Tuesday, June 19, 2012

In Tents-ity

Believe me when I tell you, I am the last person I ever thought would care to own, or even for a moment dwell in, a tent. I've had mucho many tent adventures since leaving Memphis on that red letter day four years ago. It was a matter of economics, and uncertainty about where I'd end up, or when.

I am still afraid of bears and almost every other wild animal that likes to make trouble in the west. That, I freely admit. If it was OK to carry a big gun and use it when threatened, then I might feel differently, and chances are I'd never fire a shot. There is some logic in there, but I won't attempt to prove it.

Anyway, as the big get together in celebration of my splendid nephew and his splendid new wife nears, I'm thinking I may need a new tent. I'll be needing this shelter at the event as I am not springing for a hotel. I also may have a chance to wander a bit and I'd like to be set up for it.

There are a billion choices. The best bet I found on the REI site is out of stock in every store for 200 miles. I may order it. We'll see.

Then there is that desire, which is becoming a slight obsession, for the inflatable Hobie kayak. Does this mean I am materialistic and greedy all of a sudden?

Am I, at last, an evil member of THE ONE PERCENT? Probably not the mis-labeled, less than one percent who control currencies and nations. I'm not positive I know who they are. Possibly, I am indirectly working for one of them tomorrow. The whole teak saga again.

I know I'm not the ninety nine percent of anyone in how I live and think. I forgive that vast majority for this because they may miss the manic enjoyment I experience when the wheels turn just so in my mind. They also get to miss the difficulties when one of those wheels gets bogged down in the sand.

I'm almost positive I'll order this tent. I almost went for a thing called a tent-cot, but even the oversized one is really too skinny to suit me. It is narrower than the typical twin bed mattress, so forget it. Air mattress R us. I like the idea of being elevated, but the designs aren't there for my purpose ---yet.

Hey, that is something I could work on. Just hinge together a couple of saw horses and some plywood and put your tent on that. Bigger tent, more sawhorses, etc. A modular, outdoor elevation system. And it will fold down small enough to fit on the roof of your car without requiring a wide load permit. We'll keep it just under that.

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