Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Sometimes Daily Job

Often in the past I've emphatically pontificated about how the daily job is over rated, and a hindrance to exploring the riches life has to offer.

It is much to my chagrin (whatever that is) that I now must say that the daily (in my case somewhat daily) job can be a surprising enhancement to the enjoyment of being alive. Of course it helps that I am trusted to report fairly my hours, expenses, and thoughts on what needs doing. I never charge for my daydreaming time, lunch or general dawdling. Being left alone to do whatever I do is worth a lot to me. I'm sort of my own business, but I avoid having employees, inventory, or much else that you get punished for having. It makes me feel very American somehow. There's a need and I can fill it, and a fair trade is accomplished. The market at its best, on a small scale.

That is not to say that I don't have several ideas cooking which could potentially increase my wealth to the point that it would rightly be called wealth. However, I paid rent today and that is always a thrill to me. Paid up, owe nothing. My needs are fairly simple.

I'm writing this down as a hedge against hard times. I've been around the block long enough to know that in the worst of times I find it hard to recall how the good times felt, or even that they were good. So I am stating for the record that today was good and I felt free, hopeful and happy. My worth was acknowledged more than once, without me expecting anything. Work was rewarding, and the perks were bizarre but innocent enough. Don't wind up the mind too much. I was merely given the OK to enjoy some of the niceties of the place, in my own way. Sure wish you'd been there. Hahaha. You probably think I mean you.

It is worthwhile to note that I forced myself to eat breakfast before I left this morning. I think I do better when I have morning food.

Possibly, I thrive on the affection and approval of friends. I would say respected friends, but no one out here pretends to be my friend without mutual respect being an obvious component. Well, no one pretends it. Friends are friends. I've been lucky this year. That goes for those I'm still in touch with as well.

A year ago I was somewhere in CO, Wyoming or Montana. Probably Colorado. I was on my way to northeast Montana. At that time I thought I had a place sewn up in San Diego, but that fell through a couple of weeks later. I think it worked for the best. I'd barely decided that I would stick in this area until further notice. I can already tell I can't be too far away, and certainly not for any length of time. For now I'm holding fast. I get spoiled by the weather and lack of mildew and bugs.

It's a good start and if it never becomes more complete, it is not so bad. Maybe that is the benefit of seeing Hell, it makes it easier to pay attention to the good stuff, and have sense enough to appreciate it. It still chokes me up when I take stock of now and hold it up against then.

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