Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Deer Facts: a quick study

I have concluded that deer are not only stupid but their memories are very poor.  Now I'll tell you why.

About a year or two ago I hit a deer not far from my house.  I was not going fast, and when it crossed the road I thought I could ease on by. It decided to dive into the right fender and knock itself out.  I wrote about it somewhere.

Since that time, I've encountered several deer between here and Mt Laguna.   Most of them have been in daylight, late afternoon.  So, it isn't like headlights in the dark.

They always do the same thing; cross the road into my lane, stop, stare. start to go back, stare, finish crossing the road, then run away as I go past.   It is as if they are taught this routine.  Probably in public deer school.

If you lived near enough to a road to feel like crossing it, chances are you've seen and heard cars.  One would think.  But to a deer it is like the first encounter every time.  Their memories are so bad that all the girl deer actually think they are virgins when they get married, so their unintentional lies have impact.  That part goes for all deer.  That buck can't remember where he's been so he thinks he's innocent.  They probably forget who their mate is, anyway, after an hour apart.

No, if they had a memory, they'd know that standing in the road staring at speeding steel is not a good idea.  Even the ones that witness a colleague being clocked by a Humvee probably forget all about it in thirty minutes.  Maybe sooner.

The lesson in this is that you can confess anything to a deer and your secret will remain safe.  Never seriously ask a deer to remind you to do anything.   None of that, "Hey will you remind me to take the hay out of the oven?"  If you don't remember it, and no one but deer are there, it won't get done.

If Only I Could Convert

What kind of idiots vandalize butter sculptures at the Iowa state fair, then play self righteous haters of violence and suffering?   "Vegan activists".

That is what the article called them.  Animal liberation of Iowa, an heroic group of vegans who throw red paint on butter and paint signs on windows belonging to others which read, "Freedom for all".

They rant about the slaughter of farm animals and on and on.  Self righteous vandals piss me off even more than your garden variety vandals.  And ones who spout all these statistics, out of context, and to support an argument which is simply not related to reality make me even angrier.

Vegan activists. Vandals.  Punks who destroy property.  This idiot group claims credit, issues statements, etc.  Freaks like that are dangerous.  They'll kill in the name of saving chickens.

At first I was glad to see the rise in the number of vegans and vegetarians, simply because more places would then have something I could eat.  Now I wish they'd all go away.

I cannot believe people make the diet of others their business, as if they have that right, and that humans have no right to be omnivores or any vore they choose to be.

Self righteous lunatics.  You've got to figure that when people play that game of liberating cows and such, they have a huge ability to rationalize and no ability to reason.  They seem to hate people, except themselves.

It must be upper middle class America's answer to the inner city gangs.   Well, the other answer to gangs besides getting into government, especially politics.

Don't people like that know that those they harass and hurt financially by molesting their property are raising families, employing others, minding their own business and just filling needs and wants?  It is called running a business.  Nature, availability of resources, cost, invention, innovation all affect what is supplied and consumed, and how things are provided.  

Odd that both self righteous punks and Bloomberg-school political figures think they have a right to force people to produce what they deem fit, and force them not to produce other things, regardless what the people--the market--support.  And they want to decide what you consume.

I say let them do time in the tiger area of the zoo.  Or just drop them off in a suitable jungle or wilderness area.  Make sure it contains plenty of carnivores who need to see the light and become vegans.

Are there still cannibal tribes plying their trade somewhere?  Drop them off to chat with the elders of the outfit.  Maybe film it from hidden cameras in drones that look like flies or birds.  I don't know if they'd try to lecture and terrorize the cannibal village.  Wonder how the old paint throw would go over. What great cinema that could be.

Some causes, and the people who champion them, are so stupid and bizarre that no words aptly hit that exact shade of nitwittery.

Obviously motivated idiots who have a warped conscience can be hazardous.

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