilings and roll down the hill, but the event did get my attention. I've felt several smaller tremors over time. This was the first that really seemed to move significantly. It was short of the intensity that would break windows and make standing up impossible, but not too far short of that.

I wonder where it started and if there was more going on elsewhere. Life on earth--it is not a balanced, static thing. Rather than "balance of nature", the term should be "imbalance of nature". It is never really in balance so things naturally move to fill voids and things somewhat seek a natural equilibrium, but that static state is never reached and never will be. This is a fact that eludes many enthusiasts who think nature left alone would be like a Bambi animation.

Nature will kick your ass every chance it gets. Worshipping the earth will not appease it or turn predators into vegetarians or philanthropists. The only thing as sure to mess with good people as is nature is government; and those who partner with it to serve their own ends.

I'd rather deal with natural assaults from the earth than the intrusive nonsense people support through unnecessary, complicated, thieving, overreaching laws and rules.

UPDATE: It was a 5.9 centered about 20-25 miles northeast of here, something like 7 miles down. Rock n roll

From Now On

The recurring theme in the life of the misplaced vagabond, and one whose domestic tranquility is checkered with lack of continuity and reasonable commitment, is rebirth. Like or not such an individual is forever faced with the prospect of starting over in one way or another.

Old ways and habits obviously achieve only the same unsettling results. Some aspects of beginning anew may be in place, but I find there are nagging habits that sabotage the benefits of new surroundings and activities. The most glaring of these is that I have to bring me along and I tend to run from myself, like someone attempting to elude his own shadow.

The difficulty is purely self made as near as I can tell. Much of it is born of self doubt at crucial times. Why anyone would allow such nonsense to plague his enjoyment of life s a mystery. Personal history shows that when I act on what I think is possible without seeking the approval from others or basing my judgement upon whether someone else thinks it is a good idea, I do OK. That doesn't apply to ill conceived stupidity, but those schemes are usually fairy obvious and, long ago, were the stuff of a mind soaked in mind altering, numbing substance.

Giving in to the immaturity which sees the materials that surround me as insurmountable mountains of clutter and confusion is to believe lie. If they could clean up the mess of the destruction of the Twin Towers in NYC, then anything can be straightened out and put in order. And I'd rather do it of my own volition and gumption than have to have Rudy Gulliani come supervise and direct. Of course, I'd rather supervise than do the dirty work myself.

As usual, everything I need, I actually have. I'm a little sick of the involuntary balking. I think it comes from my early training which associates sharp pain with initiative. Old story and not unique. It happens. The adult is supposed to replace all that with his own set of rules.

The last thing I did, which I wouldn't have changed even if everyone I knew told me it was crazy, was the big move and meandering journey West. Somehow it felt right from first thought and that was my purpose for living until it came to pass. It did take a long time to actually get things stored and gone and get on the road, but I did it. I'm glad I did.

Now I see I did not carry out phase two of that scheme which was to remain organized and focussed so I could begin certain projects and endeavors once I landed in the proper place. It is all part of how to not accept defeat, no matter how much the past has been botched, no matter how one managed to facilitate the breaking of his own heart. Dramatic, I know, but applicable nonetheless.

When you think abut it, you'd be surprised how many times you hurt the feelings of others when you are steeped in the contemplation of your own emotional confusion and pain. It's the way of women; they crush you then you realize you managed to wound their feelings, too. Nothing is worse than feeling like you made a woman sadder for the experience. If only I knew then what I know now. But skittish as I am now I probably would never have got to the point of Hello.

No matter how you slice it, even if the border patrol concludes you are an alien, but not the sort they know what to do with, all there is now and what comes next. From now on. If the rest is not put in constructive perspective then memory is a wasted asset, and history repeats, especially the parts that were no fun.

I mention the border patrol because of my recent encounter. There are a couple of places that are like trailheads; parking areas where you can hang out, go hike bike, or ride horses off into the wilderness. Sometimes I go there just to get away from everything. Often there are no other cars or people around and the scenery is good. It is a place to think and generally be incommunicado. Also to occasionally smoke since that habit has yet to be crushed forever.

Yesterday I was at a place and the Border Patrol thought I looked suspicious. They quizzed me and with every question, my answers seemed to confuse them further. Some guy, alone, sitting there for no good reason just did not compute. Then when the guy asked about my work it just puzzled him more. He was not used to vagabonds and at large individuals without title official employer or other people in tow, unless of course they just hopped the border without proper authorization.

On top of that I guess it confused him further when I asked how he felt about the cases of Campean and Ramos in that Johnny Sutton mess. He did allow that the agents did not like it. That did not seem to solve his internal puzzling over what kind of individual is such a loner that he would come sit in the middle of nowhere to maybe smoke and contemplate what to do next.

Many who believe in such things applaud the influx of illegals for their propensity to take car pooling to levels rarely seen

I did let him know I was thinking of picking up some of the litter which appeared to be the refuse left by illegal transients. It had been there for more than a week and I figured it would remain unless someone like me just carted it off. I had an extra plastic bag in the car so why not? (I did pick up most of the trash after they were out of sight)

By the time he ran my info and asked his questions he seemed afraid to ask anything more because he did not want to hear any more answers that just confused him further. It was funny. If ever anyone looked at me like they truly believed I was an alien from another planet, it was that border patrol agent. The exchange was civil and polite.

Finally, he and his buddy locked up there car and he informed me they were "going for a hike". I think that is lingo for wandering down the trail into the woods looking for illegal ne'er do wells. I gave them my blessing and that was that.

Agent #2 quickly realized I was too confusing to be a comfortable interview and that I was not what they were looking for so he ambled off about fifty feet away on the other side of their car and just sort of walked around in little circles. He knows the sort of alien than doesn't fall into the category they deal with when he sees one.

The thing about illegals is that they litter like crazy, start fires, and are often up to no good. There are plenty who mean no harm.

Not the same trashed layup site but similar

What the news, Obama, and much of the country doesn't get is that border citizens do not have a racial bias toward mexicans, or even a callous attitude toward the wetbacks. They probably also don't realize that a huge portion of border patrol agents are Hispanic. My pal was. Most I see are. Another case where politics dictates the public be fed lies to solidify a voting block and keep the deals with drug cartels and corrupt governments in place. Openly racist outfits like LaRaza, who want what is not theirs and seek power and special privilege, twist facts and perpetuate complete lies to make life easier for violent gangs and perpetuate the propaganda that serves their selfish, somewhat criminal ends.

If LaRaza thinks they should own California and other states, then they need to cede plenty of territory to those conquered by the Aztecs. The logic and truth of the matter does not support their complaints if you apply the logic all the way through. And the states they want would go back to all kinds of cultures which would exclude any Spanish Aztec mix and LaRaza--the Mexican race created by the mingling of Spanish and Aztec, and other indigenous cultures of the time--- would have no claim on anything. Nothing but a hate group using half truths to foster anger, resentment and grab undeserved power.

Why is no one focussing on the policies and and abuse in Mexico that makes people desperate to leave? It is not a nationa without resources which couldn't enjoy a much easier standard of living than it does. This is not the fault of the USA. It is the fault of their own corruption.

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