Friday, January 24, 2014

All Natural

I've got important things to write which I promised to for someone, even though it wasn't requested.  That is because I am a sap.  All natural sappola.  I'll do that later when I feel up to it.  For now, I'll just do this public service information thought.

So when they say "all natural", what does it mean?  Everything in the universe is somewhat natural, isn't it?  Crude oil is all natural.

Lots of leeway for claiming all natural.  I would stop short of calling certain human body enhancements, "all natural", or even enhancements in most cases.  I'm drifting off point, if ever a point there was.

Oh yea.  Your cereal or bread may say, "all natural ingredients"  but that doesn't mean it isn't made out of crude oil or uranium.

Do No Evil? No, google will simply watch over your shoulder making suggestions FOREVER

Every time I do anything on youtube, there is google offering helpful suggestions, like an old fashioned peddlar sticking his foot in the door, not wanting to take no for an answer.   "Hey, would you like to use another name?  Maybe include your address and phone number?  Tie it all in with facebook?  Make it easy for friends, employers, government officials and creditors to track your every internet whim?"

NO NO NO!!!!  Oh?  Not now?  That's OK, we'll harass you some more later, or maybe we'll screw around with your gmail until you give up.

Really.  Google is a lot like that spooky doll, Chuckie.  Or was it with a Y?  I'd look it up but then google will start targeting chucky ads and other creepiness my way.  I learned my lesson when I had a question about Hitler and nazi swastika something---purely an intellectual inquiry.  Next thing I see are advertisements - "best deal on nazi swastika hitler goods on the internet!!  Nazi stores in your area!!  Nazis on sale, just in time for Christmas!!!"

They have programs that take whatever the search topic and try to direct you to some retailer which claims to have the best deal.  Facebook throws all kinds of weirdness in the margins.

I can't believe google and youtube decided to badger me because I like to have my account under a user name.  It is really pushy.  And the email is getting pushy too.  They do not like it that I won't give them my phone number--"for my protection".

The new and wonderful gmail features which can further extend my social circles and somehow include more fake virtual friends in all my activities are hard to refuse.  I have no doubt that if they could, google would put a gun to my head to make me opt in on every feature and suggestion.  They have become such over reaching micro managers of all things, I wonder why they even need me.

They want to finish my sentences push me to name myself how they see fit, make new friends suggested by them; google is like an evil spirit out to possess the innocent.  If this keeps up, I'm going to organize mass exorcisms to cast this demon out of as much of the internet as can be reached with holy water and prayer.

Seriously, I know nothing online is secure or sacred, but can't they just let me pretend instead of chasing me around with intrusive questions like "wouldn't you rather be known as John T%&& S#$%^
of xyz yourtreet, yourcity, yourstate, yourzipcode, home phone, cell phone, emergency contact, bank account number, credit card, hobby, sexual preferences, etc.?"   No, I want to be called Mr Ballistic on youtube; no town, no phone, no nothing. Dammit!!!

 "OK, you can think about it and we'll just make it tougher and tougher to say no and get back to the page you need, because we are google and we're creepier than the creepiest homicidal clown, creepier than Charles Manson, creepier than the creepiest cop or prison guard.  Creepier than the gangs in Oakland and Watts and Miami.  Creepier than the NSA or the IRS or the TSA.  Creepier than the woman stoning, head cutting, clergy of the 'religion of peace'. Creepy!"

I don't know the answers.  I can't define God, and I don't even go along with most of the key tenets of the religions which abound in America.  But I do know the devil when I see it.  Facebook, authoritarianism, statism, dishonesty in business and elsewhere, government-business(or corporate) partnerships, and GOOGLE prying into my life, and insinuating itself into every decision and choice I make when connected to whatever it is; internet, cloud, boogieman, blabla.   Next they'll be throwing up the hypothetical "social contract" (which I never signed).

Even with so little to go on, I think there is more to life and all existence than meets the eye.  My atheist nephew argues that there are only four dimensions; length, width, height, time.   I think time is not constant, and that there are many more dimensions.  It is not something I can prove easily. But I have visited other dimensions, I'm sure of it.  But I don't care if others see or not, to a point.

Dimension may be the wrong word for it, but I know of no other.  It strikes me that those who are most violently insistent about matters involving belief in God, or lack thereof, seem to be doubtful of their own beliefs, and out to prove their convictions, even if they have to beat you up to prove themselves.

I know google is the devil because it makes me want to go smoke in their offices and make trouble.  But I do not smoke for them or any other devil.  If they'd quit with being so pushy I might like them OK.  We could even be friends on facebook or somewhere.

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