Monday, July 6, 2009

People and Such

The Fourth weekend was nicer than most of those in years past. Holidays are good landmarks for comparing the now to the then. I logged plenty of miles on The 8, I can tell you that. We had good things to do in SD then more good stuff on Balistic Mountain.

My bandmates had a little party with lots of food, and all of it good. I'm told the meat was excellent as well. One advantage of being a single man at this age is that everyone, especially, but not exclusively, the wives want to be sure you don't starve. My freezer and the rest of the refrigerator is loaded with tasty left overs. Most of it the type that is as good or better reheated. It warms the heart to have such kindness shown. People I have encountered in this part of CA are something special. It has been suggested that I am attracting this sort of person in my life now. There may be some truth to that.

I was reading some lyrics and short things I'd written several years ago. My outlook has changed considerably. This is good. I'm still just as rebellious but other aspects have undergone some smoothing out.

It was a lot fun playing at that party. As usual I was more nervous because of the small crowd than I would be in a large place playing for strangers. Every time it started to mess with me I mentally put things in perspective; "they don't care, they just want to enjoy, so try to do the same, you self centered nincompoop". So, I had fun.

The remarkable thing about the two guitar players is that they are always in tune. I think the one may have perfect pitch. The other is close. He subtly checks to see if he's in tune with K. I hardly ever see K fiddling with it. He's real quick getting a string to pitch. That's a rare gift. I've played with some really good players but few who have his ear.

That is another puzzle; ho do I land in those circumstances? I know very little and don't really do anything much. Must be that I try to play with passion and not step on the others. Not much else I can do. That's how it has always been.

OK. I'm trying one of those hyped up natural sleep aids. Extract of this or that. Maybe I'll take melatonin, too.

Insomnia is for people who like to get no sleep at night. It is making me crazy.

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