Friday, February 27, 2009

A Million Things

Heck with it.

I doubt my views are interesting. Right, maybe. Ahead of the curve. But inconvenient, and contrary to the opium dreams we've been fed for eons.

There's a difference between being oppositional by nature and refusing to condone any form of slavery. Many of those subjected don't even see it themselves. One hint would be to look twice at those who insist that unity and mass sacrifice are necessary in order for them to fix problems they created. When those who are flying high convince others their freedom is a selfish luxury, I tend to view them with suspicion, if not pure disdain.

When you think of all the possible sources of energy and possibilities for making it more of a building by building independent process, it is disheartening to find authorities insisting on their prescribed choices. It locks out all the unimagined choices. Both those not imagined by the mutant gangsters we know as career politicians (often arrogantly self titled "public servants"), and those unimagined systems that people might conceive who aren't on the subsidy list. Maybe ideas conceived by people who can't comprehend the idea of asking for permission and ransomed money for their idea in the form of government grants or other payout.

The possibilities go so far beyond the tripe that public funded Bolsheviks pretend is the last word in invention, it enthuses and nauseates me at the same time.

Thank God for rich people who can't stand natural teak that turns gray like old barn wood. No, they like it alive with that amber glow, and that is my saving grace at this moment.

I know I should be working on energy ideas I've toyed with since way back in the invention days. But I am having a tough time doing it. Back then after seeing how corrupt agencies and corrupt companies work together, and how that is how government works (and has for a very long time), I decided to quit and never bother again. It's been hard deciding to give it another try. I've not sincerely made the effort to restore that innocent passion for an idea. Besides, I like sanding teak, working in a place that is remote and secluded.

Morons. Cap and trade. Only those who hate people, or have the most incredibly limited view of possibilities would entertain such convoluted plans. What a lame unjustified means of punishment. Once again, it will put the honest companies, those not in bed with sick authoritarian bureaucrats, out of business, while the ones who are in a position to afford it will publicly bitch while privately insisting on it. It won't benefit anyone worth benefitting.

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