Friday, December 14, 2012

Today I Love Everyone, almost

There are times when I refuse to join the macabre bandwagon which involves adopting tragedy of others as one's own.   Depressive roller coaster that I seem to be, I find no art in using, and relishing, the pain of others to feed my already swollen narcissistic tendencies.

It has been nearly 24 hours since I smoked.  Something is amiss and I am not sure smoking wouldn't cause serious damage; more than is already done.  duh

Anyway, I have felt myself react as if I have an aversion to cigarettes any time I thought about it today. Kind of like I feel about boiled, unseasoned squash.

We relish these days of rain here in SoCal.  It rained all night and sprinkled all day.  Temps out here in the 30's, chains required for Sunrise Highway.  Still overcast and wet.   The roads are more slippery than they'd be if it rained more often due to build up of oils and such.  Not everyone gets that concept.

Some people, and I have no idea why, tend to tailgate even more in the rain.  I suppose they are surprised when they crash.  Rain equals crashes like crazy in Southern California.  Bless them one and all, I'm sure they mean well.

Turns out the cowgirl up the hill has been Jonesing for some Richard's Delicious Seasoning.  Major points were made when I had a brand new container of it to give her.  Thanks Joel.  They all think it was my idea.  They have no idea that you almost had to force me at gunpoint to take a jar of it with me on my travels, and try it.

Maybe I'll play that party with the 12 string guy tomorrow night.  I still haven't picked up any practice harps at home, and I'm skipping the afternoon open mic at Downtown Cafe, El Cajon.  I was once at that place with Dorrie on a hot afternoon.  A big part of it is all open air but with a roof over your head.   ou can do that here without bug worries.  Outdoor style space heaters in winter, and misting fans on the hottest days.  Much of the time no temp adjustment needed.

Actually, hanging out there has tempered my view of El Cajon.  The highway patrol office there may suck. Does suck. Bunch of fascist idiot thugs.  But, that little strip where Downtown Cafe is located is a nice area, with sidewalk cafes and whatnot.  It is a short walk to the courthouse complex, in case you get into trouble or want to score a marriage license.  The CA highway patrol office is miles away.  where they belong.

So, though I am not jumping up and down cheering in manic bliss, it is clear the cycle is on something of an upswing.  I can certainly observe my own peaks and valleys, and know that I can only listen to the happy stuff if I am to survive.  My "not today" technique for ignoring the worst of it pays off.

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