Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Always the bridesmaid, never the bride

Or something

Attending a wedding this weekend.  Weddings are an incredible amount of work, looking from the outside in.  Even small weddings make the people putting it on very jittery.  I was in one of those once. And then I wasn't married any more.  Enough on that.  I will say animosity was not a player in the split.

Weddings make you think of those things.  Even if you don't want to.  And I don't.

In this case I'm close to the family so there will be strategic assignments relative to relatives, and taking care of a few other things.  Sort of a diplomat.  Or covert operator.  In any case it is dangerous.

It is the code: Sometimes being a friend requires risking exposure to drama and intrigue.  There are times it cannot be helped.

I like to keep the code fairly flexible, just in case unforeseen circumstances require it.
Or do I?  Now I'm not so sure.  Just don't test it, please.

Air Card Internet Woes

For those of us on ballisticMountain, the cellular internet option is tough.   All are tough.  Only way people get cable is by satellite and the net options are poor.

Anyway, whatever they deal, I have great reception here at the THE 8 overlook.   That's I-8 for east coasters.

I wanted to test the signal because I was considering a little booster antenna.  Stronger signal closer in indicates that may help.  So, I ordered it.  Now I wait at least a week for it to arrive.

Sprint' tech people having been stone-walling, pretty much.  I go through another company that uses their network and they pushed some.  No great result, but a few answers.

That's all beside the point.  I'm sure the two birds that just walked by must be ravens.  They are as big as I am.  If you plucked and cooked one, I wonder if anyone would think it was turkey.

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