Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Winter Olympics: part 3, or so

You know you are a winter olympics lunatic when you vow to despise NBC for life because you live way out in the coyote hills with only a rabbit ears driven TV which gets only ABC and CBS, and because NBC is a [expletive deleted], they only show bits of things on stupid video shorts online, and they have no taste in what they show, so you rarely get the good stuff, but on your long drives home from work, civilization, etc. you listen to the radio station which carries olympics, and being such a glutton for anything going on in Vancouver, you actually try to form a mental picture of the USA couple doing their ICE DANCE routine, puzzling over what is meant when the announcer says they moved into "a butterfly" at the finale of their program. I think he said "a perfect butterfly". Ice Dancing on the radio, and I listened intently because it was Live Winter Olympics. I wasn't even drunk.

My first awareness of winter Olympics was when Jean Claude Killy took a few medals in Grenoble, France. That's 42 years ago. Yikes. 1968.

Now, this was something I wished I could go for, but living in Miami, and being mired in other dysfunctional non-sense, not to mention the pressure of the draft, even seeing snow was out of reach, let alone skiing it. Somehow ice dancing and figure skating never stirred me to the point where I would say without qualification that I would absolutely do that with my life should I reincarnate in some appropriate form which would allow the chance. I do understand dedicating that sort of time and focus to figure skating or anything else of that nature.

Those people think they miss out on cool stuff, but they are actually not missing a thing. Only Hollywood and misguided ne'er-do-wells would make them believe that. I'd love to be in the right place at the right time to have such a single minded passion, but I believe snow boarding or downhill skiing would be more my choice.

Thanks AM 1700 San Diego for not being as screwed up as NBC. Good thing mental pictures come easily to me, accurate or not.
Not exactly winter olympics, but one could argue it fits in with the topic of hitting the slopes. Or something. I found the brunette's gaze especially intriguing.

Jayne Mansfield. This was prior to the era of implants. At least they were uncommon, if done at all. Maybe reduction would have been wise. Or not.

Another Post bites the dust

More and more, I will write about a topic then figure it is too politically incorrect, liable to be misconstrued, not worth it. The way things go, half of my views are considered semi illegal anyway. I have been shocked that anyone who does not approve of certain long standing agencies of our government gets labeled as a right wing kook who is likely to be a trouble maker of the worst variety. That is unfortunate. Believing in freedom and seeing the way crossing certain lines doesn't justify ends, and in fact comes back around to be used in unexpected ways, is a far cry from any sort of ethnic bias or threat to polite society. The assault on free speech and the independent individual is a bizarre development, but has always been there in one form or another. Now it is becoming a little more broad and insidious.

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